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Murder Suspect Karr Says He Loved JonBenet

I caught part of the press conference with both Thai and U.S. authorities on the arrest of John Karr and noted the following highlights:

According to the Thai police chief, the suspect Karr said of JonBenet that he "loved the girl" and admitted to attempted kidnapping and accidentally killing her.

He said that two days ago Karr had applied to be a teacher, but hadn't started teaching yet.

The U.S. official said that the suspect was arrested at his residence and that he was very surprised. She said that he had been under investigation for "awhile" and indicated that the investigation went back at least several months.

Read this earlier post for arrest information and links to others blogging on the subject.

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To my mind, there are liter... (Below threshold)

To my mind, there are literally millions of people who owe an abject apology to the Ramseys. Their lives were made an unimaginable horror: they lost their beautiful little child in a brutal and gruesome fashion, and had to suffer the pangs of suspicion themselves for many years.

I grieve even more for Patsy than for Jon Benet. The child's suffering, while terrible, was over quickly. The mother had to endure the accusing gaze of strangers for years, even as she battled ovarian cancer and carried her own grief, and unjustly.

There are heroes in this sad story - the FBI and the new Boulder DA, for example - but there are far more villains, including the Boulder Police, the orginal DA Duncan Hunter, and millions of ordinary people who swallowed a load of crap, and held it against the parents.

In the process of excoriati... (Below threshold)

In the process of excoriating many above, I neglected to mention the lowest of the low, the very worst offenders: the American media.

It is they who led the nation and the world to jump to the wrong conclusion. It is they who hounded and tortured the Ramseys' every waking minute, beginning within hours of their daughter's murder. It is they who promoted every baseless suspicion, and downplayed the results of extensive grand jury investigations and court cases. It is they who cast suspicion upon the innocent sufferer, Patsy Ramsey, even unto her death.

Let all those who participated in this outrage carry that shame to their graves.

I would feel that this is l... (Below threshold)

I would feel that this is legitimate when and if law enforcement place Karr in boulder on December 26, 1996. Have they done this yet?

According to Fox last night... (Below threshold)

According to Fox last night, the DA kept the Ramseys informed so Patsy knew before she died that Karr was being investigated and likely would be arrested. That had to help some.

Patsy and JonBenet are toge... (Below threshold)

Patsy and JonBenet are together and are at peace. How sad that Patsy died before he was caught.

As one of those mill... (Below threshold)

As one of those millions of people who thought some truly evil shit about Mr. & Mrs. Ramsey, it's pretty clear that no amount of "sorry" could ever have made up for the wrong that was done to the Ramseys.

But I wonder to what extent the whole "beauty contest" issue informed people's opinions about the situation. Speaking for myself - and understanding how wrong I was - I think I would have assessed the situation completely differently if not for the disturbing images of a little girl dressed in clothing more appropriate to a Times Square prostitute than a kindergartener.


No apology is due to the Ra... (Below threshold)

No apology is due to the Ramseys. They are either criminally stupid or criminally naive. Turning a 6 year old in to a sex object in order to give her "poise" should be a punishable offence. They purposely provided fodder for perverts, and should be prosecuted for child endangerment.
I am appalled at how this "Christian" family could exploit their daughter in this way.
They got the press treatment they deserved.

The press is not justified ... (Below threshold)

The press is not justified at all. Report facts. Don't sensationalize to sell newspapers or get TV ratings.

And by the way, no one deserves to have their child killed. It doesn't matter if they are entered in beauty contests or spelling bees or science projects. It gives NO right or justification for someone like Karr to "accidently" murder children.

Blaming the victim, eh, dav... (Below threshold)

Blaming the victim, eh, davina? How tolerant of you. How understanding.

How liberal.

But they're "Christians," right? Therefore they deserve no mercy. Hell, they probably set Karr up to kill JBR, right? Damn pervert Xtians.

Let's wait and see if the D... (Below threshold)

Let's wait and see if the DNA matches this guy or not. There are still way too many problems with his story to say "this is the guy". His brother and his ex-wife are both saying he couldn't have been in Boulder at the time of the murder. If he is the one who did it, then the Ramsey family is owed an apology. Don't forget that one of the first things the Ramsey's did was to hire a PR person to handle the media. That always seemed very strange to me.

Don't forget that one of... (Below threshold)

Don't forget that one of the first things the Ramsey's did was to hire a PR person to handle the media.

Considering the rabid dogs of the media it sounds like a smart move but I guess the PR firm didn't do a good job.

In random order:- ... (Below threshold)

In random order:

- davina, You're an idiot.

- As for the PR person, the father owned a large and (at the time) booming company. He already had PR people in his life. It's like he was some Joe off the street.

- I never thought the parents did it.

- Based on nothing more than the hairs on the back of my neck -and the ex-wife- I just have a "problem" believing this as it is being told today. Why would his EX wife give him an alibi?

And it's not like you forget where you spent Christmas day. If she says he was in GA I find that very compelling. (unless she is flat lying)

I get the feeling this guy is just a freak who was sucked up into this. I might be miles off base but *admittedly based on nothing* something just rubs me the wrong way on this one.

I think it's a good time to remember the 48 hour rule.

He will say anything to kee... (Below threshold)
krazy kagu:

He will say anything to keep himself froma meeting with old sparkey

I agree that way too much i... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I agree that way too much is still unknown to declare this guy the killer, even if he has confessed. There are all kinds of reasons people confess to things in such situations including mental illness and acting out of duress.

I do think it is unlikely, though, that there would have been a move like this made without some pretty compelling evidence considering all the mistakes that have been made in the case over the past decade and since it appears Karr has been under investigation for at least several months.

I never believed the parents were guilty of the murder, but I was very bothered by the pageant images of JonBenet and thought it strange that the parents did not cooperate more fully with the authorities at the time of the murder. I wrote in the earlier post that I now wonder if those actions by the Ramseys that seemed so strange then, were triggered by things the police did early on that convinced the Ramseys that they were the sole targets of the investigation.

One night in Bangkok appare... (Below threshold)

One night in Bangkok apparently was not enough.

God blesses beautiful JonBenet.

I don't feel authorities wo... (Below threshold)
T.G. Scott:

I don't feel authorities would have been watching Karr for such a long time and then bust him if they didn't have something pertinent on him. I never thought the parents hurt the child, but I think they clammed up when under investigation because at one time, suspicion was being cast on their son as well. They were protecting their living child from harm. I will say that it was a horribly botched forensic investigation.

Now, changing the subject to beauty pageants: While I personally find them shallow and disgusting myself, I do know of children and young ladies who do actually enter them and love doing so. I think it's a strange hobby to have. I would be alright with it if we had a Mr. America contest where young, college-aged men had to strut their stuff on stage in a Speedo and answer stupid questions. However, as strange as that hobby may seem to me, who am I to judge?

If beauty pagents are good ... (Below threshold)

If beauty pagents are good or bad, the pictures are the *only* thing that made this murder different from any other murder of a child. Was no other child the victim of an unsolved murder all these years? News runs on visuals and we couldn't look away. (Though some of us tried.)

I don't know if this guy is guilty or if he's just living a sick fantasy. I read that he'd contacted Patsy and I wonder how many *other* people sent her sick notes or e-mails. The stuff I saw today said he's claiming it was an "accident"... as though anyone cares. I almost don't even care if he's really guilty or not. The world can only be made a better place by getting him out of it. The only reason I'd care at all is that if he's not it means the real killer is still out there.

Lorie:I am going t... (Below threshold)


I am going to wait until I see more corroborating evidence from the D.A. before I celebrate this obviously sick bast**d's capture. Why?
There's still too many contradictions between his confession and that of the evidence that has been gathered so far.

TheSmokingGun.com has a copy of Jon Benet's autopsy report. Compare Karr's claim to have drugged Jon Benet with the Coroner's claim that no drugs were found in Jon Benet's system. Now Karr's idea of "drug" may be clorophyll or similar, which may not show up on blood tests.

So far, the claim of the Boulder D.A., at least as reported, is that Karr knew details of Jon Benet's murder that were not public knowledge. Such knowledge can be obtained a number of ways: research, interviews with family members (Karr claimed to have interviewed either John or Patsy Ramsey's parents as part of his "research" on the case. If you know a judge or a law enforcement officer working on any high-profile murder case, you also find out details about which most of the public remains unawares.

Karr, IIRC, had been convicted of a similar crime prior to Jon Benet's murder, and as such his DNA should have been in the FBI/DOJ's database (DB) at the time the DNA found at the scene was compared to those in the DB. Why no match at that time?

I sincerely hope this guy is the killer, and I will be the first person to eat crow for having thought the murderer(s) to be her mother (or both parents). Right now, there's just too many open-ended questions for me accept.

Convicted, in absentia, of ... (Below threshold)

Convicted, in absentia, of holding child pornography. I doubt he would be in a file, given he fled after raising bail. There wouldn't have been time to get dna, even if anyone had had the right to it at the time.

I worry about the ex-wife giving an alibi. But her divorce filing apparently claims he was into child-porn at the time.

Something's got to give. Quick round trip to Colorado? Did he have help?






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