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Pocketbook Jihad -- The Business Of Reporting Terrorism

Confederate Yankee wonders why the world media, which have ready access to figures that indicate that possibly more than a third of Hezbollah's fighters died in the recent conflict with Israel, refuse to report it and instead focus almost exclusively on Lebanese civilian casualties. He thinks the reason is "business."

If it "bleeds it leads," but only if what leads sells advertising. News consumers around the world consume the news that more closely matches their perceptions of how reality should be, and stories critical of Hezbollah, stories that show their failures and deaths, don't sell in world population featuring 1.3 billion Muslims that hope for Israel's demise, or at the very best are indifferent to their fate. It is anti-Semitism by cashflow, a pocketbook jihad that buys the media's silence.

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The same media that support... (Below threshold)
krazy kagu:

The same media that supports gun control and blast the NRA are the same ones who show all those pictures of rioters,bloody bodies,the dead and other things the news media are instagators of violence

While the argument that acc... (Below threshold)

While the argument that accurate reporting would not sell to the world population might be a reason for "world" media, surely it doesn't apply to US media. Now why would US media that uncritically uses 'free lance' photographers and reporters of questionable impartiality not want to provide complete information? I don't think the 'business' reason makes much sense. Perhaps they have some higher priority than providing accurate information.

I think it has to do with a... (Below threshold)

I think it has to do with access. The reporters that do not take the Hezbollah party line or contradict it are limited access in the future (akin to how CNN compromised with Saddam). Its rarely about the current story, its about their ability to tell their next story.

Not a bad point by CF, but ... (Below threshold)

Not a bad point by CF, but consider that Hizballah's true ranks are thought to be well, well above the figure used. Available trigger-pullers/human-detonators are thought to be over 20,000. Some estimates well over 20k.

Food for thought.

Good thing we have peace now, though.

Whew. Imagine if 80% of Hizballah were actually reduced to fertilizer. Boy, they sure would be mad then.

Good thing we didn't make them really mad. They might actually vow to destroy Israel and her Jews altogether and even set up Hizballah terror cells in the US.

I know I sleep easier knowing we called off the dogs.

I think it has to do wit... (Below threshold)

I think it has to do with access. The reporters that do not take the Hezbollah party line or contradict it are limited access in the future (akin to how CNN compromised with Saddam). Its rarely about the current story, its about their ability to tell their next story.

Sounds like Washington.

Cant tell the world the who... (Below threshold)

Cant tell the world the whole story,they want to stay in Lebanon. Honest reporting would bring whats left of Hizballa down on them. Toe the Hizballa line or hit the road. Besides the biggest part of them sympathise with their side of the story.Sad but true.

Just wondering if anyone he... (Below threshold)

Just wondering if anyone hear ever reads the stuff at http://counterterrorismblog.org they seem to keep up with world-wide stuff. Like I have said before, I visit a lot of places in an effort to have a broad spectrum on information.

Dear brothers and sisters,<... (Below threshold)

Dear brothers and sisters,

We are always trying to become one together in peace. I was reading TIME. It has an article which speaks on how Hezbollah and Hamas are different from Al Qaeda. And how they do not want to attack the west. They only want freedom for their own land.
Let us not forget that we all are humans with the same blood.
So what if we both don't wear the same clothes- does that mean our hearts aare not the same?
The extrimists on both sides don't want us to be firends- we should put them aside and live in peace together.

If only Muslims are checked at airports terrorists will have it easy. They will hire people who don't look a certain way while the forces focus on people who look a certain way.

Peace will wipe out terror not hate.

The problem has much deeper... (Below threshold)

The problem has much deeper roots.

As the major networks were acquired by larger companies, beginning in the '80s, the old rules were out the window. Network news operations around the world were slashed to cut costs. The coverage they generated didn't justify the expense, so the foreign bureaus were gutted.

As a result, foreign coverage was among the first jobs "outsourced." Networks formed partnerships with foreign bureaus with different standards, and relied increasingly upon independent "stringers" for their news feeds.

They use this material because it is all they have, reliable or not.

"Peace will wipe out terror... (Below threshold)

"Peace will wipe out terror not hate."

You mean like the "peace" that existed on September 10, 2001? Go sell crazy somewhere else, Muslim Unity. We're all stocked up here.

The amount of absurdity and bullshit in your statement is astonishing.

Muslim Unity, if only what ... (Below threshold)

Muslim Unity, if only what you said were true. But it is not... Until 9/11 Hezbollah had killed more Americans than any other terrorist organization. They are clear on their goals of destroying Israel and slaughtering Jews.

You said: "Let us not forget that we all are humans with the same blood." Maybe so, but we are not all of the same mind. And it is the mind that causes blood to be shed. If Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, and Hamas would drop their goals and tactics of Jew-hatred, America-hatred and stated truly that they wanted to compromise and achieve peace - it would happen.

The more blood shed by these people, the more resolute the Western world (and moderate non-belligerent Muslims) become. It will undoubtedly take more bloodshed for the left-of-center in the West to join the resolute center and right, but it will happen as long as Muslim terror groups continue to kill. And there is no indication that they are going to cease trying to kill innocent people anytime soon.

I agree we're all the same ... (Below threshold)

I agree we're all the same with the same blood.

I just wish the other guys thought so! I realize that everyone in the middle east is not violent but the violent ones don't seem to make any distinction between "us" and "them" and it's not in a *good* way. More muslims are killed by muslims than anyone else. In Iraq we refuse to follow combatants into Mosques while they blow Mosques into piles of rubble on purpose or defile them by using them as fire bases. Hezbolla does the same with it's own people, the bodies of it's own dead children.

I don't *want* them to think of me as just as valuable as a muslim person.






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