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An Ad That Will Have People Talking

The gang at the politics site has been extremely busy and there are lots of new interesting posts there on a wide variety of topics. Also at Wizbang Politics, is a link to a radio ad by Vernon Robinson that is sure to have people talking.

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Um, er...ahhhh...geez...wel... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Um, er...ahhhh...geez...well...

As an adbiz guy, it's at least memorable and he knows his audience. And it IS funny (I could see Jon Stewart doing this for his show, IF he were a Republican). After that, I have to say it pushes—no, goes over—the boundaries of good taste and actually reinforces the hick image/sterotype that too many people have of southern Republicans and Republicans in general. In that sense, it backfires badly.

Funny, but terribly inappropriate for politics.

Yeahbut.Jed may ha... (Below threshold)


Jed may have been a hick, but if you watch the series (and you should) he's *always* right.

LOL Man the Dims are going ... (Below threshold)

LOL Man the Dims are going to pissing fire tomorrow. Just wait untill Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity get ahold of this one. The next thing you know it will be on Fox News where it will even get a wider audience






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