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I'm With PETA On This One

I guess I just don't understand modern art, at least not modern performance art. It is not often I can say this, but I have to agree with PETA that this is "sick."

Animal rights activists have described as "sick" a live art performance involving a naked woman cradling a dead pig for four hours.

Kira O'Reilly's show, called "Inthewrongplaceness" will be performed at the Newlyn Art Gallery in Penzance, southwest England, later on Friday.

James Green, the gallery's director, defended the show, saying that the audience would be controlled, with one person at a time watching the performance for up to 10 minutes each.

"In terms of the gallery's view, we feel very strongly that we should provide audiences in the region with opportunities to see the kind of works that they have to go to London to experience," he told Reuters.

There is a picture accompanying this article, if you can stomach it. Links via Drudge.

Comments (23)

This looks like a PETA prod... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

This looks like a PETA production to further their cause. Must be because there’s no art involved.

A dead pig doesn't bother m... (Below threshold)

A dead pig doesn't bother me. Except for a belief that animal death without purpose is offensive waste. Cycle of life, sure. Someone's bad idea of art, I don't think so. The "art"... I guess I just don't get performance art. What motivates someone to display herself nude holding a dead pig? Is it just a plea for attention or what?

I don't have that much of a... (Below threshold)

I don't have that much of a problem with it, but let some sicko f*ck with a dog, and I'll eat his liver with my breakfast Chianti.

If he or she screws with a Boykin Spaniel, I'll feast on his or her entire family without the Chianti and without fava beans.

Don't screw around with dogs. You've been warned.

Nihilism gone totally, tota... (Below threshold)

Nihilism gone totally, totally off the deep end. The only thing I can think of for the freak and the promoter is "get help, soon."

My personal tastes in art c... (Below threshold)

My personal tastes in art certainly include naked women, but I would much prefer the pig be left out of it. Ruins the whole mood.

The "artist" describes it thusly: "She wrote on the gallery's website: 'When I cut pig I have an urge to delve both hands into the belly, to meld into her warm flesh, my blood and her blood.'"

This lady has some serious "issues." Whatever happened to good ol' wholesome American performance art, like the woman - Karen Finley, I think - who smeared chocolate all over her nude body to symbolize male oppression or something? At least she could advertise that "no animals were harmed in producing this performance."


I wondered what happened to... (Below threshold)

I wondered what happened to Babe.

I'm glad to see she's still acting.

Kooo Kooo!Whatever... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

Kooo Kooo!

Whatever floats your boat I guess. As long as I don't have to look at it and as long as my tax dollars don't fund it and as long as my kids no nothing about it.

As soon as you make me look at it, pay for it, or try to convince me that it is normal, you have a big problem!

Post-modernist rubbish. </... (Below threshold)

Post-modernist rubbish.

The really offensive thing ... (Below threshold)

The really offensive thing about this performance is that her titties are so gosh darn small.

"In terms of the gallery... (Below threshold)
Bill M:

"In terms of the gallery's view, we feel very strongly that we should provide audiences in the region with opportunities to see the kind of works that they have to go to London to experience,"

I think I'll pass.

I think PETA is on target with this one. (Heck, sooner or later ya just gotta get something right!)

I don't really have a probl... (Below threshold)

I don't really have a problem with this either, though I would hesitate to call it "art." Plus, dead or alive, most pigs are definitely not light... her legs are going to be asleep for most of that showing.

For some reason I wasn't of... (Below threshold)

For some reason I wasn't offended by the picture. Then I read what the artist said about it and decided that she's one sick chick. Hmmmmmm.........

That's just bizarre.... (Below threshold)

That's just bizarre.

I'd go see it if they made ... (Below threshold)
Margo Demers:

I'd go see it if they made two changes...first, the pig must be cooked, shredded and served on hamburger rolls with bbq sauce and coleslaw...and second, the "artist" would cradle a dead liberal in her arms for hours.

Now that's entertainment.

This is what happens when y... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

This is what happens when you throw tax dollars at "art" (loosely used). Someone will get whackier and whackier trying to get more of the money.

It wouldn't have been so ba... (Below threshold)

It wouldn't have been so bad if the pig had been wearing some clothing...

Who cares? ... (Below threshold)

Who cares?

I think the only reason she... (Below threshold)

I think the only reason she had to use a dead pig is that the live ones have too much artistic integrity to partake in this sort of "performance art". It makes me wonder how much money these "performance artists" get in grant money, and how I can get in on this racket. After all, it is my tax dollars supporting this "Art" so I should be eligible for some of it too. Oh wait... I actually work for a living, I guess that disqualifies me from being a "performance artist" since I am a productive member of society.

If sitting with a dead pig ... (Below threshold)

If sitting with a dead pig and then cutting it with a knife is art, then I guess all butchers are artists.

This is not art nor is it really all that sick because the pig is already dead. What it IS, is very stupid.

And why, praytell, do these "artists" all insist on being naked? Do they believe that if they do ANYTHING naked it makes them a serious artist?

Hmmm...I have my own blog...I'll stop taking up room in the comments section now.

Which is the pig?... (Below threshold)

Which is the pig?

Good point, Margo. <... (Below threshold)

Good point, Margo.

Hmm. Moist, juicey slices of barbecue, simmering in a pit for 8 hours. Hmmmm (a la Homer Simpson).

mmmm.... BBQGives ... (Below threshold)
Bill M:

mmmm.... BBQ

Gives a whole new meaning to PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals

It's deeply sad that a very... (Below threshold)

It's deeply sad that a very intelligent animal, a pig, whose intelligence and mood are similar to that of a housecat, meet a violent death and then their corpse is further desecrated in this morbid manner.

I've been a vegan for quite some time, so I'm very pleased that I have not contributed to a single animal death for quite some time.






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