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Now Is The Time

The elections are right around the corner. If you want to make a difference, there is still time, but it is slowly running out. If you have not yet contributed to any of the great GOP challengers in this years congressional races, visit Rightroots today to make your contribution.

Update: Be sure to catch John Hawkins' interview with Rightroots candidate Chuck Blasdel who is "in a dogfight with Democrat Charlie Wilson for a seat currently held by Democrat Ted Strickland. Blasdel is in a tightly split district that went for Bush 51%-49%, in 2004." He is running in Ohio's 6th congressional district.

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Although I give my time and... (Below threshold)

Although I give my time and energy to "the other" party...you are right on lori...
There are plenty of ways of finding candidates inside and outside your State who are not millionaires and are committed to a philosophy similar to yours. ...send them $10-$25 (it is amazing how even little bit helps). Get directly involved with a local candidate...phone banks..hitting the street in an effort to GOTV...get a yardsign..
We can reclaim our individual party from big self-interest companies...industries, PAC'S unions.
We can send a message to our national Party not to take us for granted.
Democracy takes effort..but less money than you might think..






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