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Israel Conducts Raid to Stop Arms Shipments to Hezbollah


From the Beeb:

Israel carried out an overnight raid inside Lebanon aimed at disrupting an arms transfer, the Israeli army says.

One soldier died and two were injured in the Bekaa Valley operation, it said. Lebanese sources earlier told Reuters agency that three militants also died.

The incident came hours after UN chief Kofi Annan warned of a "fragile" situation on the ground.


Israel's fresh operation inside Lebanon came five days after a UN-brokered ceasefire ended the month-long conflict.

Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora said the Israeli raid was a naked violation of the ceasefire.

The Israeli army said the raid was to prevent arms being delivered to Hezbollah by Iran and Syria.

What utter hypocrisy. Lebanon's Prime Minister Sinoira calls Israel's raid a violation of the cease-fire, yet his government refuses to disarm Hezbollah, one of the cease-fire's actual requirements.

Added: Disarming Hezbollah is actually not part of the cease-fire. The resolution says that the Lebanese government has the sole authority to determine who is armed:

OP3. Emphasizes the importance of the extension of the control of the government of Lebanon over all Lebanese territory in accordance with the provisions of resolution 1559 (2004) and resolution 1680 (2006), and of the relevant provisions of the Taif Accords, for it to exercise its full sovereignty, so that there will be no weapons without the consent of the government of Lebanon and no authority other than that of the government of Lebanon;

The Real Ugly American still sees a little hope in Olmert's leadership:

This cease-fire is hanging on by a thread. Iran and sycophants Syria and Hezbollah would be wise to quit while they are ahead. Even the weak-knead Olmert has to have his limits.

Captain Ed also thinks Israel will still come through:

If the Lebanese want to restart the war, they will find the Israelis more than willing to do so. Israel may count on precisely that reaction, as well as the inability of Siniora to enforce his end of the cease-fire agreement. If this cease-fire fails, the Israelis will have no further constraints by the UN and can take all the time necessary to complete their overall mission, and Siniora will have no way to stop it. All the crying in the world will not cover the fact that he had an opportunity to rid himself of Hezbollah and chose to endorse it instead.

Update: Lebanon is threatening to stop its deployment of Lebanese troops to the south even though Israel's raid was done in an effort to enforce the cease-fire the Lebanese cabinet approved:

In Jerusalem, Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev defended the raid as a response to "a violation of the cease-fire."

"The U.N. Security Council resolution on Lebanon is very explicit: It says that Hezbollah cannot use the cease-fire to rearm, to receive more missiles and more rockets from Syria and Iran. That was happening, and Israel acted to prevent that from happening," he said.

Regev indicated Israel could conduct further raids until Lebanese and international troops take up positions to prevent Hezbollah from rebuilding its arsenal - a goal that the U.N. resolution sets as part of a long-term end to the conflict but does not immediately require.

"If the Syrians and Iran continue to arm Hezbollah in violation of the resolution, Israel is entitled to act to defend the principle of the arms embargo," Regev said. "Once the Lebanese army and the international forces are active ... then such Israeli activity will become superfluous."

Let's hope.

Update II: Now the Lebanese government is instructing its troops, the very troops the UN says must be deployed to south Lebanon to prevent hostilities from starting back up, to stand with Hezbollah:

An internal Lebanese army statement, circulated among forces in the past week, has called for troops to stand "alongside your resistance and your people who astonished the world with its steadfastness and destroyed the prestige of the so-called invincible army after it was defeated".

The circular has alarmed ministers in the Lebanese cabinet who had been calling for the army to disarm Hizbullah.

It will also fuel the concerns of Israel, the US and the UN security council that the Lebanese army is incapable of securing the south of the country, adding increased urgency to the calls for a multinational force to be swiftly deployed.

I really wonder what the US was thinking when it allowed this resolution to go through. I supposed Sec. Rice and Amb. Bolton assumed the Lebanese government cared enough about its sovereignty to actually disarm Hezbollah. It appears they were wrong.

Hat tip: Allah and Bluto.

Update III: Kofi Annan is saying that the Israeli raid was a violation of the cease-fire agreement.


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Comments (17)

Actually, Kim, the horrid c... (Below threshold)

Actually, Kim, the horrid ceasefire states that there will no offensive weapons in Lebanon without approval of the Lebanese government.

Clause 3:

3. Emphasizes the importance of the extension of the control of the government of Lebanon over all Lebanese territory in accordance with the provisions of resolution 1559 (2004) and resolution 1680 (2006), and of the relevant provisions of the Taif Accords, for it to exercise its full sovereignty, so that there will be no weapons without the consent of the government of Lebanon and no authority other than that of the government of Lebanon;

Makes our support of the agreement that much more distasteful. The last sentence is a massive problem.

The government, clearly and obviously, approves of Hezbollah having weapons.

Which means, pathetically, the cease-fire isn't being violated by the influx of arms. It does show that Lebanon's claim that they are not the same as Hezbollah to be, well, lies, though.

Thanks, Mike. ... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Mike.

When will the lust for bloo... (Below threshold)

When will the lust for blood stop? A ceasefire was wrong?
I am sorry to say but it sounds as if the American government should behave as a puppydog to Israel. WHY? It shouldn't!

When will the lust for bloo... (Below threshold)

When will the lust for blood stop? Whe the A-holes that use your religion as a justification for barbarism stop, willingly or forcibly.

If the Lebanese government ... (Below threshold)

If the Lebanese government is allowing Hezbollah to re-arm then Israel has no choice but to go to war with Lebanon....cease fire or not, plain and simple. If the PM of Lebanon is that stupid his country will pay for it. Fancy wording in a cease fire agreement will not stop Israel from rightfully defending itself and destroying hezbollah once and for all.

Everything Bush etc... does... (Below threshold)

Everything Bush etc... does between now and November is about the mid-term elections...actually everything everybody does is about the same thing...

Off course Bush/Kennedy/Clinton/Republicans/Democrats/Whomever..pay no attention to polls..
(or is that trolls)

Lebanon and Hezbollah are o... (Below threshold)

Lebanon and Hezbollah are one and the same. This was true before the war. The war has ripped away the facade for anyone with the courage to see the truth. Its unbelieveble that the US and Israel caved to this resolution and it is unbelievable that anyone thought an enemy as powerful and well dug in as Hezbollah could have been defeated in only one month. To defeat Hezbollah would have required at least three months and probably longer.

Hmmm.It's pretty o... (Below threshold)


It's pretty obvious that Rice has been captured by the State Dept bureaucracy. Instead of reforming it, something that nobody had convinced me that Rice was competent to do, Rice is now a mouthpiece for that entrenched worldview. It's pretty obvious that Bush was convinced by Rice to go along, which is an absolute mistake.

I'm also relatively uncertain as to whom we can thank for the signal failure to deal effectively with North Korea or Iran over their respective nuclear weapons programs. Is it Bush being wobbly or is it Rice?

Either way, color me unimpressed. You can easily predict the outcome of this ceasefire by the past experiences with the last 20 such "ceasefires".

[email protected] muslim uni... (Below threshold)


@ muslim unity

When will the lust for blood stop? A ceasefire was wrong? I am sorry to say but it sounds as if the American government should behave as a puppydog to Israel. WHY? It shouldn't!

I absolutely agree with this!

Let's bomb the shit out of Iran right now and let the Israelis do their thing with Lebanon!

I have no clue what the hel... (Below threshold)

I have no clue what the hell the State Dept is trying to do.

Is "Are you devoid of common sense?" a major question of the job applications there?


The terrorists will not honor the agreements. Pure and simple.

Opinion:The US agr... (Below threshold)


The US agreement to the cease-fire is a set up. They know full well that Hezbollah will, at some point in the not too distant future, violate the cease-fire. That will give much credence to Captain Ed's comments.

The gig is that world for some unknown and completely f'd up reason doesn't recognize the threat of Hezbollah and the rest of its terrorist brethern.

Agreeing to a cease-fire that will ultimately be violated will also go a long way to exposing the impotence of the UN and its history of worthless and fangless resolutions.

If that is the case, and I'm at a loss to find any other sane deviation from this, then I can totally understand that giving the world practical example of what to expect from these assholes, and a damned good reason why they can't be negotiated with.

As for Mulsim Unity, you're just a terrorist apologist troll.

Hmmmm.Sorry but Ca... (Below threshold)


Sorry but Capt. Ed is wrong.

His point is that Hezbollah violating the terms of the ceasefire will somehow innoculate Israel from adverse world opinion.

This is such a simplistic view, completely devoid of any historical support from past violated ceasefires, that I'm astonished that Capt. Ed could even believe this. Personally I think Capt. Ed is deluding himself into believing that there's something of a silver lining when in fact there is nothing positive at all about this.

Hi everybody. A newbie her... (Below threshold)
Original Rebel:

Hi everybody. A newbie here. Just wanted to say that personally, I always thought the Lebonese people were much smarter than they have been exhibiting lately. Guess it might be the water. Anyway...Goofy Annan ought to be run out of town on a rail, the Useless Nitwits fired and sent packing back where they came from, and the building razed for a parking lot. For all the good that they do, we (US) should stop contributing the millions that we do to their "well-being" and "immunity" and just dissolve the whole worthless idea.

Thanx. Just had to blow off a little steam.

Sheesh...I guess I sorta re... (Below threshold)
Original Rebel:

Sheesh...I guess I sorta repeated myself x 3. Am I entitled to a mistake or two being new to your forum? Sorry 'bout that.

Okay, now I really feel sto... (Below threshold)
Original Rebel:

Okay, now I really feel stoopid. Is there another page(s) to this comment page? I can't seem to find any arrows or anything indicating that there are more pages to this, or any instructions as to where to go from here. And, how do you track back?

Sorry, but I'm relatively new at "blogging" and I guess I have a lot to learn. Appreciate your help. Thanx

The eight most frightening ... (Below threshold)

The eight most frightening words in the world to people in war zones have to be: "The United Nations is sending a peacekeeping force."


Welcome, Original Rebel.

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There are two ways to "trackback": If you have a blog, click the "trackback" link at the end of the original post you want to "trackback" TO, and copy the URL that appears in your address bar to the appropriate place in your own blog posting software.

Or, you could carefully walk backwards, being careful to place your feet in the prints you already made in the sand or snow. Oh, no, wait - that's "backtracking." It's completely different.

Never mind.

I believe that there is mor... (Below threshold)

I believe that there is more to the ceasefire than meets the eye. This ceaefire will collapse and then Israel and the US will have the moral high ground to press the attack.

More here. With more links!






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