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Some British Terror Suspects Made Martyr Tapes

The British police found martyr tapes on some of the suspects' laptops.

Police investigating an alleged plot to bring down airliners have found several martyrdom videos in the course of their searches, the BBC has learned.

An unofficial police source said the recordings - discovered on laptop computers - appear to have been made by some of the suspects being questioned.

Scotland Yard has refused to comment on what officers are finding.

Police are continuing to search woodland at High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire and 14 addresses.

The Metropolitan Police, which is leading the inquiry, has said it has already completed searches of 36 business and residential sites.

A total of 20 vehicles have also been searched.

Ace retorts:

Maybe they just tape these things as a matter of simple prudence, like drafting a will even when you're young and healthy. Just in case something happens, you know. Five years from now you might have the unexpected urge to detonate yourself in an Quizno's, and you wouldn't want to be caught without a martyr tape.

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Yeah, but what if you blow ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, but what if you blow yourself up fucking around with C4 or toxic gas? Then someone finds the tape, and you just look like an idiot.

Unknown martyrdom - or eternal ridicule? It's a conundrum.

Unexpected urge, now thats ... (Below threshold)

Unexpected urge, now thats funny,LOL. Unfortunatly they get these unexpected urges quite often for my liking.

Then why are their attorney... (Below threshold)

Then why are their attorneys fighting to free them?

Wouldn't it be more logical to fight to allow them to become martyrs?

Now ow did Karl Rove pull <... (Below threshold)

Now ow did Karl Rove pull that one off?

So, this notion of a just i... (Below threshold)

So, this notion of a just incase martyr tape... so that you can have a spur of the moment impulse homocide bombing, it makes me wonder: Does Muslim Unity have a tape or two hanging around his home?






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