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Am I the only person who believes that if Kofi Annan had been the detective in charge of the Simpson murder, he would have had the corpse of Nicole Simpson arrested for the crime?

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It was obviously a suicide.... (Below threshold)

It was obviously a suicide.
No one in their right mind antagonizes someone with history of violence and a passion for edged weapons. She just for got to leave a note.

No your not the only one,bu... (Below threshold)

No your not the only one,but most of us are too PC. to call this man what he really is,a Jew hating bigot.Having this fox in charge of the hen house is extreamly upsetting.Just think how the set upon Jews must feel,I would rather guess a little depressed.

Kofi would have said that t... (Below threshold)

Kofi would have said that the UN observers stationed near Simpson's house had no role in destroying evidence connected to this alledged crime, and a full investigation will begin as soon as Israel withdraws from Palestinian land.

The Koffing Anus is respons... (Below threshold)
mc harrison:

The Koffing Anus is responsible for the Rwanda genocide: General Romeo Dallaire,commander of the peacekeepers in Rwanda, warned his superiors that the Hutus were arming and planning massacres; Kofi refused to allow the "peacekeepers" to disarm the Hutus or to defend the Tutsis. And when the resulting genocide provoked outrage, he did what any corrupt hypocrite would do. He blamed Dallaire. By the way, am I the only one who wonders how much cash the Iranian mullahs are pouring into his pocket?

No, that would be Mike Nifo... (Below threshold)

No, that would be Mike Nifong who would have handled the Simpson case in that manner.

Yeah. It's only you, man.<... (Below threshold)

Yeah. It's only you, man.

Kofi would have proposed a Chapter 7 resolution towards the manufacturers of the knife; Bruno Mali, and Chevrolet.

Part of the resolution would then have called for the Crips to maintain a bufferzone between the Brentwood mansion and Compton (with the tacit approval of Gerard Deparduex).

He'd then condemn Steven Spielberg ... for something.

This while taking money from Mark Furman.

I'm sure there's more that he'd do, but to expand on this, any further ... would just be silly.

Umm, who would've been rape... (Below threshold)

Umm, who would've been raped if Annan had been in charge of the Simpson investigation?

Annan can't do anything without subordinates raping people all willy-nilly.

DJ:Kofi wouldn't a... (Below threshold)


Kofi wouldn't arrest the corpse. He first would cut off Nicole's hand just above the wrist and bury the rest in a shallow grave. Then, he would arrest the hand as the perp.

Best of all, the glove would eventually fit to secure the conviction.

The U.N. officials would ha... (Below threshold)

The U.N. officials would have committed some sort of sex crime in the course of the investigation as their minions do on what appears to be a continuous basis.

And he would accuse her of racism, and have a U.N. resolution passed to cap off the event.

hmmm Kofi...OJ...it is not ... (Below threshold)

hmmm Kofi...OJ...it is not a black thing...(nudge nudge..wink wink)

The terrorist state of Isra... (Below threshold)

The terrorist state of Israel has already broken the cease fire. These criminals and their rulers the US should be brought to justice. That war monger Bush won't stop until he starts WW3.

Someone has been feeding Jo... (Below threshold)

Someone has been feeding Jon stupid pills again, or maybe he doesn't need the pills. Could be a family trait.

WW III was started by Iran ... (Below threshold)

WW III was started by Iran and Dimmy Carter in 1979. Everyone has just avoided calling it by it's right name. No reason to confuse the lefties or scare them any worse than they already are.

People like Jon think a war... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

People like Jon think a war starts when we respond. The previous poster has it correctly. It started with Carters failure to support Pahlavi an ally of the United States. Bush is really the first U.S. President to fully engage the enemy. And that has been a stuggle because the left is so jealous of power. Their behavior in this struggle borders on treason.

That war monger Bush won't ... (Below threshold)

That war monger Bush won't stop until he starts WW3.

Posted by: jon at August 19, 2006 07:53 PM

Ugh. Was Bush involved in the raid?

Was he?

No, I'm asking, honestly.

Did Bush participate in the raid?

Did he command the raiders?

Did he even have ANY idea that such a raid would be performed?

And if you're so concerned about the start/continuatoin of WWIII, why not look to Hezbollah. Why not look to the UN who's feckless execution of 1559 kept Hezbollah armed, and 1701 which includes 1559 but ... wait, is Hezbollah disarmed.

You schmuck.

The terrorist state of I... (Below threshold)

The terrorist state of Israel has already broken the cease fire. These criminals and their rulers the US should be brought to justice. That war monger Bush won't stop until he starts WW3.

Posted by: jon at August 19, 2006 07:53 PM

Sounds like some irrational thought you get from that virtual moonbat...

ISRAELIS, indeed!! The RECHIMPLICKINS STOLE the so-called election, just like Zell Miller helped our smirking chimp to steal stem cell research FROM the rainforests (while THIS ADMINISTRATION sat on the SIDELINES)!! I hate you!






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