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Update On Kidnapped Fox News Team

Michelle Malkin has an update on the story of the kidnapped Fox News team of Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig. Michelle wonders why there is not more outrage, or more coverage.

Whatever the reason, I find the apparent apathy about Centanni and Wiig's kidnapping grossly disturbing. Centanni is not just a fellow journalist. He is a fellow American. He is missing. And there should be a hell of a lot more outrage about it than I've seen so far--from the media, from our government, from our nation.
She is absolutely right that all of us should be outraged by such actions. I wrote about the kidnapping here last week, but have not updated since then for a couple of reasons and neither is due to apathy or lack of outrage. The first reason is that, as far as I was aware, there has been no news of a development in the matter. The other reason, actually the main reason, I have not said more about it is that I was following the lead of Fox News, who had instructed their on air people not to report on the kidnapping.

Since the last I heard, and what I posted last week, was that there was some type of negotiation underway, and since Fox was instructing their employees not to mention it on air, I assumed they had concerns that some forms of publicity might negatively affect the outcome. I don't know whether or not that is the case, though. There are other reasons Fox could be keeping this very low profile. Hopefully we will find out the reasons why following a safe release of Centanni and Wiig. Read Michelle's post for links to recent reports on the kidnapping and continue to pray for their speedy release.


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I believe Fox is beginning ... (Below threshold)

I believe Fox is beginning to reverse their policy to a degree. The lack of coverage is possibly bringing harm to Centanni and Wiig.

The lack of journalist outrage for one of their own smacks too much of 'good enough for ya' because Fox doesn't share their world views.

Even though Fox News is the... (Below threshold)

Even though Fox News is the most fake and propgandistic channel I shall send my duas for these humans who should be forgiven for their sins.
Let us all pray and ask for duas and forgiveness and hope they are unharmed.
Let us alsp pray that the turth wins and not propganda messages against the purest and most peace loving people.

I've been reading the Jill ... (Below threshold)

I've been reading the Jill Carroll recaps over at CSM. In the first days after Carroll's kidnapping, they decided to keep things on the downlow partly because they wanted to decrease her perceived value and partly because they were trying to negotiate her release.

They didn't want to create a situation where her kidnappers felt like they had to take a certain kind of action because of publicity shined on her abduction.


Muslim Unity:I hav... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

Muslim Unity:

I have to admit, that for a while you had me fooled. With your last post, I have opened my eyes to your hypocracy and twisted views. Fox news, to my knowledge, has never said anything against the Muslim religion. Just because they don't spew out the terrorist propaganda, doesn't mean that they are not a "fail and Balanced" network. Keep up your rhetoric, and you will turn every peace loving Christian against the Muslim religion.

I've heard FoxNews mention ... (Below threshold)

I've heard FoxNews mention the kidnappings from time to time, they broadcast an appeal from the cameraman's wife for his release.

Reporter kidnappings are nearly always intended to attract a lot of media attention. Keeping coverage limited and subdued may help secure the early release of these men, as their plight does not provide a stage for Islamic fascist propaganda. It may also act as a deterrent to future media-figure kidnappings for this reason, and I can't help but believe this is a factor in the coverage.

Something to consider. It i... (Below threshold)
Onto the Next:

Something to consider. It is often one of the very first efforts of the State Department and hostage negotiators to gag the press on these matters.

Kidnappers look in the press for signs and manipulative information. For example, an interview with a family member on TV or in the paper, and that information is used against the victim. "Ah. We see that your sister Katherine is quite pretty. She was on the news sobbing for your release."

That is one example. There are many others, and ieach case is different. With news outlet employees, often the word goes out to keep a lid on coverage for that reasons.

People are still outraged. I don't think the media is any incication or measure of what people are thinking and feeling.

And, again, often, there can be reasons behind the lack of coverage of an issue like the kidnapping of reporters and crew.

If you look at the past incidents, situations such as Jill Carroll's, where they are released, are not always the norm.

We should hope for the best.

What Jim and Onto said! Th... (Below threshold)

What Jim and Onto said! They nailed it. Michelle Malkin is an idiot and has no idea what the f*%# she's saying half the time.

Some people are starting to... (Below threshold)

Some people are starting to get the bigger picture. It's nice and so sweet (and painfully honest) for Michelle Malkin to use the kidnapping of these two journalists as an excuse to hate and spew vomit against the so-called MSM but the MSM might be honoring Fox's wishes and possibly the State Department wishes to keep things low-key for now. Pretend the New York Times and the MSM wrote a piece on these poor journalists being kidnapped and Michelle Malkin would be expressing outrage over the blabbermouths at the NYT and the MSM disregarding what Fox News had pleaded for and trying to get these poor journalists killed for exclusivety. One can never win with Michelle Malkin because she is pretty much a deceitful idiot.

Dear [email protected]:Don't ... (Below threshold)

Dear [email protected]:

Don't miss Michelle Malkin's new expose, "Bambi Does Dearborn" coming soon at Hippo Campy!

Hippo Campy. Where one can... (Below threshold)

Hippo Campy. Where one can't find him and/or herself, anytime at Wizzers!

Thanks, [email protected]!Syn... (Below threshold)

Thanks, [email protected]!

Syntax is quite right. Other media outlets might be keeping quiet at the request of Fox, with the idea, discussed above, of diminishing any value of holding the hostages.

Since no ransom demand has been made as far as we know {although Fox might not publicize one if it were made}, the purpose of the kidnapping was most likely publicity they are not getting. If the kidnappers are radical Islamic fascists, they might kill the men anyway, but if so, it was probably their fate from the moment they were taken. If the purpose were something besides simple bloodlust, the tactic of ignoring it might work.

I just saw Wiig's wife on F... (Below threshold)

I just saw Wiig's wife on Fox News. She was sitting with a group of Palestinian women, whose sons/husbands/brothers are in Israeli jail for terrorism related activities. She was equating the plight of her husband, kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists...with these menfolk.
If that's the case, he should probably stay a captive.
Hope Centanni gets out soon.

MuslimUnity:<blockqu... (Below threshold)


Let us all pray and ask for duas and forgiveness and hope they are unharmed.

I'm curious if you could describe the common characteristics of the people who abduct and sometimes behind people in front of a video camera.

Anything common to them (those that abduct and behead) that we could use to identify them ? They seem to chant the same thing while commiting their gruesome acts. Perhaps that's a clue?

- MikeB

Muslim Unity:You hav... (Below threshold)

Muslim Unity:
You have never had me fooled. I totally agree with Jim Addison. I have NEVER ONCE heard any of the journalists on FOX or for that matter any other news agency speak negatively about true Muslims. Isn't Islam about PEACE, LOVE and TOLERANCE? Everything that is said,read or spoken about RADICAL ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISTS(murderers,terrorists) is seemed to be taken as a personal attack by organizations like yourself. It really makes it hard for the World community(when you think everyone is a bigot, unless there Muslim, mentality) to try and help solve the problem. It is a shame that you blog on here about propaganda yet you yourself spew it out. We need to get real for ALL OF OUR CHILDREN. If not then the world is going to become an even scarier place. Our children should not have to take on the sins of there fathers and mothers. It stinks that people just don't seem to do the right things, KNOWING that the things they are doing are harmful.

Hopefully we will ... (Below threshold)
Hopefully we will find out the reasons why following a safe release of Centanni and Wiig.

Well, safe for Centanni and Wiig. If their "hosts" get double-tapped in the head during the "release", I'm not sure that I could care enough to even shrug my shoulders.

"We need to get real for AL... (Below threshold)

"We need to get real for ALL OF OUR CHILDREN. If not then the world is going to become an even scarier place. Our children should not have to take on the sins of there fathers and mothers. It stinks that people just don't seem to do the right things, KNOWING that the things they are doing are harmful."

Agreed. Watch Fox News carefully. See the words they use. They made the Iraq war sound as if it was a Hollywood movie. Watch the bombing of Bagdhad and hear the words used.
Please accept the fact that the news there is NOT un-biased.
They just speak from one side. What about our side? When will they hear that? See for peace to be there don't both parties need to be on equal terms?
Every time something happens we have words such as Islamic Terror.
Have we ever used words such as Chrtstian Terror for bombings in our lands? No- because we know that NO religion teaches to spread terror.

I hope you'll agree and try to lok at things from my eyes also.
May Allah Bless everybody and give knowledge to all to learn more about things.

I'm with you guys on this o... (Below threshold)

I'm with you guys on this one. This isn't about politics—some journalists have been kidnapped. All people of good will hope for their safe return.

I might note that even www.foxnews.com doesn't have a story on the kidnapping today...or at least it's hard to find on their home page...

Man, there is a lot of mush... (Below threshold)

Man, there is a lot of mushy shit in this thread. I LOVE YOU GUYS MAN!!! **please excuse me**

Seriously, we seem to see a bigger picture here and that is there is extremism and fundamentalism on both sides as well as decency. Hey Muslim Unity...don't feel too bad. There are people in this country who use the word "Liberal" with the same venomous bigotry as the word "nigger" and we're Americans. You think you got it bad?!?!? Wait till they start profiling us. Oh wait...they already are...we're Godless! Yipee!!!

I don't care if they work for Faux News or not, I wish for a safe and quick return for these two journalists. My "Godless" prayers go out to them and their families.

These guys weren't journali... (Below threshold)

These guys weren't journalists. Nor do I consider Steve Centanni an American. There are no true Americans that work for Fox. Americans care about freedom and truth. Fox news is just a propaganda machine for G.W. Bush and company. They were just in Gaza to do some story about how crazy and messed up "those people" are which will make sure the flow of US cash into the Israeli occupation continues unabated. You can't expect everyone, everywhere in the world to be an idiot and not >>>connect the dots.

I love how all the little f... (Below threshold)

I love how all the little fascists on here are bending over backwards to try to figure out a way to explain the actions of fox and the US government in the best possible light. "they must be doing the right thing because they are in charge...but if they aren't doing the right thing it's because of the liberals."






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