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Waiting for the call to jihad against red tape

Here in lovely Manchester, New Hampshire, the Granite State's Queen City, we are currently seeing the state's first mosque being built. And as seems to be the case of late, they are running afoul of various laws and ordinances and regulations -- and crying religious persecution.

I have repeatedly stated my distrust and suspicion of Islam in general, and I think it's well-founded. Nearly every war, conflict, or struggle going on in the world right now has Muslims on at least one side. Further, the number of terrorists who commit their atrocities while shouting "Praise Jesus!" or "Am Yisrael Chai!" or "For the everlasting glory of Joseph Smith!" or even "Hari Krishna!" is exceedingly small, while "Allahu Ackbar!" has been featured on the soundtrack of every single beheading I've seen. But I support the building of a mosque in Manchester -- if for no other reason that it tends to draw the dangerous elements of Islam into one easily-observed place.

But as I say in so many cases: you gotta follow the rules.

The would-be mosque is going slated to go up on a rather barren section of the city, on a street with only four neighbors. But those neighbors have some concerns -- the amount of noisy construction being conducted after hours, the tendency of the workers to ignore the no-parking regulations, future noise concerns, and the absolutely ludicrous parking arrangements the mosque's proponents have put forward.

Yeah, some of it may be based on fear of Muslims. But the very definition of "reasonable" is "something that can be attached to a reason," and each of their concerns is tied to a specific law or ordinance.

More to the point, they were there first. They didn't move next to a mosque, the mosque is looking to move next to them.

I hope the mosque's proponents do get to put up their building, but I hope they do it the right way -- by respecting the rules and traditions and the rights of their neighbors, and not the wrong way -- by intimidation.

However, looking at how Islam was (and is) being spread, and the level of tolerance and respect it shows for other faiths, I have my doubts.

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We do need to get through t... (Below threshold)

We do need to get through the red tape and address our decisions on the war on terror. Is Iraq better off than they were before? Are we safer and more sound than we were before? These questions need hard answers and we need deep reflection to answer them but I feel we do need to adress the questions more thoroughly.
Raymond B

Having only 4 neighbors is ... (Below threshold)

Having only 4 neighbors is a wise decision for the local muslims. They we easily get to call prayer with only 4 neighbors to complain about the noise disruption. Anyone else won't touch it out of fear or correctness and the city council will wave any ordinances out of political correctness. However, this will establish a precedent permitting a call to prayer to be broadcast elsewhere in the city.

This probably isn't the only factor in the chosing of that location, but it will be the byproduct.

Next they will suggest that... (Below threshold)

Next they will suggest that their youth wouldn't turn to terrorism, if only they could practice Muslim law here in the U.S. (supercede it)

And Sadly we will let them...

I would only remind everyone it is not by God's grace anyone is chopping off heads.

Here's a list of revised Ne... (Below threshold)

Here's a list of revised New Hampshire road signs:

1. "New Hampshire - Live to Submit, or Die!"
2. "Warning - Mooslim Crossing"
3. "Shoot 93, not Ski 93"
4. "Mary Baker Eddy was a Zionist Monkey"
5. "Like Buddhist Monuments, Like 'Old Man O' The Mountain'"
6. "Blast Heaves"
7. This one seen on the Kancamagus - "Warning - Hair Trigger!"
8. "Welcome to Nar-Amstah!"

"...they are running afo... (Below threshold)

"...they are running afoul of various laws and ordinances and regulations -- and crying religious persecution."

Apparently, none of them have tried to do any home improvements in Florida.

I live about a mile from th... (Below threshold)

I live about a mile from the largest mosque in Michigan. I know it took a loooong time to build, but the neighbors make an idyllic picture of America. On the same street are four churches of various denominations. The street is "Church Street".

If the world could exist in a place where a church, mosque, and synagogue could exist on the same street, the world would be a better place.

Well, considering the fact ... (Below threshold)

Well, considering the fact that a synagogue and a church can exist side-by-side with no explosions, I'm guessing the mosque is to blame.

The last Alpasian New Hamph... (Below threshold)

The last Alpasian New Hamphire road sign -> "What Happened to My Land Grant?"

Sorry for my drunken rant l... (Below threshold)

Sorry for my drunken rant last night. Please forgive.






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