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Go Get 'Em Tigers!

Updated: The Tigers defeated the White Sox in game two, 4 - 0.

I just got home from a fantastic game at Comerica Park where the Tigers handily defeated the White Sox 7-1. Here's a shot I took from my phone, which I promptly sent to my very jealous brother who has been a Tigers fan his entire life. Actually, I don't know for sure he was jealous, but he should have been.


What a great night. The stadium was packed, the weather was perfect, and the Tigers brought their A game with them.

Here's the story from ESPN:

DETROIT (AP) -- Justin Verlander solved the Chicago White Sox for the first time, giving the Detroit Tigers a little more of a cushion in the AL Central.

In the opener of a possibly pivotal four-game series, Verlander gave up one run over seven innings Monday night in a 7-1 victory over the World Series champions.

"This start alleviates my mind," Verlander said.

Detroit had lost nine of its previous 12 games and saw its division lead -- which bulged to 10 games on Aug. 7 -- dwindle to 5½ games.

Backed by Craig Monroe's two-run homer and Sean Casey's three RBI, the Tigers beat Chicago for just the fourth time in 13 games this year and boosted their margin over the second-place White Sox back to 6½ games.

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When in I was in high schoo... (Below threshold)

When in I was in high school, my Kansas biology teacher launched into a overhead presentation of the virtues of the '84 Detroit Tigers.

My rooting interest is the Royals (please, do not laugh), so here's hoping that the Tigers go farther than the Yankees and the Sox (the best teams that money can buy ....)

After the Sox took it deep ... (Below threshold)

After the Sox took it deep this weekend, like Barney Frank at a rainbow parade, or Ex Gov McGreevey at a NJ truckstop, I think we can leave the Sox off of any list that mentions 'best'.

How did you like the Voodoo... (Below threshold)

How did you like the Voodoo Chile' music for Zoom Zoom? The place goes up about a million volts when he comes in.

Go "D".

Because of my grammar and l... (Below threshold)

Because of my grammar and language Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, this jumped out at me:

"..alleviates my mind".

Good grief! The win may alleviate your concerns, your self-doubt or your worries, but hopefully it won't "lessen or make easier to endure" your mind.

As ever - Goooooo Tigers!

Wowee. So you have a winne... (Below threshold)

Wowee. So you have a winner for a change. One good year and suddenly Detroit has fans coming out of the woodwork. Memo: Act like you've been there, for crying out loud.


Cleveland Indians fan

"Memo: Act like you've been... (Below threshold)

"Memo: Act like you've been there, for crying out loud."

*This* lecture is coming from a Cleveland fan for *any* sport? Puh-leeeeeeeaaaase...Cleveland fans are *the* most obnoxious fans in the nation. Not to mention the fact that the Indians have only been producing winning teams since the mid-90s.

As a Cincinnati sports fan who has seen both feast and famine, I say let the Detroit fans enjoy it...especially since football season is coming up.

Tom,I believe Jim'... (Below threshold)


I believe Jim's sarcasm was on! It would have been easier to understand if he would've signed it Jim Rome, instead of just Jim.

That's funny.

White Sox have beaten Detro... (Below threshold)

White Sox have beaten Detroit 9 games out of 13. As they say, don't count your chickens before you suck eggs. In the end, Sox will rule. That is all.

"One good year and suddenly... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"One good year and suddenly Detroit has fans coming out of the woodwork"

Sure, the Tigers might only come together as a championship team once every 20-25 years and the Lions, well...

But the Redwings and the Pistons have produced many championships for Detriot.

I feel kinda bad for Alan T... (Below threshold)

I feel kinda bad for Alan Trammell, though.

I wish I could have been th... (Below threshold)
Kim's jealous brother:

I wish I could have been there to enjoy the Tiger victory with the greatest fans in the world!!!


Good to see an organization... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Good to see an organization with such a storied history as the Tigers resurrected from the ashes. General manager Dave Dombrowski has done one hell of a job bringing in quality talent and getting creative with free agent contracts, a la Magglio Ordonez and Pudge. And I think firing Trammel and getting an old-time, hard-ass and crafty manager in Jim Leyland (you gotta love a guy who smokes in the dugout tunnel between innings) to right the ship.

I wasn't a believer in the Tigers in April and May, but I am now. They've got the hitting and pitching to go very deep into the playoffs, and they are clearly the best team in the AL right now.

Time will tell all. But if I were a Tigers' fan, I'd be really psyched right now.

I WAS being sarcastic, a la... (Below threshold)

I WAS being sarcastic, a la the Jim Rome clones. But anyone who says Cleveland fans are the most obnoxious in the nation has never been to Philadelphia.

Tiger fans have been waitin... (Below threshold)

Tiger fans have been waiting for a long time to have a team to cheer for.. Looks like their patience has paid off.
They are young and talented and should be able to hold off the White Sox for the division but there is still a lot of baseball left to be played and anything can happen.

I dont know if the Sox will... (Below threshold)

I dont know if the Sox will be there? but I think the Twins will.

Go Twins!

I swear Wizbang never cease... (Below threshold)

I swear Wizbang never ceases to amaze me! Now a post about my favorite b-ball team the long suffering Tigers. Why? Well, as a young nine year old kid in East Lansing, Michigan, fresh off the boat from Jamaica, the Tigers were the first team in any sport that I ever rooted for. My father was a graduate student at Michigan State, and he took the entire family from Jamaica with him while we lived on campus. I was intrigued with baseball, and cheering for the Tigers came natural to me. (I still think Trammell and Whitaker is the greatest shortstop second base combo ever, and Al Kaline is my favorite player of all time!)

BTW, that was 1968; the year Mclain,Lolich,Horton,Freehan and co. stuck it to Bob Gibson and the Cards. I also followed that wonderful year in 1984 when Sparky and the boys worked their magic. And I have suffered throughout the nineties with some horrible teams. So I have been pinching myself all summer,and hoping that my Tigers can go all the way.

They are young, and they still might choke, but it has been fun while it lasted :)

The stadium is neat and wel... (Below threshold)

The stadium is neat and well-designed.
But the video presentation really sucks.
There are just a couple of large screens and they don't offer much for replays. The score displays for other games is old-design and lame.

They really need to modernize the technology within the ball-park. In comparison to the salaries of the players, it isn't that expensive.

And they key to the winning is the pitching. The current GM has really focused on that and it has paid off.

Thanks for that Jon. I have... (Below threshold)

Thanks for that Jon. I have never been to the new ball park. Living in Philly, makes it hard to get to games. I have caught them up in the Bronx, and down at Camden Yards, and I went to the old stadium just a couple of times; once as a kid, and once as an adult. But I am looking forward to a pilgrimage to the new park. Hopefully, it will be a world series game :)

I have listened to Jim Rome... (Below threshold)

I have listened to Jim Rome's show once. That was enough for me, so I did miss the reference. Philadelphia fans are pretty bad...but I don't recall them ever attempting to hit referees with beer bottles or radio batteries when a call didn't go their way. I'm sure it's possible it's happened, I just don't recall. ;-)

And whoever says Philly fan... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

And whoever says Philly fans are the worst has never been to Yankee stadium. And if you want to talk life-threatening, try sitting in the bleachers or walking in the parking lot after an Oakland A's game. Flak jacket come with every order of Cracker Jacks and a large Coke.

Just my quick predictions since no one probably cares:

AL Playoff teams:
New York Yankees

ALCS Winner: Chicago over Detroit

NL Playoff teams:
Los Angeles
St. Louis
New York Mets

NLCS Winner: Cardinals over Mets

World Series champs: Albert gets his ring. St. Louis in 6.

"One good year and suddenly... (Below threshold)

"One good year and suddenly Detroit has fans coming out of the woodwork"?

Well, whoever said it needs to understand that the Tigers have fans everywhere. They always have. Look at Tom Selleck, for example.

It only seems like they're coming out of the woodwork because we finally, after a very long drought, have something to cheer about!

I've been a fanatic since 1968, when I was 9 years old.

This season has that feel to it - it's magic.


Hey F-N, I'm glad to see we... (Below threshold)

Hey F-N, I'm glad to see we can finally agree on something!

Dear People of Detroit,... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Dear People of Detroit,

When it comes to your beloved Tigers, please don't whine/kavetch about "how long it's been since we've had a champion". New Englanders did the same thing before the Red Sox won and, while it's true the Red Sox were the very definition of "hapless" for 86 years, they had no reason to complain about not having chamipons. And neither do you.

New Englanders have the Patriots and their 3 Super Bowls. You have the Pistons and their championships. New Englanders had the Celtics and their glory teams of the 80s. You have the Red Wings and their 3 Stanley Cups in the last ten years.

Yeah, it's been a while for the Tigers, 22 years to be exact. And yeah, the Lions are the suckiest bunch of suckers that ever sucked a sucking suck. But get over it. You've have champions. So shut up, root for your team and act like you deserve to be there because you do.

And leave the whining to annoying SF Giants fans like me who haven't seen a World Series win in 52 years now. (Hell, even the Kansas City Royals have more than we do.) ;-)

Hey Kim, our politics might... (Below threshold)

Hey Kim, our politics might be worlds apart, but the Tigers of all things, unites us.

Only in America :)

And Peter, I hear you my man about the long suffering thing, but I live in Philly, a town with four major sports teams. And it's been 23 years and counting since the last chanpionship of ANY of the teams here. I have been here since 1993, and even then people were starting to crack. Can you imagine how fragile the psyche of the Philly fan is now? No wonder Philly always gets mentioned when people speak of fans going a bit overboard. You would too if an entire generation has passed and not one of your sports teams (out of four no less) can produce a parade!






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