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MK Vents

Mary Katharine Ham is filling in for Michelle Malkin by videoblogging at Hot Air today and tomorrow. I thought some readers who read Mary Katharine regularly might like to put a face to a name. I have met Mary Katharine a few times for lunch, so I knew she was adorable before seeing the video, but for those of you (guys) who are just discovering this, please try to control yourselves in the comments section.

Comments (14)

She is VERY cute!</p... (Below threshold)

She is VERY cute!

She did a great job on the ... (Below threshold)
Mighty Dwight:

She did a great job on the vblog. Very enjoyable.

Oooooh... Mary Katharine Ha... (Below threshold)

Oooooh... Mary Katharine Ham gives Michelle a run for her money as the cutest conservative chic in cyberspace.

humena, humena, humena....<... (Below threshold)

humena, humena, humena....

Wait 'til you guys see Beth... (Below threshold)

Wait 'til you guys see Bethany @ Real Verse.

It would appear the contest for hottest and most mindnumblingly intelligent chicks of the interweb is over. Rightwing chicks in a landslide!

yo:MKH is certainl... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


MKH is certainly a cutie, but Bethany, you're right....whoa, doctor!

Nice to see that we're all viewing MKH's piece with such intellectual fervor.

"intellectual fervor"... (Below threshold)

"intellectual fervor"

... is that what you call it?

I like her views and her vi... (Below threshold)

I like her views and her view ;p.
Bethany is cute but she hasn't got anything on MKH.

yo:"Fervor"..."int... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


"Fervor"..."interest"..."curiosity"...wahetver, you distracted me with Bethany, damnit!

I have to give the advantag... (Below threshold)

I have to give the advantage to MKH. Although if one of them is a better cook than the other, that would give them quite a few bonus points. And if they like video games and frisbee too... well, then they're probably already taken. But a guy can dream, can't he?

You guys are a bunch of pig... (Below threshold)

You guys are a bunch of pigs, which is probably why you will never have a chance with EITHER of those nice ladies.

They prefer more sophisticated, suave, debonair, and older men, like Sean Connery and me.

Mostly Connery.

Anyway, withhold your judgements until you get to know them, or at least until Bethany gets her shot in the big-time comic strip world: http://www.daybydaycartoon.com/2006/08/02 . . .

you are wrong Jim. they act... (Below threshold)

you are wrong Jim. they actually prefer buff, suntanned, self-assured raw meat eating blow hards like me.... and .....uh....
well, i guess i'm in a class by myself
snarf, grunt

Bethany from RealVerse, Mic... (Below threshold)
Al the Insane Kamel:

Bethany from RealVerse, Michelle Malkin, and Mary Katherine Ham were all lezzing it out during last night's wank fantasy, but then Anne Coulter showed up, whipped out her cock and ruined everything.

i gotta admit, i have a, um... (Below threshold)

i gotta admit, i have a, um, thing for mkh.






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