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The 2008 Race Is Well Underway

Glenn Reynolds says The Anchoress is "standing by her man." I would have said it a little differently. I think she is just voicing the thoughts of many other conservatives who have yet to see any presidential candidate they think would oversee the war on terror any better than Rudy Giuliani.

In a post earlier today I linked to an article about all the advisors John McCain has already signed onto his team. Things won't shift into high gear until after the elections in November, but there is no question that the race is already well underway.

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I like Rudy quite a bit. He... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I like Rudy quite a bit. He's not a conservative in the Reagan mold, but I'm OK with that because neither am I; in fact, on social issues, he's more of a liberal Republican. The one thing that separates him from other candidates (save for Condi) is that he absolutely and obviously understands the enemy and the importance of the GWOT. There will be no greater issue than the GWOT (which does include Iraq) in 2008.

Personally, though, I'd vote for Condi over Rudy right now. Just because I think it would rock if the GOP nominated a black woman for President. The Dems would utterly beside themselves...

Ditto, on the Rudi comments... (Below threshold)

Ditto, on the Rudi comments.

I'm beginning to think I might even support a Liberal GOPer like him since the terror issue surpasses all others....

What difference does anything make if WE ARE ALL DEAD AT THE HANDS OF RADICALS ISLAMOFACISTS?

Bring in the heavy guns, baby!

He has no family values, th... (Below threshold)

He has no family values, thus you can't vote for him. Adulterers have no place in politics. (BTW, can't vote for McCain or Gingrich either)

Boy, after seeing who he ha... (Below threshold)

Boy, after seeing who he has on his team,I'd vote for Porky Pig before I'd vote for McCain.recycling Colen backstabber Powell,Richard Leaky lips Armetich(Sp),holy cow.

He has no family values,... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

He has no family values, thus you can't vote for him. Adulterers have no place in politics. (BTW, can't vote for McCain or Gingrich either)

That would have left Bill Clinton out as well (you remember Gennifer Flowers, do you?)

And I can vote for whomever I wish.

I have a serious question, ... (Below threshold)

I have a serious question, and I'm not being snarky. Rudy Giuliani behaved heroically on 9/11, and provided an example of how a leader should act. But other than those few days, what has he done that makes him Presidential material? I keep seeing how he would vigorously prosecute the war on terror. What has he said that makes him seem better equipped to fight terror than many other candidates? There are certainly a number of war heroes in politics, many of whom demonstrated their heroism over a much longer period of time than Giuliani. Since it seems a lot of his positions are out of the mainstream of the Republican party (not to mention living with a gay couple after his divorce) what makes him so attractive?

Wife's #1 issue is the war ... (Below threshold)

Wife's #1 issue is the war on terror - bar none. That includes taxes, abortion, health insurance, Social security

Her and I are both Christians and we will be supporting Rudy by sending funds and knocking on doors. We took a quick poll at a church picnic two weeks ago, come to find out, we are not alone in supporting Rudy

McCain is still the whining... (Below threshold)

McCain is still the whining backstabber he became after losing his first nomination. I would probably vote for Saddam before I would for McCain, at least you would know your life was short. With McCain the country will die a slow death, but death anyway.

Guiliani has demonstrated t... (Below threshold)

Guiliani has demonstrated the strong leadership qualities we need in a President, but he has something else just as important: the experience in successfully managing a large operation.

He restored respect for the NYPD and fought to bring crime rates down, bring neighborhoods back up, and restore the City's glory.

NYC has more population than 39 states, and a bigger GDP than 42. It's the equivalent experience of being a large-state governor.

Most Senators, in contrast, have never run anything larger than their own staffs. That's not much training to run the world's largest enterprise, the US Government.

But other than those few... (Below threshold)

But other than those few days, what has he done that makes him Presidential material?

This is a valid question. I would suggest looking at his book Leadership. This was mostly written before 9/11 although it does touch on that horrible day at the end of the book. It shows that Giuliani takes care of small problems before they become big ones. He put a big dent in crime in NYC by starting with graffiti and broken windows and moved up from there. I think the results he achieved shows this is a great approach.

it's this simple: no one el... (Below threshold)

it's this simple: no one else has the combination of looks, oratory skills, republican history and the fact he was seen ad naseum after 9/11 all over TV. i will be voting libertarian, but if the GOP wants to beat the witch, rudy is a good choice. as far as his morals...who will cast the first stone?

I am a conservative who als... (Below threshold)

I am a conservative who also supports Rudy Giulani. I live in northern NJ, and was very much affected by 9/11. Yes, Rudy is not the ideal when it comes to the 2nd amendment, abortion, or illegal immigration. But the leadership and the personal bravery he demonstrated in the aftermath of the WTC attack were key to rallying the City and the region.

Remember, this is also the man who refused to accept the 10m check from a Saudi prince because of the anti-Israel message that accompanied it, and who also told Arafat where to go on one of that killer's visits to NYC. Rudy aggressively waged war on the criminal element in NYC that had gone unaddressed and even tacitly encouraged by his predecessor in office. I'm not sure how many in this area remember the Crown Heights Pogrom, or the Korean market incident in Brooklyn. But things are, thank goodness, much better these days.

All candidates are flawed to a greater or lesser extent, but national security is priority 1, and we can't afford ANY democrat in the Oval Office. As far as the republicans go, I am a former Naval Aviator, and there is no way I will support John McCain.

I could vote for Rudy. I w... (Below threshold)

I could vote for Rudy. I was leaning Allen, but now it is clear he is sort of a clod.

I could vote for McCain, but I wouldn't be that enthusiastic (I probably would be once the Dem. nominee is revealed, tho).

Are there no Reagan Conservatives left?!

How can Rudy's "unshakab... (Below threshold)

How can Rudy's "unshakable character", which the Anchoress lauds, mean that he'll change his positions on fundamental beliefs he's had throughout his political life?

I'm sorry but I'm not buying it. I think Mitt Romney is a much better choice for the POTUS. He's charismactic, articulate, and CONSERVATIVE. Those tend to be winning characteristics in presidential elections.

Does anyone here really<... (Below threshold)

Does anyone here really believe that Rudy would truly change his mind about being pro abortion, pro gun control, and pro gay marriage no matter what he says in the Republican primary?

Once he's President, what's to keep him from changing back?

Hmmmm.Sorry but th... (Below threshold)


Sorry but there is not a chance I'll be voting for Rudy.

I'm pro-gun, anti-illegal and ambivalent about abortion (don't like it, but not enough to hammer someone else over it).

If Rudy is the best the Republicans can offer, then the Republicans don't have crap worth voting for.

I have a serious questio... (Below threshold)

I have a serious question, and I'm not being snarky. Rudy Giuliani behaved heroically on 9/11, and provided an example of how a leader should act. But other than those few days, what has he done that makes him Presidential material?

Cleaned up the toilet that was NYC under Dinkins? It's not like you could walk around Times Square safely too often before he came into office.






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