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Bicyclist engages in fowl play with cops

Pretty much anyone who has ever driven a car in a city has encountered the arrogant bicyclist -- the idiot on two self-propelled wheels who has determined that traffic laws don't quite apply to himself. They're a motor vehicle when convenient, a pedestrian when they choose, and neither if they don't feel like it. They think themselves invincible and absolutely morally superior to all others on the road, and woe unto any who think to challenge their right to go where they want, when they want, however they want.

Fortunately, their numbers are few. Most of the bicyclists I've encountered have a healthy respect for me and my car, considering that we outweigh them by up to a factor of 20 to 1. I tend to think that it's a combination of common sense being a smidgen more common than normal and plain old applied Darwinism -- the worst tend to "manage" themselves right off the road.

In Framingham, Massachusetts, one of these idiots with more gear speeds than brain cells decided to blast up a one-way street against traffic -- and forced a car to swerve out of his way in a decidedly suicidal variant of "playing chicken."

Unfortunately for him, the car turned out to be an unmarked police car.

The police gave chase and caught him, when he (and this is the real indicator of the guy's intelligence) pulled a utility knife on the cops.

EVERYONE knows you don't bring a knife to a gunfight, but this guy tried it anyway.

The cops refrained from shooting him, and instead he's in jail.

On second thought, maybe it was a good thing that it was a police car he played chicken with. The cops were good enough drivers to avoid killing him, and by arresting him they at least postponed his eventual splattering, mosquito-like, across the front of a vehicle.

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Too bad the Darwin awards d... (Below threshold)

Too bad the Darwin awards didn't kick in with these punks.

Many cyclists in Ann Arbor ... (Below threshold)

Many cyclists in Ann Arbor treat stop signs and even red lights as optional. Then they act surprised when they almost get hit.

Spot on post. It amazes me... (Below threshold)

Spot on post. It amazes me when bikers go right through stop signs, disregard crossing signals, pedal square in the middle of traffic lanes, ride up to the front of a line of cars waiting at a stop light... and expect to not be hit by cars.

I gave up my cars after 9/1... (Below threshold)

I gave up my cars after 9/11 and am bike or bus only. The bike boneheads who don't follow state traffic laws are what they are - boneheads. Except in their case the bone is cancellous bone, also called spongy bone. This may help them when they get crushed.

Unfortunately, I'm in the very small minority of bicyclists in Cleveland that follow the traffic laws. As a consequence, I make a good target for drivers and take a lot of heat and abuse.

Recently, we had a young cellist in The Cleveland Orchestra that was hit and killed by a driver that couldn't yield a foot or two. I guess it goes both ways.

Of course there are always ... (Below threshold)

Of course there are always the arrogant motorists who ask for trouble also. It gets on my nerves when I'm pedaling on a road, on the shoulder, and someone blows their horn at me or comes a pinky length from hitting me. I also try to follow laws except at stop lights where I have to turn left and there is no turn lane and I'm in the middle of the lane and I can't trigger the light so I run it (if there are no cars coming). So, sorry if anyone is offended but would you rather sit there all day or have me clear the way for people behind me?

Then, of course, are the cy... (Below threshold)

Then, of course, are the cyclists who go Warp Ten on sidewalks and through pedestrian areas. I've been struck four times, and I've seen pedestrians actually go down, with the cyclist just pausing and then continuing on his way afterward.

I agree. It's called a side... (Below threshold)

I agree. It's called a sideWALK not a sideRIDE. I hate it when people don't educate themselves about where to ride their bikes or they ride against traffic.

I don't mind cyclists on th... (Below threshold)

I don't mind cyclists on the sidewalk at all--as long as they aren't going so fast as to be unsafe.

Let's see. sideWALK, not s... (Below threshold)

Let's see. sideWALK, not sideride. Check your state's driver's test manual. Although the sidewalks are good for a 4-yr old with training wheels.

I guess all bikes should go 2mph in Michigan.

What REALLY is dangerous, m... (Below threshold)

What REALLY is dangerous, much more than 'inconveniences' from bicyclists, are rude people talking on cell phones while driving. These people don't have a clue as to what is happening around them. Not one clue.

I can't tell you how many times I've been at an intersection, no less, where there will be some moron coming down the road, talking on the cell phone where the light has previously changed to red five seconds before and then proceeds to make a left turn! By fortune, I'll be on my bike, nice and calm, being able to survey the situation.

But then again, I need to be more tolerant of the person behind the wheel calling home to see if he or she should pick up skim or 2% for dinner.

It's amazing what idiocy one can spot while on a bike.

It's 99% of the bicyclists ... (Below threshold)

It's 99% of the bicyclists who give the rest a bad name.

Yeah,I was riding ... (Below threshold)


I was riding my bike home in the dark almost two years ago, and my chain came off at the top of a hill -- about 50 feet in front of a pickup truck. Yes, you saw that right, 50 (fifty), that is five-oh feet. They immediately started yelling at me, and took off down the road.

I watched as they drove down the block, turned around, then came back in my direction. When they got close, the guy in the passenger side shot at me. Yes, indeed...

I took to the woods, played a little hide-and-seek with these people for about three blocks; I think they shot at me a total of six times.

I didn't get the license plate number, as I was actively involved in avoiding them, but I do recall that it was a two-tones-of-blue Chevy with a Suzuki ATV in the back. The cops couldn't find 'em. They figured that maybe my new friends had been shooting a paintball gun at me, but I went through there the next day and didn't see any paint -- but this is a pretty wooded area, so I don't know. But I'm pretty damn sure that I saw a flash that first time.

So, as far as bringing a knife to a gunfight goes, I'm packing a 9mm when I ride my bike anywhere long distance.

ASti, don't you live in a b... (Below threshold)

ASti, don't you live in a blue state? Kidding.

As for the side walk vs side ride, when I walked from the train to work in Philly, for two weeks in a row my route and schedule took me past a bike messengers route, and 6 days into that stretch the punk nearly clips me and my co-worker. Day 7 he decides to cut right between us, nearly knocking me down (my cane kept me steady) and pushing her into a nearby building's steps. He looked back, paused and smirked, said we should move faster next time. 3 days later, he found out what happens when a cane is accidently jammed into the spokes of a bike's front wheel when he tried to pass on my left side instead of my right.
The cops thought it was funny that a guy riding illegally wanted to have a fit when he had an accident for being where he ought not to have been...
Had to replace that cane, but it was cheaper than the cost of his bike repairs and the loss of his walkie talkie and crushed parcels, I am sure.

Wow! This is gettin' juicy... (Below threshold)

Wow! This is gettin' juicy.

Excellent work SCSIwuzzy. I recommend titanium, or maybe a nice burled wood cane where it wouldn't break when the next boob goes against the grain.

Astigafa:You gave ... (Below threshold)


You gave me a great idea, especially for in 'the hood' here in Cleveland ->

1. Take your standard bike and mount a Barrett .50 BMG on its handlebars using bracing that attaches to the front lugs.

2. Counterweight the back with 25 pounds of lead.

3. Buy 50 sets of new tires for spares.

3. Then, call it a 'technical'.

What a juggernaut one could be with that rig! Think of the stopping power. Not from the projectile's energy but from the muzzle braking on your new 'technical'! One could call this new phenomenom 'rejectile' energy.

and todd, don't forget the ... (Below threshold)

and todd, don't forget the enhanced cardiovascular benefits of hauling around all that extra weight on your bike...

astigafa, let me make it perfectly clear: I don't like you. In fact, I can barely tolerate you. But your story, if true, is completely intolerable and unacceptable. I wish you had gotten their plate and they had been sent to jail for a hell of a long time.

And SCSI? If I wasn't broke right now, I'd offer to BUY you that titanium cane.


Funny, but biking here in P... (Below threshold)

Funny, but biking here in Portland where I am temporarily hiding out, seems a lot more civilized. Hell, but here even the pedestrians wait for a walk signal before crossing the street and its a 250+ ticket to not stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk, whether you are a car or pedal driver.

ANy input Oregon Muse?

bicyclists belong on the ro... (Below threshold)

bicyclists belong on the road, obeying the traffic rules for everyones own good. nothing worse than a smart-ass cyclist with a che tshirt toting a cappachino(sp?) breaking simple traffic laws.

and i love road cycling...

Jay Tea:As I guy t... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea:

As I guy trained in physical therapy, I should have had the cardio aspect foremost in my design. I thank you for reminding me of how I should prioritize when I launch into these ventures.

On the other hand, just think of the traction mishaps and how good that would be for business. That is, traction injuries from the blowback.

Either way, it's a win-win!

Smitty:Yeah, I thi... (Below threshold)


Yeah, I think you have your ratio down pat. What does that say, if anything, about the population as a whole. Is there carry-over from pedfoots to leadfoots?

In Cleveland it certainly does. The culprits are mass ignorance along with little sense of community and personal responsibility.

P.S. - You have to love a school system (Cleve.) that scored a zero on all proficiencies. Congrats, Cleveland!

oh man...if it wer... (Below threshold)

oh man...

if it were only so simple
if it were only that simple

get in your car
watch your speedometer

if the sign says 25MPH
and you go over that speed limit
you have modified the law in the same way that the cyclist has

when you get to stop signs...
where do you stop?
do you slow and go?
do you make a full stop at the STOP LINE?

there are idiot cyclists
there are idiot car drivers

there are more car drivers than cyclists
which means
there are more idiots in cars than on bike

in my travels I see both sides
the cars are clearly breaking more laws in their travels than the bikes

look in the mirror
you may see that you are one of these idiots behind the wheel

What Gwadzilla said...... (Below threshold)

What Gwadzilla said...

dudes freaking right on...

i wager you are some pompous POC who drives 85-90mph on the Mass Pike? yeah? Zat you?

ever ignore a yeild? ever expect another car to let you in line even when you aren't supposed to...

gwadz says it best... look in the f*n mirror...

Right on Gwadzilla!<p... (Below threshold)

Right on Gwadzilla!

What it boils down to is that when the driver of a car breaks the law it often has a more disastrous effect on those around him (pedestrians, cyclists, other drivers) then when a cyclist breaks the law.

As the old saying goes, those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.






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