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"The Hill" Offers A Glimpse Inside Capitol Hill


If you've ever been curious about what goes on in a Congressional office, The Sundance Channel's new reality show "The Hill" gives you cramped quarters access to busy, idealistic Hill staffer as they go about their daily business in late 2004 and through 2005.

Consisting of six half-hour episodes, "The Hill" focuses on the inner-workings of the office of Congressman Robert Wexler (Democrat, 19th district, Florida), as he battles Republicans, The President, and sometimes even his own party, on politically sensitive issues such as, Social Security reform and the war in Iraq. Wexler is somewhat of a bit player in the series, as director Ivy Meeropol focuses on Wexler's Chief of Staff Eric Johnson, Communications Director Lale Mamaux, Foreign Policy Advisor and Legislative Assistant Halie Soifer, Legislative Director Jonathan Katz and Congressman Wexler.

As a "see how the other side operates" event the series looks somewhat interesting. Mamaux and Soifer's boy troubles - dating Republicans is quite the taboo - make for interesting is occasionally annoying viewing, but Johnson's gay former Republican shtick is every bit as cliche ridden as you'd expect it to be...

"The Hill" premiere's tonight on The Sundance Channel at 9PM.


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Comments (14)

Gee, I wish I had cable. I... (Below threshold)

Gee, I wish I had cable. I'm going to miss out.
And so have all of America.

I'm sure this was taped during 'recess'. Maybe not. Then again, I'm sure a heck of a lot of work was accomplished for the people and not by the people.

He may not have a prominent... (Below threshold)

He may not have a prominent role, but I find it impossible to listen to Robert Wexler for more than a few seconds without vomiting.

Great. What a way to reward... (Below threshold)

Great. What a way to reward the guy who started the whole 2000 election thing in Florida. His legacy (that the left never loses elections, they are stolen from them) has now affected the 2004 presidential elections, numerous state races, as well as the presidential election in Mexico earlier this year. All this because some of Wexler's dumb constituents couldn't read a butterfly ballot.

Nice. Third clip-- as they... (Below threshold)

Nice. Third clip-- as they giggle gleefully at the prospects of gaining political mileage over 1,000 combat deaths in Iraq.

Second clip: To a group of kids: "Whatever happens, its not our (Dem's) fault."

And they KNEW they were on camera. Imagine what they sound like off camera.

Wexler has to be on the top... (Below threshold)

Wexler has to be on the top ten dumbest Congressmen list. And vain?

What strikes me is that Wex... (Below threshold)

What strikes me is that Wexler's top staff lacks even one well-seasoned hill deweller -- not one of them can be older than 35.

In that third clip, I find it amusing that Wexler's Chief of Staff could think that the Republicans would take his boss seriously on anything.

Hmmmm.Well that's ... (Below threshold)


Well that's original.

A tv show about Democratic politicians and their staff.

Where the hell have I heard this before? ...

Is it me or does Congressma... (Below threshold)

Is it me or does Congressman Wexler not seem to be very committed to diversity?

I assume that Wexler has consistently voted for racial set asides, affirmative action, quotas, busing, etc. Yet, when picking is own staff, he seems to like to hire nice jewish girls.

Yes, why do these people lo... (Below threshold)
cate s.:

Yes, why do these people look like they were carved out of cream cheese? Diversity for everyone else, do as we say, not as we do.

Is it just me, or does the ... (Below threshold)

Is it just me, or does the lipstick on the girl in the lower right hand corner totally not match her outfit? And we're trusting these people to develop public policy?

And why does Wexler look like he's sneering?

We're in trouble if this is the best we can come up with.

Next: a glimpse inside a sa... (Below threshold)

Next: a glimpse inside a sausage factory.

Ivy Meeropol, isn't she the... (Below threshold)

Ivy Meeropol, isn't she the granddaughter of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. I seem to recall an interview of members of the Meeropol family on NPR. NPR seems to alternate annually between a "Rosenbergs were innocent" and "Alger Hiss was innocent" retrospective for the true believers in their audience.

Wow, look at Wexler all dre... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:

Wow, look at Wexler all dressed up in a suit his mama picked out for him. He almost looks like a grown-up.

Hmmmm.Looking at t... (Below threshold)


Looking at that group makes me want to take off my clothes and go streaking through that press conference.

Something to inject some life into that mannequin crowd.






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