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McCain on Iraq

I am not a big fan of McCain and I have made no secret of it, but I did frequently temper my criticism of him with praise for the way he had supported the mission in Iraq. Lately though, he has changed his tune. Glenn Reynolds has a must read post, with links to more, about McCain's Iraq turnabout.

MCCAIN IS BASHING BUSH ON IRAQ, and some people are pretty angry at him for backstabbing.

The substance of McCain's claim is pretty weak: I don't recall Bush ever saying that Iraq would be a "day at the beach," and in fact casualties to date are considerably lower than what was generally expected for the ground war to Baghdad, where you generally heard figures in the 10,000 range. It's more the duration, and the extent of the bad press, that has exceeded expectations, really, though McCain's pretty sensitive to bad press.

But this isn't a "backstab." In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if it were choreographed by Karl Rove. Democrats forget it, but Bush doesn't matter much from the perspective of 2008, and if the GOP can get mileage out of Bush-bashing, it will.

Update: Laura Lee Donoho is not loving McCain's new position on Iraq.

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McCain is not behaving like... (Below threshold)

McCain is not behaving like a man who has the ability to act as Commander in Chief.

You are right, we were supp... (Below threshold)

You are right, we were supposed to lose in excess of 10,000 before we got into Iraq and some predicted we would never reach Bagdad. Now we have lost 2.600 + and 90% of them were actually killed by the support of left wingers, including a lot of congressional members, in the U.S. If the anti-american party had kept their mouths shut the war would have been over in six months ant the troops home shortly after that. That is the only thing similar to Vietnam, the same anti-americans are killing our own troops.

Scrapiron are you totally i... (Below threshold)

Scrapiron are you totally insane? WTF are you talking about when you make statements like:

"You are right, we were supposed to lose in excess of 10,000 before we got into Iraq and some predicted we would never reach Bagdad. Now we have lost 2.600 + and 90% of them were actually killed by the support of left wingers, including a lot of congressional members, in the U.S. If the anti-american party had kept their mouths shut the war would have been over in six months"

My God man, get a grip of yourself. You are talking about fellow Americans causing the deaths of other Americans by questioning the war. Do you even realize how totally asinine you sound? I have heard of people living in a bubble, but you have taken it to an extreme.

You need to get out more my man!

Odd that McCain could keep ... (Below threshold)

Odd that McCain could keep the faith with US troops in the face of torture, but willingly throws it aside for the sake of MSM adulation. Sure, it may help him in the general election, but he'll never make it there. Once again, the only primaries he'll win are those in which Democrats can cross over.

Scrapiron,I'm having... (Below threshold)

I'm having a little bit of trouble understanding your logic. If I understand you correctly the Generals and DOD officials in charge of executing the war plan in Iraq screwed up badly because they took the advice of the anti-american party? If your theory is true, shouldn't Bush fire all the Generals and DOD officials in charge of this war and hire personnel that will listen to the Commander in Chief instead of some no name liberals?

Scrapirion,I 'm no... (Below threshold)
dr lava:


I 'm not sure your up for book learning but if you are able to read you may want to read the book" Fiasco", by Thomas Ricks. In extensive interviews with military folks and CPA people that were there, on the ground in Iraq, Mr Ricks lays out the devaststing truth of an administration totally out of touch with reallity..ignoring advice from all but the insiders that have allowed 2600 of our people to die for nothing. Depraved lunatics like Feith, Wolfowitz, Chalabi,Cheney, Lindsay, Kristol....and Mr "cut and run as fast as you can into retirement"..Tommy Franks.

Scrapiron; you must have h... (Below threshold)

Scrapiron; you must have hit a home run to have these verulient trolls attack you before your post was dry.Your absolutly right,the lefts attacks against this countries war effort has been one of the main causes of the continued activity in Iraq.Just ask us Nam vets about the left wings activities that caused the deaths of about Half of the 59,000 combat deaths in Viet Nam.Fortunatly their protests are not as succesful this time around.

IMHO John McCain is border ... (Below threshold)

IMHO John McCain is border line Phsycotic. He better run for President in 08,because he sure would have his fanny handed to him in the Senatorial election here in Arizona.We are sick of his back stabbing one for me all for me attitude.

Jainphx,Thank you fo... (Below threshold)

Thank you for your service to our country in Vietnam. I know from personal experience with older family members the wicked shit that went down there and how it messed up a whole generation of Vets.
But I still don't understand how anything the left said or did effected how the Generals and DOD officials went about their execution of the war effort. The blame for the outcome of the war rests squarely on the shoulders of JFK, LBJ and Nixon since they were the Commanders in Chiefs during the Vietnam war and were the ones giving the orders that the Generals were charged with carring out.

Look behind the curtain...<... (Below threshold)

Look behind the curtain...

McCain is worse than Clitnon... He'll say whatever the pollesters tell him to say.

Maverick? HARDLY.

I am amazed at what I am re... (Below threshold)

I am amazed at what I am reading here. If you people are for real, then I worry for the future of America.

Scrapiron is right. The anti-war crowd is directly responsible for a large percentage of American deaths in Iraq.

The reason for this is simple. The direct result of each statement the MSM or Teddy Kennedy or some other leftist makes that says something like "Bush Lied - People Died" emboldens the enemy. It doesn't take much to encourage another act of violence on their part because this particular enemy is mostly made up of insane religious fanatics.

Use your head – “Don’t get stuck on stupid.”

Scrapiron is right.T... (Below threshold)

Scrapiron is right.
The incessant backstabbing of the left gives resolve and validation to the murderers and bombers that target our troops. The murderers get the perception that America is weak, and not resolved enough to finish the job, and they increase violence accordingly.
Nothing of worth is easily accomplished.

[email protected] I don't know how old... (Below threshold)

[email protected] I don't know how old you are but I'll try to explain.Do you realize that we never I repeat never lost a battle in Viet Nam.The tet offensive was (what should have been) a war losing defeat for the North Vietnamese,except for the traitorous left in this country.Because of the way this battle was portrayed on the major T.V. News(it was portrayed as an American defeat) Gave renewed fervor of the rabid left with marches in the streets etc,that stopped are winniing effort into a loss.So much pressure politicaly was brought that to continue the war was unfeasible.We were betrayed by some of the same people that run their big mouths today.

Wow, a circular firing squa... (Below threshold)

Wow, a circular firing squad has formed. Just keep it up, and you can talk yourselves out of the Whitehouse in 2008. You are aware, of course, that only 1 time in the last 60 years has one party held the Whitehouse for more than 8 years. Historical odds are well-against Republicans winning in 2008. The money bet is that it will only happen with an "outsider" (whether real or perceived) who is distanced from what came before.

And to you liberals: time for you to look in the mirror and face the music. Your record of anti-American behavior over the past 40 years is undeniable. Whatever we the People choose to do, through our elective representatives, you are against. With sickly glee, you pile on the wrong side of every major foreign policy initiative by the U.S., hoping and cheering that your nation will go down to abominable embarrassment and defeat. And yet, most of you don't even know how crackpots like Chomsky got your mind to this place. And yes, your anti-American rhetoric and actions DO get our soldiers killed.

I know its pointless to deb... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

I know its pointless to debate this because the RNC talking ponts have come down, Limbaughs on them Hannity is on them. The points stress that Iraq is a lost cause so its time to circle the wagons and find find someone other than the administration to blame. In true to form chicken shit conservabot logic the easiest to blame is the "left"....whatever that is.

Frantically blaming someone else for a problem you helped create is the conservative way. Does anyone here has the guts to read "Fiasco", where the failure in Iraq is detailed by the guys who were on the ground, I doubt it. It's easier to villianize your neighbors than to hold the people actually responsible accountable.

Jainphx...I think ... (Below threshold)
dr lava:


I think you better watch the Robert Macnamara documentary, "Fog of War".

Macnamara, Sec. of Defense during most of the Vietnam War, absolutely refutes the notions in your post.

Wasn't he enemy emboldened ... (Below threshold)

Wasn't he enemy emboldened long before we entered Iraq? Embassy bombings, the Cole, 9/11. None of which had anything to do with Iraq by the way. To blame the left is just ridiculous and intellectually lazy. It was Bush who decided to cut and run in Bora Bora when we had OBL cornered, not Ted Kennedy. If you're not interested in examining how this war has been mismanaged from the start, then get back in line and get ready for the sheep slaughter house. If you actually want to help the troops on the ground, it's time for the right to look in the mirror and realize what mindless unthinking drones we have become. Ready to nod our heads in agreement to what ever twisted logic is offered up by our media heros. If we are more interested in finding a scapegoats for our mistakes instead of holding our leaders responsible then the people of America will have the right thrown out of office in large numbers this November and Republicans can go back to being the minority party.

Wingnut - The art of blamin... (Below threshold)
Mark Blahut:

Wingnut - The art of blaming someone else for your own mistakes! I am always amazed at what I read on this site - Lori takes the cake! Please change the Blog name to wiznuts.

Wingnut - The art of blamin... (Below threshold)

Wingnut - The art of blaming someone else for your own mistakes! I am always amazed at what I read on this site - Lori takes the cake! Please change the Blog name to wiznuts.

Posted by: Mark Blahut

Mark, could you kindly point to me what, "mistakes," you are talking about, and then point to me where Lorie is "blaming someone else," for them?

Thank you, in advance, for what I'm sure will be your brilliant insight!






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