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Wizbang Redesign Update


We're getting very close.. so close I can taste it...

If things continue to progress at this pace we should be starting to cut-over sites within a week or so. Right now Sadie at Apothegm Designs is working on all the widgets and gadgets that go on the entry. You'll be able to rate, print, e-mail, Digg, etc. everything.at Wizbang. Content will move way up the page and the sites will integrated in a much cleaner fashion. We're moving to a new blazing fast server this weekend, and the plans for the last couple sites in the Wizbang network have been finalized. In short September is going to rock...

The last piece of the puzzle is a logo. Sadie and I have been looking at a variety of ideas, but I'm tempted to just hold a logo design contest and offer the winner a few hundred bucks. Stay tuned for that...

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Looks nice so far. Just mak... (Below threshold)
Brian Day:

Looks nice so far. Just make sure everything works in Firefox. I really dislike sites that code exclusively for IE.

Logos are so limiting... do... (Below threshold)

Logos are so limiting... do something more creative like a rotating Flikr image populated by registered commenters on your site.

Wow, this is going to be in... (Below threshold)

Wow, this is going to be interesting, almost as if it were going to be a legitimate news page!

Kevin, do you see how narro... (Below threshold)
Village Idiot:

Kevin, do you see how narrow the column is for the main article section? Bounded by columns on either side.

The more narrow the central column is, the less readable your site becomes.

Village Idiot,The ... (Below threshold)

Village Idiot,

The article pages will have a wider text area. The main page of each blog will function as a funnel for each part of Wizbang. The concentration will be on helping readers find content, rather than letting things get lost as posts appear above. The traditional blog format isn't very kind to content-driven sites such as this one. ;-)






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