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I'm not dead yet...

I've been very skimpy on posting the last few days, and that's because my personal life has gone all higgledy-piggledy. I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel (please, don't let it be an oncoming train), and I might be able to get back to my semi-normal non-life in a day or two.

And for those who wondered, Mr. Duckie is doing just fine.

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I'm just hoping YOUR tunnel... (Below threshold)

I'm just hoping YOUR tunnel isn't as bad as the 'BIG DIG'!

As long as Mr. Duckie is ok... (Below threshold)

As long as Mr. Duckie is ok...

Before you have a opportuni... (Below threshold)

Before you have a opportunity to ask people to help name the new ride, I think I'm going to start the bidding with "The Old Fart Cart". (If you choose to share the story you shared with me, that's your business).

And Mr. Duckie is a DUCK. Landing in water should have no ill effect on him whatsoever.






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