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Rudy Looking Good In Light Of Katrina and 9/11 Anniversaries

Today at Townhall, I do a follow up to my column of a year ago about how Giuliani looks in light of the Katrina and 9/11 anniversaries.

The event that inspired my previous column on Giuliani's presidential qualities was the response to Hurricane Katrina. The anniversary of the record breaking storm is only days away and provides another reminder of one of the reasons Rudy Giuliani is considered one of the top contenders for the GOP nomination. Katrina showed America what an inept response to a national emergency looked like. They had seen, four years earlier, what a competent response to a national emergency looked like when Mayor Giuliani took control, led recovery efforts and calmed a nation in shock. His performance earned him Time's 2001 designation as Man of the Year and the title of "Mayor of the World" . He was even crowned an honorary knight by Queen Elizabeth in recognition of the service he performed.

In reaction to the deficiencies of the Katrina response, Americans let it be known that they want a President who is engaged in the details when disaster strikes. In the aftermath of 9/11, President Bush was able to provide moral and, even spiritual, leadership and leave the specifics of the recovery effort to people like Mayor Giuliani. Katrina taught us that when a Mayor Nagin, not a Mayor Giuliani, is in charge, the chief executive better step in right away and make things work - or he better at least give the appearance that he is doing that.
Events between now and November 2008 will determine which issues ultimately play the biggest role in voters' choice for President. Over the next two weeks, though, as Americans observe the anniversaries of Katrina and 9/11, the issues of leadership in times of crisis and how best to fight the war on terror will make for an excellent opportunity for Rudy Giuliani to shine.

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True, and Giuliani is great... (Below threshold)

True, and Giuliani is great!
But the bottom line is that in today's world, facing today's threats (both man-made and natural), you can't just sit and wait for someone to come and rescue you. You have to take proactive steps and be prepared. Some good ideas in http://technonllc.com/pd1

Survival spam?... (Below threshold)

Survival spam?

If he were only anti aborti... (Below threshold)

If he were only anti abortion and gay marriage I could vote for him,alas he's not.Can't and wont.

Just out of curiousity (and... (Below threshold)

Just out of curiousity (and this isn't directed at you, Lorie, just in general), how can Guiliani get the credit for how 9/11 was handled in NYC but Bush gets blamed for all that was bad during Katrina? Shouldn't Nagin be the one everybody is pointing fingers at if we follow the same standard for each disaster?

I meant Katrina in NOLA, of... (Below threshold)

I meant Katrina in NOLA, of course, since I'm asking re: Nagin.

Silverbubble,Compa... (Below threshold)


Comparing Katrina and 9/11 is like camparing Apples and kittens.

I had to burst everyones bubble but had Giuliani been major of New Orleans, everyone would be talking about what an idiot he was.

Paul - If he behav... (Below threshold)

Paul -

If he behaved as Nagin did, they would be right to.

I think he would have done rather better, myself - and that our view of Katrina would then be very different, as well.

In NYC after 9/11 there was... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

In NYC after 9/11 there was still an infrastructure, which did not exist in NO. The blame for poor responce after Katrina lies with the one with available resources and close to the situation; the governor of the state of LA.

P.S.Someone tell h... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:


Someone tell her that there isn't any crying in baseball or the state house.

jainphx:Did Presid... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:


Did President Bush stop abortions or have any effect on gay marriage?

I recommend you cast your vote based on issues that the future president's actions will effect.

He's still a big-government... (Below threshold)

He's still a big-government, nanny-state, tax-raising politician. No thank you.

USMC Pilot,of course your r... (Below threshold)

USMC Pilot,of course your right,but it's his thought prosses that comes into play.I'm just not able to trust anyone that hasn't thought this out any better than he has.To be for these two items just dosen't compute with me.

[email protected] USMC pilot<... (Below threshold)


@ USMC pilot

1. Sorry but I have no intention of voting for Rudy. His social and domestic views are anathema to me and I have no intention of deliberately voting for someone who I know is going to screw me.

2. What I find curious is the Republican position on securing the borders and the GWOT.

So. We're in enough danger from the GWOT that people are claiming I should vote Republican regardless of my feelings about the GOP while at the same time the peril from the GWOT is insufficient to actually secure the borders of this country.

What's your view on the exceedingly fine line?

Paul,What you saw ... (Below threshold)


What you saw in action in NOLA was the product of a corrupt government run by one of the biggest Democratic party machines for almost a century and 40 years of the "War on Poverty".

In fact you are still seeing that in action. You will note that Mississippi and Alabama were hit worse then NOLA and are alot farther along on the road to recovery then NOLA. The difference being fairly competent people in the city, county and state governments in those states who are taking a proactive approach and the people there are working to rebuild their lives. Nagin on the other hand is lobbing the race card, doing photo ops and still living in Dallas while thousands of his citizens are doing and dealing dope, commiting crimes OR sitting in all expenses paid apartments in Houston whinging that "no one is helping them".

BTW...Expect the w... (Below threshold)


Expect the whinging to reach screeching in the next couple of days. The FEMA freeload is ending in Houston. Yesterday those Katrina evacuees who chose to ignore the notices to put their electric service under their own names and pay for it got their electricty cut off. Next week the government quits paying their rent except for special cases.

These folks have received monetary compensation for their losses, offers of job training/placement, assistance up the wazoo from area charities, free houses, free apartments and have lived scot free off the government for a year in a city where there are so many open jobs that you are only unemployed because you want to be.

Sorry, my sympathy level is very low for these people because they have been given everything to rebuild their lives and they pissed it away. They truly expect the government to build them 3,000+ sq. ft. houses with all the amenities back in NOLA, provide them with cars and the money to move back to NOLA in style while they sit on their duffs.

I honestly do not think he ... (Below threshold)
jack oneil:

I honestly do not think he is electable. Remember that police chief buddy of his with all the skeletons in his closet...imagine that to the 9th power for Rudy. I live in NYC and he did a lot of good (I'm not even talking 9/11) but I don't think that will resonate with the rest of the country. Still, he is better than McCain...

People, trying to speak log... (Below threshold)

People, trying to speak logically to Paul about Katrina is a monumental waste of time and effort. Not even worth trying to do it anymore.
...And Rudy would be an excellent President.

However, for a reason why p... (Below threshold)

However, for a reason why people think Nagin is a flipping moron, his response to complaints on the clean-up effort in NOLA:

"That’s alright. You guys in New York can’t get a hole in the ground fixed and it’s five years later. So let’s be fair."

I had to burst everyones... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I had to burst everyones bubble but had Giuliani been major of New Orleans, everyone would be talking about what an idiot he was.

And a racist, too.

/sarcasm tag off

I think we're forgetting th... (Below threshold)

I think we're forgetting that NYC was pretty similar to NO prior to Rudy becoming mayor. You could make a case that one reason NYC responded so well to 9/11 was because of some of the changes that were made on Rudy's watch.

Nahanni,You are righ... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

You are right on the money.
Naggin and Blanco charged out of the gate losing the PR edge before Katrina hit NOLA.
Blanco has been more or less laying low after Katrina , but Naggin continues to show everyone how stunningly inept and stupid he can be without any prompting. I have sympathy for the people invloved, but congering up the image of Blanco and Naggin helping decide how to spend the funds while sitting around a table loaded with $200 billion of our tax money is truly terrifying.
And yes, Louisianna could take some lessons from Texas, Mississippi, Florida, and Alabama on how to handle emergencies without the whinning.

I have cousins who are stil... (Below threshold)

I have cousins who are still trying to rebuild their home in New Orleans. My sister was in New York on Sept 11th for a business trip. She was a few miles from the Twin Towers when the planes hit. In all the time since both events, I have never understood why so much energy was wasted attacking politicians when that time and effort could have been used helping the victims.
I am not claiming there is a big conspiracy or anything, but it sure seems like someone is working real hard to keep America from coming together during a very difficult time.






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