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She sells sanctuary, or risky business

In Dorchester, Massachusetts, the Ella J. Baker House puts itself forth as a "sanctuary" for youth at risk. It turns out that it was a little bit more, too.

A program director, 35-year-old Derrick Patrick, apparently found himself drawn to one of the girls staying there, a troubled 17-year-old. Police say he thought he could help her out a little, with a bit of cash. And in exchange, he also enjoyed her favors.

It also turns out that another guy at the house, a volunteer, is also being charged with distributing cocaine.

Need I mention that the House is run largely from state grants? That it's taxpayer money is going to support this?

Maybe that's Massachusetts logic. Keep troubled youth off the streets by letting them indulge in drugs and prostitution in state-funded "sanctuary" houses.

Well, it keeps down the street crime, I guess...

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I apologized if this was po... (Below threshold)

I apologized if this was posted twice, the first 'post' ended up in a 'server unreachable' error....

Back in the mid '70s I had a friend (couple) who used to foster teens (14-17). They had a young woman (16) who went off to one of those government programs for disadvantaged teens. She dropped out after six months because of the drugs, intimidation and institutionalized prostitution. She related that a lot of the girls in the program were intimidated into prostitution. But who would believe a young, uneducated, illiterate, strung out young girl? Obviously she was be making the whole thing up. Obviously.

Who will watch the watchers (foxes) in the government (hen house) programs?

From the article:"La... (Below threshold)

From the article:
"Last month, Gov. Mitt Romney held a press conference to pledge $500,000 in taxpayer dollars for Rivers’ plan to hire ex-convicts and gang members to mentor troubled teens. But, shortly after Patrick’s arrest, Romney quietly denied the Baker House funding. "

Are they kidding? It really takes a special grade of dumbass to think "hey, what a great idea, lets get ex-cons and gang members to to mentor some troubled kids - is half a million ok?"

Government at work - doesn't it make you proud?

Are we talking about the Ke... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:

Are we talking about the Kennedy compound on Hyannisport?

Thanks for putting The Cult... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Thanks for putting The Cult in my head, Jay Tea.

So what's your solution her... (Below threshold)

So what's your solution here? Where should these people be? Where should they go? Are halfway houses a bad thing, in your opinion, or should all these people be in jail? (You *do* know how jails are funded, right?) Should more beauracracies be created to provide oversight?

Or is this just another "I hate Mass" deal?

Ring...ring.Machin... (Below threshold)


Machine: "Hello, welcome to Bob's home for wayward women, a State of Michigan service. If you need our address, press 1, if you need drugs, press 2, if you are really wayward, press 3 and you will be routed to my private number."

Lyons, NY. Former Lyons Min... (Below threshold)

Lyons, NY. Former Lyons Minister Sentenced to 1 1/3 -3 years in State Prison. The retired minister of the Mount Zion Baptist Church in Lyons was sen-tenced to 1 1/3 to 3 years in state prisonon Tuesday (1/14). Grady O. KempSr., age 65, ofWadley, Georgia, pled guilty to a reduced crime of Course of Sexual Conduct Against a Child in the 2nd Degree-a Class D Felony on December 12, 2002, sparing the step-daughter from testifying. Kemp, when completing his prison term, must regis-ter as a sexual predator. He had been indicted by a Wayne County Grand Jury in July of last year, for one count of Sexual Mischief in the 1st Degree, 4 counts of Rape in the 2nd Degree, 2 counts of Rape in the 3rd Degree, 4 counts of Sex Abuse in the 2nd Degree, 2 counts of Sex Abuse in the 3rd Degree and one count of Sodomy in the 2nd Degree, involving a step daughter. Grady had been arrested on July 31, 2002. It is alleged that the sexual activity with a step daughter began when the girl was 9 years old and continued until she was 14. "He had sexual contact with the girl hundreds of times," said Wayne County District Attorney, Rick Healy. The incidents came to light when the girl, now 16 years old, began fidgeting and praying. The next day the girlbegan crying and screaming at a family gathering and said she could not hold it back any longer. The girl's mother and Kemp's former wife, Lynda Kemp, said she and her daughter now live in Panama City, Florida. According to Healy, Grady had served as pastor of the church for almost 20 years. "He just retired last year and moved to Georgia," said Healy. Grady still owned a house at 122 Ford Street in Newark, where the alleged crimes took place. (Times of Wayne County, Jan. 27, 2003)

1 1/3 to three years?
Do your really want to get into a cut and paste thing concerning "men-of god" abusers of children....who are not from MA. ?
google "Pastor convicted abuse minor" see for yourself..(I'm not talking about charged but convicted...."Come to Jesus"


Red Fog, you owe me a docto... (Below threshold)

Red Fog, you owe me a doctor bill. I think I ruptured myself laughing at your short, but could be true. post.






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