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Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Opens a Nuclear Power Plant

Is this the surprise we were told to expect?

KHONDAB, Iran - Iran's hard-line president on Saturday inaugurated a heavy-water production plant, a facility the West fears will be used to develop a nuclear bomb, as Tehran remained defiant ahead of a U.N. deadline that could lead to sanctions.

The U.N. has called on Tehran to stop the separate process of uranium enrichment -- which also can be used to create nuclear weapons -- by Thursday or face economic and political sanctions.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared that his nation's nuclear program poses no threat to other nations, even Israel, "which is a definite enemy."

Ahmadinejad said in a speech that Iran would never abandon what he once again called its purely peaceful nuclear program.

"There is no discussion of nuclear weapons," he said. "We are not a threat to anybody even the Zionist regime, which is a definite enemy for the people of the region."

Though the West's main worry has been enrichment of uranium that could be used in a bomb, it also has called on Iran to stop the construction of a heavy-water reactor near the production plant that Ahmadinejad inaugurated.

A senior Israeli lawmaker warned in a statement that the plant inauguration marks "another leap in Iran's advance toward a nuclear bomb."

The UN has placed a deadline of August 31 for Iran to stop enriching uranium. If Iran fails to do so, the UNSC will be forced to do a lot of public blustering while not forcing Iran to pay serious consequences.


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Comments (4)

You conservatives put into ... (Below threshold)

You conservatives put into power a U.S. president who invades a country adjacent to Iran based on lies (Bush himself recently conceding Iraq had no WMD), a president who declares Iran a member of some "Axis of Evil," and then you wonder why Iran throws out its moderate leadership and elects a hardliner with an interest in things nuclear???

Get real, okay???

Herman you live in the clou... (Below threshold)

Herman you live in the clouds...

BETS ANYONE?I hope... (Below threshold)


I hope I am wrong on this one, but I have a feeling that before August 31 (yet again another 'deadline' for Iran), we will see either a big terrorist attack somewhere or something drastic will occur in some corner of the world that will drive attention away from the deadline on Iran...

The betting forms and scoresheet will probably be posted at The Terrorist's Nightmare blog - http://www.TechnonLLC.com/blog

We know where most of the I... (Below threshold)

We know where most of the Iranian nuclear facilities are. Bombing the ones we know about would probably put their program back for years. Do it now.

We know where ALL of their missile launching sites are. Bomb them all.

Attempt where possible to avoid civilian casualties. The Iranian people do not support the regime, and should not suffer unnecessarily in their stead. But get the job done.

Faster, please.






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