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Making It Up

Confederate Yankee quotes a pretty amazing 'Shattered Glass" style admission from Greg Mitchell, the editor of Editor & Publisher. Mary Katharine has more.

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It's a typical example of "... (Below threshold)

It's a typical example of "modern journalism," however unintended. The "reporter" let his own feelings become more important than the story - "the story" being defined as the actual facts of the events he was assigned to cover - and, following in logical sequence, to write a story as he WISHED it would be, rather than as it was.

Of course, anyone who has read enough of Mitchell's work at E&P knows better than to put any credence in anything he writes anyway.

Some of my friends will say, "But this makes him look so foolish!"

And I will smugly reply, "See, I knew you hadn't read him before."







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