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Winning acceptance through lawsuits

The Islamic Society of Boston is trying to build a mosque in Beantown. In fact, they're trying to build a really big one. And they're facing lots of opposition. So they're trying to work matters out by adapting local customs in the reconciliation process -- they're suing them. So far, their defamation suit involves the Boston Herald, WFXT-25 (the local Fox affiliate), and several other groups -- including a Jewish group, the David Project.

The subject of the mosque has a lot of people talking, including those paid to talk. Michael Graham is a talk-show host on WTTK, 96.9 FM. He had a few people on his show to kick it around.

And now he's been roped into the lawsuit, too.

The ISB has subpoenaed not only tapes of the program in question, but they also want more from Graham (who was fired from a Washington, DC station for saying things that annoyed CAIR down there). The subpoena demands "materials used by Graham to support his remarks about the ISB, documents related to David Project lawyer Jeffrey Robbins' appearance on the show and communications between Graham and other defendants or attorneys involved in the ISB defamation suit."

I'd just like to say that I have absolutely no opinion on the mosque project, and no questions on how the ISB bought the property from the city for less than half its listed value, among other factors critics have brought up. I'd like to have opinions and questions on this matter, but I just can't afford it.


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Comments (3)

It isn't about winning acce... (Below threshold)

It isn't about winning acceptance, although I'm sure that's their claim. It's about taking every opportunity to gain the upper hand while be dishonest about it.

That includes silencing the opposition.

I think we're too ready to define Radical Islam as those that shoot at us and somehow everyone else is a level headed moderate. There are a lot more that are pulling for same thing as the radicals and fight to advance Islam in the West through other methods. That includes making people terrified of lawsuits.

Maybe we'll finally get Tor... (Below threshold)

Maybe we'll finally get Tort Reform now!

CAIR's sole strategy is sil... (Below threshold)

CAIR's sole strategy is silencing the opposition, although they use several different tactics to accomplish it. Email floods, coordinated complaint waves, lawsuits - some have even alleged outright threats being made to people on the other side.






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