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Hoisting The Mexican Flag

Michelle Malkin has news of a Mexican flag being hoisted at a U.S. Post Office that is not getting much mainstream media coverage.

This has gotten zero attention in the MSM. Over the weekend, militant illegal alien activists marched onto a post office station in Maywood, Calif., and replaced the American flag with a Mexican flag while chanting anti-American epithets. Yup, here we go again.
Michelle has lots of pictures and video.


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What I cannot understand is... (Below threshold)

What I cannot understand is why the "militant illegal alien activists" weren't arrested and/or deported.

Not to fret, Lorie. I hear... (Below threshold)

Not to fret, Lorie. I hear that most of this particular post office's shipments consist of harmless Mexican Jumping Beans from our 'brethren without borders' crowd.

Get me the ghost of Winfiel... (Below threshold)

Get me the ghost of Winfield Scott!

<a href="http://www.cairco.... (Below threshold)
I am appalled at the MISUSE... (Below threshold)
Thinking out loud:

I am appalled at the MISUSE of the U.S. flag, and I hope any patriotic veteran would be, too. A bunch of zealots drag their flags out of their attics and haul them off to some U.S. town they've never been to. Then they march around tthat town trying to overthrow the town's democratic government, they insult and threaten the people and their families, they deliberately attempt to bankrupt the town, and then they leave, all the while claiming they're more patriotic than the town's residents. Most U.S. citizens now understand that attempting terrorism, extortion, and overthrowing elected governments under the U.S. flag only diminishes that flag. There's your PR for you.

If any of you think that's what the U.S. flag is for, then I suggest you enlist. The U.S. has a couple of wars of aggression for you--full-blown wars, not just little attack and retreat forays with the police protecting you--and you get to wear the flag on your sleeve.

Mexicans are standing up against vote fraud, against government land grabs, and I don't see Mexico taking over the middle east country by country. U.S. citizens are cowering in their middle class homes with their martinis, taking out their frustrations on their neighbors (like Maywood). If a flag stands for the people (and not the government), then I know which people I admire more.






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