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Let's Call Them Bidenisms

Why should the folks in South Carolina vote for Joe Biden, a Northeastern Democrat? Well, let's just say he's got the stereotyping of southerners down pat, why else would he think South Carolinians would like that he comes from a former slave state?

It's right up there with Howard Dean's confederate flag comments.


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Comments (21)

LOL! What's he gonna do - p... (Below threshold)

LOL! What's he gonna do - put that on campaign posters? "My state is a slave state"??

Senator Biden is not a pomp... (Below threshold)

Senator Biden is not a pompous, overbearing windbag.

He is a parody of a pompous, overbearing windbag.

Can't wait for the debates.

I thought the 13th Amendmen... (Below threshold)

I thought the 13th Amendment applied to ALL the States?!? Apparently Delaware was exempted.

Who knew? (except Slo Joe, of course)

He's going to have to go ba... (Below threshold)

He's going to have to go back to plaigerizing his speeches if this is the best he can do on his own.

Biden is a swine loving ass... (Below threshold)

Biden is a swine loving ass backbiter..And a jackanapes for sure.

The betch.

What will the dimorats come... (Below threshold)

What will the dimorats come up with next? They have already proven to be anti-american, anti-semetic, racist (KKK Bryd), traitors getting our soldiers killed around the world, cut and run cowards and now proud of their hertage of slave ownership.
I guess you can include Hanoi John 'the whiner' who today sent out a hundred thousand emails slamming Blackwell of Ohio and whining because he lost there in 04. The party of defeat can't stand to be defeated, and we wonder why all of the mental facilities in the country are overcrowded.

In their quest to slam the President they are now praising the two biggest jokes (Nagin and the idiot gov. of La) that ever held office in the country other than slick Willie and the peanut farmer.

And they want to run the country. Glad i'm putting all my investments into metal. Real estate and the stock market will be like it was in 2000, no money but lots of crooked CEO/CFO's with multi-million dollar homes (bought with money stolen from the people) lying to the people.

I remember it well: 1988, ... (Below threshold)

I remember it well: 1988, at Wake Forest Univ. Law School, Winston-Salem, NC, where I was a groveling law student.

In the Q & A after his glib speech, I asked of Sen. Biden: "with all the social spending you propose to do, how will you finance it"

Answers Biden: "well, for one thing, we could raise the cigarette tax . . ."

Biden then remembers that officials of the Tobacco Institute are sitting on the dais behind him, and

Further remarks Biden: "well, hah!, I'm not married to that proposal! [nervous laughter . . .]"

Typical Joe. He'll shoot himself with the mouth before it's all done, like last time.

It still amazes me that thi... (Below threshold)

It still amazes me that this clown survived the debacle of plagerizing Niel Kinnock's speeches. He's proof positive of Menken's famous aphorism, "No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public."

Ah yes, we Southerners deci... (Below threshold)

Ah yes, we Southerners decide our vote based on your history and stance on slavery....

Holy cow, just how stupid can one get?

If one of the leading democrats really thinks that is an issue for Southern states and voters they really are totally clueless and will never regain political power. He didn't miss the boat....he missed the water under the boat, he missed the train the car....hell, I'm not sure he's on the same planet.

Redhand,That may g... (Below threshold)


That may give him an out...he could claim he didn't mean those words, but that he was simply plagerizing Dean....

Damn Karl Rove is good. I ... (Below threshold)

Damn Karl Rove is good. I really wonder how Karl does it.

- MikeB

Wow, what an echo chamber -... (Below threshold)

Wow, what an echo chamber -- and it almost sounds like you guys really believe what you're saying, but then -- you are republicans, so everyone knows you're lying (as usual). You guys are unbelievable - literally.

Don't tell me - next some airhead republican religious freak senator, down in the polls, is going to find a can of Raid in Biden's garage and claim he's hiding WMDs for Saddam! lol....

I'm sure Fox will be there to cover the uhhh "news". LOL!

(I apologize - this was just too funny to pass up. Please continue your little self-love fest. I promise not to interrupt again.)

Where are Jackson and Sharp... (Below threshold)

Where are Jackson and Sharpton when you need them?

Lee, I realize that it must... (Below threshold)

Lee, I realize that it must hurt and frustrate you to no end that all the Democrat candidates for president are either buffoons, liars, or poltroons and have huge credibility problems, but that's no reason to throw a juvenile tantrum.

Lee, you're squeeling like ... (Below threshold)

Lee, you're squeeling like a stuck pig, then again the truth can hurt so you have just cause.
Biden has known habits and one of them is opening his mouth and inserting his foot all the way to his ass. He's also a plagarist, undeniably.
The odds of him becoming President depend on the order of succession and a very terrible event occuring in Washington when he's the only one not there, which is to say, not a snowballs chance in hell because its unlikely he'll get the Democratic nomination.

@ LeeYou guys a... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:

@ Lee

You guys are unbelievable - literally.

So, what does this mean? You're literally unintelligible. Have you asked your alma mater for a refund yet?

I feel for you, Lee.<... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

I feel for you, Lee.

It must really hurt; the Reps don't have much, they're down in the polls, no big candidate to get behind...a golden opportunity for the Dems.

And what do the Dems have to offer? Nothing. Biden. Another windbag loser.

I bet that really chaps your hide.

Forgive Lee - he was thinki... (Below threshold)

Forgive Lee - he was thinking the Democrats had FINALLY found a way to win in the south without a southerner at the top of the ticket.

We covered this over at Wizbang! Politics, too, but didn't have the vid - thanks, it's a hoot!

It's almost as funny as the very idea of Joe Biden running for President!

For the real Southern Threa... (Below threshold)

For the real Southern Threat, the Dems. may go for Johnny "Jackpot" Edwards who can slack jaw with the best of them down here.

A few problems, tho. He's a former ambulance chaser, having made $$Millions off the "hurt chirren," and he's still running on the platform that made the Dems. great in the '80's: two Americas, have and have nots, blah, blow, hard.

It didn't sell then, and it won't sell now. Probably still gets teary eyed thinking about Speaker Wright, Speaker Tip O'Neill, Rostenkowski, etc. Ahh, those were the days. Soviet Union still on the cutting edge of the proletariat, vast chunks of the world under Communist dictatorship, and you could still scare the elders with "dem goin a take away your sosh 'scurity."

Nitwits. They're stuck on stupid, as it were.

Thanks for nothing Gmac. N... (Below threshold)

Thanks for nothing Gmac. Now I will forever see Ned Beaty when I see Lee's name.
Though I suspect Lee might have been willing, if not eager...

Getting back to the topic o... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Getting back to the topic of this thread (as it is much better to ignore Lee than to try to respond to it...)

I think Biden might actually be on to something here. Remember he was not talking about winning a southern state in the general election, he was talking about winning a southern primary.

If the democrats that are left in the south are as racist and bigoted as the democrats in the north then this strategy might actually work for him.






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