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The Emmys' Plane Crash Skit

People are talking about the Emmys' plane crash skit, a spoof of the TV show Lost, that was done last night, the same day as the tragic plane crash in Kentucky that killed 49 people.

Ian at Hot Air has the video of the skit and says this:

On the other hand, if the Comair crash had happened on the Left Coast, would NBC have gone through with the skit?

Mary Katharine writes this:

The Kentucky plane crash happened at 6 a.m. There was plenty of time to alter the intro of the Emmys to something more respectful. It wouldn't have been polished and post-produced, but it would have been polite.

Ace also comments:

I don't know-- should the intro to the show have been cut? Given how brief and seemingly truncated the Conan plane-crash bit is, it maybe was substantially cut at the 11th hour, to keep the basics of it (plane crash to allow Lost) parody) while keeping the actual plane-crash stuff to a minimum.

There was a horrible disaster last night. But plane crashes are always horrible, and happen on occasion. Should Snakes on a Plane be pulled from theaters, too?

They all make good points. Unfortunately, though, the folks in Hollywood last night probably didn't even know there was a plane crash. The Hollywood-types are so far removed, not only physically but emotionally as well, from what happens in fly-over country that the producers and the stars in attendance might as well be on another planet.

Update: I missed this nasty remark from Conan about Fox News being fake news. As Greg Tinti said, normally this wouldn't be anything worth writing about except that two of Fox's journalists, kidnapped by terrorists and held for two weeks in Gaza, had just been released that same day. I certainly wouldn't call that fake news.

Ed Driscoll: "...there's no doubt that NBC has definitely hit an iceberg's worth of bad PR tonight."


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Comments (9)

You're absolutely right abo... (Below threshold)

You're absolutely right about Hollywood being unaware of the crash of the ComAir flight in Kentucky. Between manis & pedis, hair at Sally Herschberger and Frederick Fekkai, make-up, and botox shots in their forheads and underarms (lest anyone see them sweat), who's got the time to step outside the self-congratulation zone?

My brother is a captain for a major airline, and his copilot only recently left ComAir. There is always a very real sense of sadness when this happens, especially when you know the parties involved. Clearly, the Emmys should have pulled the skit, but Hollywood types aren't exactly known for being sensitive to others, especially when the tragedy happens in "flyover country".

Can't say I'm a big fan of ... (Below threshold)

Can't say I'm a big fan of Hollywood and its self-appointed pundits. The Conair crash is indeed a tragedy. All in all, however, I think this particular "oversight" is one of the least concerns I would have about Hollywood insensitivity.

The Emmy's were on last nig... (Below threshold)

The Emmy's were on last night?
Dang, missed it again! That keeps my consecutive misses string alive.
I can't remember the last time that I watched them glad handing and exchanging self conratulations all around for shows I've never seen.

This outrage is as genuinel... (Below threshold)

This outrage is as genuinely stupid as the Emmy's.
People die in car accidents every day. Do we pull all car chases from TV? What about shows with people dying from terminal illness? Get over it, people.

Wow, such uproar about noth... (Below threshold)

Wow, such uproar about nothing...It was a small skit at the beginning of the Emmy's to spoof Lost; it had nothing to do with the Kentucky crash and it would have made little since to remove it from the Emmy broadcast. Should they now take Lost off the air because it deals with a plane crash? I think people are over reacting....but then again, hysteria is typical of the masses.

The skit was probably filme... (Below threshold)

The skit was probably filmed days or even weeks ago. And it was obviously spoofing "Lost" and was not simply an airline jab.

The classy thing to do would have been to announce that they had filmed comedy piece that in light of the day's events, would be inappopriate to air.

But since it is Hollywoodland, and their job is to present a show, the concept of appropriate and tasteful is as out the window as it is in anything else they produce. It ain't malice; just oblivious self-absorption....

Ultimately there are far more important things to get worked up about.

Tempest in a teapot. Let's... (Below threshold)

Tempest in a teapot. Let's save our outrage for something that matters.

I personally don't see what... (Below threshold)

I personally don't see what the big deal is. They were spoofing a very popular TV show on Emmy night. It had nothing to do with any real plane crash. It's not like plane crashes have never happened before or will never happen again.

And really, how does time make that big of a difference? Would it have been OK to show the skit if the crash had occurred three months ago? It's still painful to those who lost family/friends in the crash. I don't much care for Hollywood, but there are much better things to get in a tizzy about.

The problem in Lexington wa... (Below threshold)

The problem in Lexington wasn't the skit, but the timing. WLEX had nothing on the entire day except minute by minute coverage of the crash and updates as they came in. The few hours before the Emmys we were finally starting to learn names of those on the plane. Every time they read a new list hoping it wasn't someone you knew. Unfortunately there were a few that I did, we weren't close but I knew them. It was just an emotional time for many people.

So I was packing my kids lunches with the TV on when they wrapped up the days events and said they were signing off for the Emmy's and would be back at 11 with all up to date information. Screen goes white and we see a plane, inside Conan "what could possibly go wrong" and simulated downing of the plane.

I stood their saying "OMG” just stunned. There was no transition, no red carpet time to decompress from our day, not even a commercial. I finally grabbed my TIVO remote and hit record to show my husband.

Now was I mad...no...Was I ready to call and complain or write a scathing letter? No I know that this was taped weeks ago and to the rest of the country they had 30 mins of red carpet coverage, maybe another show before that. Our local plane crash was nothing more than a national news blip to them so they didn't see the correlation.

We probably wouldn't have either if there had be ANY type of separation between the HOURS of coverage and the skit.

So do I think the skit should have been pulled? No I watched it a couple days later and it is very funny. But the local station should have been alerted so they could have clipped the first 15 secs. It would have been just as funny to the people here if Conan just came out of the water onto the LOST Island. That night we needed a laugh, not a reminder of what they must have felt.






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