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Ahmadinejad Challenges President Bush to a TV Debate

Have you heard anything so laughable?

TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) -- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called on U.S. President George W. Bush to participate in a "direct television debate with us," so Iran can voice its point of view on how to end problems in the world.

"But the condition is that there can be no censorship, especially for the American nation," he said Tuesday.

Sure, it's America that's all about censorship.

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Comments (14)

Wow, Whackjob is really ste... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Wow, Whackjob is really stealing pages from Saddam's playbook. Remember this?

If I were president, I'd do it. Let's show the world just how much of an anti-semitic, genocidial maniac you truly are, Whackjob.

Bush would win because he c... (Below threshold)

Bush would win because he can get to the point. Ahmadinejad and those like him always begin their answers with "first let us discuss" or "in order to understand..".

He would always run out of time before he got any where close to an answer.

Do it. Do it. Do it.... (Below threshold)

Do it. Do it. Do it.

Of course, I'd prefer if we could send Prime Minister Blain or Christopher Hitchens. Lock and load.

The smashing of satelite di... (Below threshold)

The smashing of satelite dishes may not be the typical censorship as much as prepping for war. If they are attacked they don't want the US able to get their messages to the people better than they can.

Be careful what you wish fo... (Below threshold)

Be careful what you wish for, Peter F.

GWB went into Iraq to show the world how strong America is.

Instead it showed the world how stupid America is.

Iran, through the power of ... (Below threshold)

Iran, through the power of the media, prison without trial and intimidation based on nationalism, has silenced the young and educated who rose up in the late 90's like those in China with T. Square...
The present Govt in Iran...just like China..cannot allow dissent to interfere with official policy..
But dissent is an idea..and ideas do not end with jail or death...

Maybe in the short term such tactics will silence or mute the desire to have freedom and choice of how Iranians desire to live...but it is doomed..
The tyrants of Iran have already lost..they just don't know it..

Robert: No, you be... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


No, you be careful of who you root against, fascist-supporting asshat.

I'd like to see him accept.... (Below threshold)

I'd like to see him accept.
But the condition is that there can be no censorship, especially for the Iranian nation

Robert went and typed somet... (Below threshold)

Robert went and typed something on his computer and showed us how stupid he is.

Every society in the world ... (Below threshold)

Every society in the world has a homily about the wisdom of argueing with the insane. I don't think Bush has forgotton any of ours.

Then again, there is also t... (Below threshold)

Then again, there is also the belief that if somebody wants to make an ass of themselves, you should stand aside and let them.

But since there is dramatically fewer leftists referring to Pres. Bob of Iran as "evil" as compared to Bush, we know how the whole thing would end up.

In fact, do it in, say, Berkeley and I'll give you money that the audience would cheer the Iranian whackjob and boo Bush.

I'm all for it!!! Both of ... (Below threshold)

I'm all for it!!! Both of them believe they are being led by a "higher power" serving a "higher purpose" Throw a bottle or two of Wild Turkey in the mix and let the real fun begin!!! It would be like professional wraslin. Maybe they can have the debate in Iraq. That would be the best security that country has seen in a few years.

Maybe we should just send C... (Below threshold)

Maybe we should just send Cher over there to calm him down...the MF-er looks like Sonny.

Hey...wait a minute....what ever happened to Elijah Blue??? Could it be? Naw!! OR.....

Peter F.Facist sup... (Below threshold)

Peter F.

Facist supporting asshat?

Don't shoot the messenger, man.

I never said I'd root for the other guy, I'm just saying Bush isn't the brightest light in the circuit.

Oops, I forgot. Pointing out the obvious makes me a facist-supporter in the warped world of the right.






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