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Kids. Baseball. Winning.


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YepppersUSA!USA!US... (Below threshold)



Two years running baybeeee.

I'm not normally a baseball... (Below threshold)
T.G. Scott:

I'm not normally a baseball fan, but I did catch the last inning of this game last night at my in-laws' house and those kids were awesome! The kids from Japan were formidable opponents and played a great game too. It was a nail-biter right on up to the end.

It's just absolutely inappr... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

It's just absolutely inappropriate for kids that age to be competing so aggressively against each other. The complete losers that were defeated so handily by the American team will now suffer from poor self esteem and self image. Shame on the American team for causing such damage to their psyches!

C'mon Listkeeper, add th... (Below threshold)

C'mon Listkeeper, add the sarcasm tag.

Some people who read this would have you burned at the stake if they could find you.

USA! USA! USA!... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


I think we all "got it" tha... (Below threshold)

I think we all "got it" that Listkeeper's tongue was firmly in cheek.

Of course, there ARE all too many in this country who might seriously believe his joke. Fortunately, we have a program for them; it's called, "soccer."

Baseball has everything an American kid should need, though: thinking, strategy, skill, long pants, and keeping score.

Pffft @ the soccer comment.... (Below threshold)

Pffft @ the soccer comment. Soccer is at least as tough a sport as baseball, and the only reason so many Americans hate it is because Europe plays it.

I live within an easy drive of South Side (South Williamsport), but I've never been to a World Series game. I don't hate baseball; it's just that I've never gotten around to going to a game.

Little League is pretty much the only thing that puts Williamsport on the map anymore, except perhaps for the string of shootings and murders recently. Oh, and the gang problems, the drug problems...

My rapidly vanishing faith ... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

My rapidly vanishing faith in my countrymen was completely restored, when I witnessed the way the American players responded to the obvious distress of the Japanese players. Nothing top a good winner!

Make that "tops a good winn... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

Make that "tops a good winner".

Pffft @ the soccer comme... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Pffft @ the soccer comment. Soccer is at least as tough a sport as baseball, and the only reason so many Americans hate it is because Europe plays it.


I love ya, but name one other sport that marks success and raises up heroes who fail at their objective 7 times out of 10. and where every pitch is a different strategy in itself. Soccer definitely can't say that.

Soccer is hockey on a grass, minus the speed, repeated violent collisions and, well, scoring.

Peter F.,A .300 OB... (Below threshold)

Peter F.,

A .300 OBP is nothing to make a hero out of.

Peter, I guess one could ar... (Below threshold)

Peter, I guess one could argue that "soccer is hockey on grass," and in a weird sort of way it is.

I don't have anything against baseball, but I do love me some soccer (minus the faking of injuries, that still angers me). I'm just getting tired of people putting soccer down because they connect it with Euro-weenies. Play the sport, then we'll talk about whether it sucks or not.

Robert:You are tru... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


You are truly proving yourself to be a world-class asshat in the last 24 hours. I was obviously implying the more celebrated .300 batting average, not on-base percentage, ya dink.

Here's an idea: Think before moving your fingers across the keyboard.


I appreciate your love of the sport, and I don't think people should put it down just because Euro-weenies are enthralled with it. (Other continental-weenies play it, too.) I played soccer as a kid for a couple of seasons and just found it mindless and boring to run around aimlessly chasing a ball. (Maybe it was my friend's first-generation German-American father who made the game so unenjoyable with his Gestapo-esque approach to coaching kids, I don't know.) Meanwhile, the feel of a baseball ringing off your bat and watching it sail into the gap or, in my case as a former pitcher, having my slider snap so hard it buckled some big hitter's knees like twigs, to be the ultimate rush in sports.

My cousins Brandon and Just... (Below threshold)

My cousins Brandon and Justin Quick played on the Hope Mils team in the Dixie Youth World Series (12 and under) that won their National title. Played in Tennessee Aug 13-19th. Hope Mills, NC first time ever a team from here has won.






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