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I am just now beginning to see a little Ernesto action here in N.C. About 20 minutes ago the sky got really dark and then some pretty heavy rain suddenly started falling, accompanied by some impressive thunder. I am just now seeing some lightning, as well. So far the winds are just average.

These things have such wonderful timing, don't they? I was thinking thirty minutes ago that I was going to be able to pick the girls up from school before we saw a drop. I should've known that was too good to be true. Carpool is sure to be a nightmare today. I am not complaining though, just making an observation. After watching all that Katrina footage over the weekend, there is no way I am complaining about this. I am even looking on the bright side -- afterall, we really did need some rain.

Not a complaint, but just a note...the satellite has already gone out. If the power follows, you might not be hearing from me for a little while.

Update: Ed P. says the storm we saw here today was not Ernesto related. I am having trouble with my satellite and have no access to local channels (or pay-per-view either for some reason), but I was told (by a couple of people) that it was reported that we would be seeing rain for the next few days due to Ernesto moving this way, which is typically the way it works here.

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Fortunately, it seems it is... (Below threshold)

Fortunately, it seems it is weakening. It was never a well-organized storm, and it hit Cuba and now Florida before getting that tight cyclical motion going. It's been downgraded to a tropical depression now, although it is expected to strengthen back to Tropical Storm status when it gets over water again.

It hit Cuba because Castro ... (Below threshold)

It hit Cuba because Castro wasn't able to threaten the storm like he did Katrina.

Speaking of that, since Castro diverted Katrina from hitting Cuba, isn't he responsible for it hitting New Orleans?

We saw the initial storm th... (Below threshold)

We saw the initial storm that headed up your way literally explode from nothing right over the Southern Pines area via weather radar. The northern tail end of it looks like it will be sitting on top of my house around the time I get home today while the southern tail end is still sitting over Fayettville. As I typed that, I just heard the rain pick up again on the roof. Nice. :-)

Ah, North Carolina, God's C... (Below threshold)

Ah, North Carolina, God's Country(tm).

Even a bad storm is ok, if it's here.

I can't imagine having to suffer through living in Miami or N.O., and adding insult to injury, a hurricane.

Storms in North Carolina th... (Below threshold)
Ed P:

Storms in North Carolina this afternoon resulted from a cold front and had nothing to do with Ernesto. Ernesto is still in central Florida and, as it is a relatively small storm, its effects as this is written (6pm) extend only as far as southern Georgia. Assuming the storm stays organized and on the projected track, North Carolina will see some effects late tomorrow afternoon or evening.

Starting to get ugly here a... (Below threshold)

Starting to get ugly here at base. It has been overcast all day with light rain, but radar images are showing a big patch of yellow/orange heading my way.






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