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The MSM Still Misses The Mark On Blogs

The Ugly American is right. The MSM just doesn't "get" the blogs yet. He points out some misconceptions about the influence of blogs from an article by Bruce Kluger in USA Today. Kluger uses the examples of Lieberman and Snakes on a Plane to draw conclusions about blogs that don't follow. The Ugly American calls him on it and says, "It seems to me the people doing all the kicking and screaming lately are MSM hacks trying to protect their endangered gigs." That sounds about right. Read the whole thing.

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Hey as long as the MSM cont... (Below threshold)

Hey as long as the MSM continues to cover the news with half-baked sources and continues to trumpet these effing ponderous and opinionated attacks on the United States, people will be leaving them in droves. As for Snakes on a Plane...I heard there was a prequel titled: "Bunny on a Rowboat" starring Jimmy Carter.

It's just plain silly to ta... (Below threshold)

It's just plain silly to take entertainment bloggers' errant predictions on a single movie, and extrapolate from that a gross generalization about political bloggers of all stripes. Dang, I'll just bet a lot of the sports bloggers missed on their Super Bowl predictions last season, too - why didn't he mention that?

I suppose, though, if one's living depends upon a dying methodology such as ink spread upon dead tree materials, one might grasp at straws in defending it.

The stablemasters, blacksmiths, and buggy-whip makers were all rather dismissive of the "horseless carriages" when they first appeared, too . . .

Of course the MSM doesn't g... (Below threshold)

Of course the MSM doesn't get it...they wouldn't be the MSM otherwise. Kluger does however, expose the "depth" of his analytical skills by referring to bloggers as if they were some unified political party. Let the MSM continue in their blind arrogance...they will be absorbed.






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