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Bush Assassinated In New Movie

Drudge is linking to this story at the top of the page.

This is the dramatic moment when President George Bush is gunned down by a sniper after a public address at a hotel, in a gripping new docudrama soon to be aired on TV.

Set around October 2007, President Bush is assassinated as he leaves the Sheraton Hotel in Chicago.

Death of a President, shot in the style of a retrospective documentary, looks at the effect the assassination of Bush has on America in light of its 'War on Terror'.

The 90 minutes feature explores who could have planned the murder, with a Syrian-born man wrongly put in the frame.

Peter Dale, head of More4, which is due to air the film on October 9, said the drama was a "thought-provoking critique" of contemporary US society.

He said: "It's an extraordinarily gripping and powerful piece of work, a drama constructed like a documentary that looks back at the assassination of George Bush as the starting point for a very gripping detective story.

"It's a pointed political examination of what the War on Terror did to the American body politic.

"I'm sure that there will be people who will be upset by it but when you watch it you realise what a sophisticated piece of work it is.

"It's not sensationalist, or simplistic but a very thought-provoking, powerful drama. I hope people will see that the intention behind it is good."

The film will premier at the Toronto Film Festival in September and was written and directed by Gabriel Range.

It might just be too "sophisticated" for me to appreciate it. The most important thing for liberals to consider in their Bush assassination fantasies is that the result would be President Dick Cheney.

Update: The Anchoress has links to many others blogging on the movie, and has this to say:

This much hate backfires on the hater. You'd think they'd know it by now, but they don't, of course. They always overplay their hand. They can be counted on to do it.
The film will have its apologists in the media, of course, people who will harrumph and sneer at the rubes of the world who don't recognise how daring and sophisticated it all is. And no doubt, some wild-eyed rightwing person will be brought on the air, somewhere, to hyperventilate over the piece and quote scripture, for the edification and amusement of the sophisticates.

But for the rest of the world, the folks who are not mad from ideological overdosing, I think The Bush-haters and their Derangement Syndrome may have just jumped the shark.

Update II: This is beyond vile.

Update III: Sister Toldjah has a great update with lots of links.


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Comments (54)

The most important thing... (Below threshold)

The most important thing for liberals to consider in their Bush assassination fantasies is that the result would be President Dick Cheney.

You've convinced me. Let the watch be doubled!

I've been trying not to say... (Below threshold)

I've been trying not to say you're an idiot Ms Byrd but now I must.That crack about liberal Bush assasination fantasies shows how empty you are. Yes, there are crazies on the left as there are on the right. But you have a particular habit of painting with a broad brush.

You were of course outraged by Hackett's dispicable comment I'm sure. You're both dispicable in my mind.

Hugh:You must be t... (Below threshold)


You must be the new kind of Olbermannesque "patriot".

For Iran

How about a movie about Mic... (Below threshold)

How about a movie about Michael Moore being assassinated? Oops, two problems with that:

1. No one would care

2. We conservatives have to keep in mind that even though we fantasize about Michael Moore being assassinated, that would leave Howard Dean in charge of the Democratic Party

The drop in cheeseburger sa... (Below threshold)

The drop in cheeseburger sales would crush the economy...

I've posted before that if ... (Below threshold)

I've posted before that if Bush is no longer prez., then we get Cheney. We have a bumpersticker about it. I like that idea.

Hugh, All you do o... (Below threshold)


All you do on this blog is post hate for Bush and conservatives couched in feigned superiority. You are a hypocrite and you are in fact the empty idiot.

Is there a scene where secr... (Below threshold)

Is there a scene where secret service agents wrestle the rifle out of the hands of a deranged John Kerry?

Seriously, as much conserva... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Seriously, as much conservatives despised Bill and Hillary Clinton I'm fairly certain there were no deranged and bizarre movies, books or speeches that contemplated their possible assisination.

What kind of sick and twisted fuck thinks this kind of crap up? There can be no defense for this. This is hate speech disquised as "art".

Pardon the language, but Christ Almighty get some help.

Bush has already got the ba... (Below threshold)

Bush has already got the bad duas of millions of innocent people. After this life- the life which is our true goal the goal after death- Bush will not get all the fruits that all of us will get. So no matter what happens now after death what we will get is much more than what Bush and people like him will get.
Death is the only truth not oil or land or money which people like him have stolen from us.

Tony:Find a refern... (Below threshold)


Find a refernce anyime anywhere where I advocated, wanted, delighted in or spoke about assasinating Mr Bush. Till then your thought is as ampty as Ms Byrd's.

Hugh,I didn't mean t... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I didn't mean to imply that all liberals have assassination fantasies. That is certainly not what I said. There have been quite a few on the far left that have talked about it though. This movie is not the first time. I recall one of the Air America radio personalities catching some criticism for such talk and the DU message boards are full of such garbage.

From above: "It's a pointe... (Below threshold)

From above: "It's a pointed political examination of what the War on Terror did to the American body politic."

That the left's sensibility is always focused on the problems that America's "War on Terror" has allegedly caused is symptomatic of a moral blind spot that itself reflects an apparent incapacity to confront the true source of evil.

Prosecuting a war against a putative enemy was never so thoroughly discredited and stigmatized as it is today, primarily from our friends on the left.

This kind of sentiment has seeped into the very groundwater of our thinking, leading otherwise intelligent people to entertain a variety of remarkably obtuse notions, from whether 9/11 was staged by President Bush to their pet argument that our presence in Iraq created Islamofascism.

This is an admittedly unprecedented and challenging time in our nation's history, but there should be little question that we're facing a baleful and resilient enemy bent upon our destruction.

If we can find a broad consensus on that point perhaps we can move forward more constructively to find the most expedient way to bring it to a timely extinction.

For a variety of editorials on this subject, please to go: www.clearcommentary.com / or www.clearcommentary.townhall.com.

Philip Mella, Editor

Lorie:Thanks for t... (Below threshold)


Thanks for the clarification. I appreciate it. if you look at the langiuage you used perhaps you can see why I thought you were painting with a broad brush.

As I said, there are crazies on both sides which is no excuse for either. I like the piece Phillip Mella just posted above....trying to find a broad consensus...wow what a concept.

Moonbats And Muzz... (Below threshold)
Tincan Sailor:

Moonbats And Muzziieees are a good reason to
bring back "METAL" coat hangers

Hugh, I didn't say... (Below threshold)


I didn't say you advocated murder, I said you spew hate for Bush and conservatives couched in faigned superiority. Thanks for once again putting words in my mouth. You do enjoy doing that: http://wizbangblog.com/2006/08/30/setting-the-plame-record-straight.php#340493

That anyone would respond t... (Below threshold)

That anyone would respond to a film depicting the ficticious assasination of a United States President, current or former, as anything other than irresponsible at best, or criminal at worst, is the “uber” indictment of a sickness within our society.

MU, what you're doing is pr... (Below threshold)

MU, what you're doing is presuming to speak for God and that is bad juju. You shouldn't do that.

How do you know that Bush isn't doing the will of God? Even if Islam is correct, doesn't God use nations and wars when His people refuse to shape up? Why presume to speak for God when He claims the right of judgement for Himself? We're looking at the "religion of peace" being overtaken by people who, instead of admitting their error, decide that what God really wants is for them to do more of the same except harder. Where is their humility before God?

After 9-11 when we were hearing all about how this was God's judgement on the decadent West, the Great Satan, etc., I wondered if it wasn't really the other way around. Bin Ladin did not prevail. The Taliban, as "holy" as it's possible to get, enforcing Islamic morality... they didn't win either. So what's the deal? Maybe this is all God's judgment... on radical Islam.

I don't know what other explanation makes sense, MU, because 9-11 was an act of moronic idiocy. So is every other planned attack on the West. So, certainly, are promises to exceed the carnage of 9-11. The people carrying out these plans are doing it for God. If God *wanted* them to, then they would prevail, but so far the evidence of that is zip.

There is no possible way that Islamists can prevail against the West without the direct intervention of God, and so far He's not intervening. The result of 9-11 was a destroyed Taliban and the US occupation of Iraq. What will the result of another attack be? What will the result of a nuclear attack be?

9-11 woke up the West and the West is annoyed. But it's not unified. The West could do so very much more if given reason. Nothing the Islamist militants can possibly do could cripple us. The most they could do is make us very very angry.

Who is next after Afghanistan and Iraq? Syria? Iran? Probably Somalia eventually, since that was so screwed up.

A person does have to wonder. How much will it take before Islam becomes humble before God?

But God, MU, is a merciful God. Because the West, the Great Satan, is more compassionate than can be imagined, and when it conquers, rather than slaughtering a population, bashing babies against the stones like the stories of Babylon, they build schools and hospitals. Instead of opressive dictators they help set up self-government.

The answer and the end to it is very simple. The West wants nothing more than it wants to be able to ignore the Middle East. When Muslims quit killing each other and trying to blow up aircraft or buildings and forcing false conversions at the point of a gun and gutting aid workers and all of those things that can not possibly please God... it will end.

If those things *do* please the God of Islam, then Islam will end.

" The West wants nothing mo... (Below threshold)

" The West wants nothing more than it wants to be able to ignore the Middle East."

But not their Oil.

GD we luv that stuff!!

Instead of this movie, perh... (Below threshold)

Instead of this movie, perhaps, off-shooting from Robert's idea, we could do a movie exploring the deep political consequences of all of the middleastern oil wells running dry in two years.
Without that bit of economic blackmail, I'd be fascinated to see just what value the west would hold towards these aggressive cultures of hate.

That'd be interesting. I'd watch it.

Tony:believe me wh... (Below threshold)


believe me when it comes to you and superiority mine is not feigned (and that's not saying much eitther). Go eat an apple and pay attention to the dialogue.

Yeah you beat me on idocy t... (Below threshold)

Yeah you beat me on idocy too. Well done bud.

Hugh,Your sanctimony... (Below threshold)

Your sanctimony dial is stuck on 11 again.
Learn to spell the high value Scrabble words before you use them, otherwise you just give drama queens like your pal fuel for their flamming. ;)

Yeah, I haven't been spell ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I haven't been spell checking or typing at a regular pace (posting at work right now, so typing fast to get back to work). Hugh is just getting me to my wit's end today. I read Wizbang a lot, and all Hugh does is bait people on this blog, and he always misrepresents peoples' arguments once he loses them. It's unbelievable how one person can be so obtuse, dishonest, and hypocritical.

And for the record: feigned and idiocy : )

How dare they even talk abo... (Below threshold)

How dare they even talk about officials being killed.
Don't the know that's Ann Coulter's job.

"It might just be too 'soph... (Below threshold)

"It might just be too 'sophisticated' for me to appreciate it." -- Lorie Byrd

Undoubtedly it is.

"The most important thing for liberals to consider in their Bush assassination fantasies is that the result would be President Dick Cheney." -- Lorie Byrd

Now that's a scary result. Damn, Shooter's approval rating is about half that of The Chimp!

Muslim Unity attempting to ... (Below threshold)

Muslim Unity attempting to speak on behalf of God is even more troubling than this stupid film.

I thought Achonmydinnerjacket spoke on behalf of God for you people. Who am I supposed to listen to now?

Jesus Christ. Literally.

"' The West wants nothing m... (Below threshold)

"' The West wants nothing more than it wants to be able to ignore the Middle East.'

But not their Oil.

GD we luv that stuff!!"

Actually.. we don't. It's just a means to an end. We want it so much only because despite the "soaring" prices, it's still cheaper than the alternatives. If we had a bunch of nuclear power plants all over the place, we'd probably just build electric cars that get more miles per dollar (the real measure of fuel efficiency that most of us care about) and leave the middle east to say "hey, where'd all the money go?" But as of today, oil is still the cheapest energy around, especially for vehicular uses.

Supply and demand will leave oil in the dust some day: as it gets used up it will become more expensive to find/drill/pump, while substitutes will suck up the demand. And some day it will be just too pricey to bother with. Hopefully by then the middle easterners will have used their glut of wealth to buy some infrastructure and education so they can join the rest of us in the new modern economy of those days. If not, I will shake my head sadly for them and get on with my life.. for I have little sympathy for those who are victims of their own foolishness.

I'm no fan of GWBush...<br ... (Below threshold)
old mom:

I'm no fan of GWBush...
but I think the assasination movie goes too far.
I don't care if this IS considered art or not.
It is really in poor taste to make a movie like this one. I doubt it will even make it to airtime.
Just my 2¢

Muslim Unity you can wait f... (Below threshold)

Muslim Unity you can wait for the next world or you can kiss my a## right now it doesn't matter to me.

Lets see, lets make a movie... (Below threshold)

Lets see, lets make a movie of Billy Boy Clinton being killed by one of his harpies,then will say it's a detective plot.The howling from the left would bring the house down.You know that would take some detective work with all the suspects that would be involved.The right would never stoop that low we leave it to people like Hugh,and Lee and the rest of the disfunctional LLL's on the left,the only true haters in this world.

Who was the shooter in the ... (Below threshold)

Who was the shooter in the movie? Was it Dic... oh never mind. Yeah I think that's just terrible that someone would make a movie about assassinating my President. Those sick f#@$#@s must be French, or from San Fransisco. Either way, they are all going straight to hell.

That is where bad people go right?

Hey scsiwuzzy, did I spell assassinate correctly?
I have some serious dyslexia issues ;)

I just don't understand the... (Below threshold)

I just don't understand the reasoning behind this.

The second update is pretty... (Below threshold)

The second update is pretty typical of the DUhers:

First of all to all the lefty bloggers out there falling all over yourselves to say "Of course, I wouldn't want the president killed", shut the hell up. You know you would do a little dance if someone whacked that idiot. You just want to appear "above" such a thing.

Secondly, the only real problem I have is that he's gunned down. Too quick. A flash of pain and then the big dirt nap. For Bush I would prefer bone cancer, flesh-eating bacteria, or perhaps one of those deadly four hour erections we keep hearing about.

Alright, seriously. I would prefer Bush spend the rest of his life in a cell, tried and convicted of war crimes, but somehow I just don't think it's going to happen. So I can only hope for him to suffer in some other way.

It's the precise sort of ailment for which they invented Thorazine.

This movie is brought to yo... (Below threshold)

This movie is brought to you by the same mindset that brings you snuff and bondage films, child-porn, and human-animal sex. It's evil and it exposes the worst that can be excreted from the left's mind. A word of caution however.....Muslim Fanatics will be challenged to equal your vicious in-humanity. They're only recourse will be to kill you for being a threat to their reign as the, "Sickest Mutherfuckers on the Planet". Keep it up. I love watching you idiots bury yourselves.

What Philip Mella and Synov... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

What Philip Mella and Synova said.

I heard its a British film ... (Below threshold)

I heard its a British film so nothing to do with Liberals and Democrats so put away your Nazi propaganda you now use on Liberals because Liberals are the new "jews" of the old "SS society". How......intelligent.

I'm with whoever said it, I'll take Curious George over Darth Vader any day. Keep him alive (and tit-deep in Wild Turkey and pretzels). Just don't let the idiot start another war until he cleans up his second mess and goes back and finishes the first mess.

To be honest, I'm a little ... (Below threshold)
Martin A. Knight:

To be honest, I'm a little disturbed that we on the Right are making such a big deal about this ... it's just a film, isn't it? Let's not chill free speech. Instead, I think we should either do our very best to make sure that it is in theatres all over the country or, barring that, keep our mouths shut.

Personally, I hope and pray to all that is holy that this shows up in the United States to great fanfare in homage to America's dedication to freedom of expression ... and that a whole lotta prominent Democrats are ready to have their thoughts "provoked".

I hope and pray that Harry Reid, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Ned Lamont, Markos Zuniga, Michael Moore, Arthur Sulzburger, Bill Keller, John Conyers, Al Gore, etc. are sophisticated enough attend the premiere, just like they did with Fahrenheit 9/11.

I hope and pray it gets applause and awards at the Toronto Film Festival and lots of prominent Hollywood liberals are on hand to festoon the creators of this film with kudos, praise and the keys to Hollywood.

I hope and pray it is shown on campuses all around the country and that we have many professors and College Democrats more than willing to share their thoughts with the nation on how thought-provoking they found this "docu-drama".

Oh I do indeed pray ...

Sad: OBL produced this mov... (Below threshold)

Sad: OBL produced this movie to cause further divide in the U.S.

Sadder: It's working.

Syntax- you make sense only to yourself.

Boycott anyone or anything ... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

Boycott anyone or anything associated with showing, distributing or advertising this movie. That is the most logical way to show displeasure with its production.

Syntax:Ju... (Below threshold)


Just don't let the idiot start another war until he cleans up his second mess and goes back and finishes the first mess.

I hear you Syntax...I'm a fan of those clean wars, the ones where no one dies, there's no blood, no political and ideological consequence. The ones that are executed with perfection, everything goes to plan, the enemy surrenders and everyone throws flowers at our feet and we set up a Starbucks in the liberated country.

Definitely, but this mess, and the last mess, dispicable. You know if Bush hadn't started this war back in 2001 when he bombed the Pentagon and World Trade Center we'd all be happy wouldn't we?

Your post was about as sharp as a bowling ball, Syntax.

Phillip Mella,... (Below threshold)

Phillip Mella,

Went to your site. Well written posts; I'll be back.

"quite a few on the far lef... (Below threshold)

"quite a few on the far left" who have talked about assasinating Bush? Huh? Who? When? A few examples please.

If you condemn this, then you surely must condemn Ann Coulter for her similar suggestions regarding Clinton, NYT, etc. Hypocrites.

Uh... explain to me how a m... (Below threshold)

Uh... explain to me how a movie showing that shooting Bush would make things even worse is supposed to be pornographic.

It would be one thing if, in the movie, the very next day Cheney took office and pulled off his mask and fatsuit to reveal that he's been Willie Nelson in disguise the whole time (after all, have you ever seen them in the same room together?) and together, he and the newly Democratic congress unfroze Pell grants and made college tuition 100% tax-deductible, approved Plan B, repealed the energy and credit card handouts along with the Paris Hilton tax cut, installed cargo scanners in all of our ports, pulled out of Iraq, ended all Kafkaesque secret prisons and unaccountable watchlists, mandated a paper trail for all electronic voting machines, legalized all drugs, instituted national healthcare a la France, not Britain, and passed a Constitutional Amendment that ensured a woman's right to choose as well as outlawed that stupid practice of extending the length of copyright by 20 years every time Mickey Mouse is about to enter the public domain.

However, as I understand it, the movie depicts a future with more authoritarianism and more war. Which isn't exactly enticing. So, to with apologies to Quentin Tarantino, don't start sucking each other's dicks just yet.

Look, scarshapedstar, grouc... (Below threshold)
Martin A. Knight:

Look, scarshapedstar, groucho, mantis, etc. I don't know about any other Conservative here, but, like you, I am absolutely certain that I want this thought-provoking film to appear on every single cinema screen in the nation.

In addition, I would be more than willing to help you guys and the folks at DailyKos, MoveOn.org and DU lobby Harry Reid, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, Markos Zuniga, Michael Moore, Barbra Streisand, et al. to attend the premiere just like they did for Fahrenheit 9/11

... to show their support for our rapidly disappearing free speech rights, of course.

Seriously, you lefty trolls... (Below threshold)

Seriously, you lefty trolls are the ones who should be assassinated. You are the scum of the earth (yeah, I place you on the same moral plane as the terrorists, since you try to aid them in every way possible) and don't deserve to live. PERIOD!

I urge Creepozoid to consid... (Below threshold)

I urge Creepozoid to consider the sage advice of President Bush when he urges retaliatory murders of American citizens:

He can't take the high horse and then claim the low road.

It's a real scream how you ... (Below threshold)

It's a real scream how you moron conservatives condemn a movie without viewing it. IT seems to be a movie more about the conditions which lead to a Presidential assasination, rather than the assasination. Perhaps the movie will be good, perhaps not. Clear to see how you Bushwipes want this movie censored, just as you got the dsitribution of the Reagan movie shut down.

Hugh: Interesting you shoul... (Below threshold)

Hugh: Interesting you should castigate anyone on a thread of the topic at hand. The real question is could I see you and your buddy David with your fingers in your rather hate-filled little ears singing "lalalala" so you could avoid having to say later that you had been warned?

David: what part of this whole thing did you miss? NOT ONCE in the whole debacle did any conservative, including myself conceive of a movie depicting Clinton's death. All I could do and all I did was cast my vote in a state that was famous for putting that disaster last of any main party candidate.

You folks on the other hand have had ORGIES about killing Bush for years, and the hypocrisy of your post blows me away.

You folks on the other h... (Below threshold)

You folks on the other hand have had ORGIES about killing Bush for years

An example, please. From someone that anyone's actually heard of. From your tone there should be literally millions of posts endorsing and/or plotting the assassination of the President on every single well-known liberal blog.

All I'm asking for is one.

What the hell is wrong with... (Below threshold)
Republican Steven:

What the hell is wrong with you, Mr. Range!? Do you think it's funny to write a shitty movie about assisinating our president and describe it as art? I can't even the name the piece of crap that runs your half-French queer country. Go to hell you mother fucker.

Hey Dave, Piss off... (Below threshold)
Republican Steven:

Hey Dave,

Piss off, you liberal fuckin' moron. Face facts, you lost the election! Twice! No Gore or Kerry. Stop endorsing some shitty movie about killing our canidate just because your dumbass democrat can't win the election. Go to hell with Mr. Range.

the above two posts were br... (Below threshold)

the above two posts were brought to you by Ken Mhelman and the NEW republican party.

What a great bunch! Thank you republican steve, we needed to see that.

May I suggest a dictionary?

Fellow leftys-The he... (Below threshold)

Fellow leftys-
The head you seek is not that of the blithering Bush(merely a frontman) but a far more sinister and deadly concentrated conglomerate of multi-billionaires who buy the presidency, namely, The United Nation of Texas.
C'mon people, get a grip on reality. This is a movie, it is only a movie. If you all spent as much time expressing outrage and demanding accountability by our government, as you are about this stupid movie, perhaps our beloved country would not be in the state that it is today,






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