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Early Morning Links

Betsy Newmark gets more blogging done by 7 a.m. than many bloggers do all day long. More than some do all week long. This morning she was particularly productive. She has some scary stuff linked about who the committee chairs would be if the Democrats retook the Congress and about some liberal efforts to knock off a few more Lieberman types (including a Congressional Black Caucus member), trouble in Rahm-world, and a lengthy post on the human costs of the Duke lacrosse story. Just keep scrolling.

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Well, Wizbang! Politics rea... (Below threshold)

Well, Wizbang! Politics readers got the Time Ragazine story on Democratic money trouble last night . . .


The Democrats now refuse to confirm who any Committee Chairmanships would be should they win the House - and admit they are doing so to prevent those potential chairs from being used against them in the campaign. The odds against any of their senior people - except perhaps for Jane Harman on House Intelligence, who isn't treasonous enough to suit Pelosi - would be passed over for the seats are very long indeed, though.






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