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Let not one stone be left standing upon another...

Hezbollah, as it points out in its charter, is devoted to the destruction of Israel. They will not rest until the nation is not only destroyed, but every trace of it everywhere is gone.

And that, apparently, includes web sites run by guys who have the name "Israel" as their first name...

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They'll have to chip off th... (Below threshold)

They'll have to chip off the references to Israel in ancient Egyptian chronicals, too. Of course, as demonstrated by the giant Buddhas in Afghanistan, Islamists are only too happy to destroy artifacts.

I was raised in Zion, IL. D... (Below threshold)

I was raised in Zion, IL. Does that mean they'll call me a Zionist and remove all references to it on their maps? (What about Zion National Park?)

Remember how the jihadis ce... (Below threshold)

Remember how the jihadis celebrated the Columbia shuttle disaster, because
1. it killed Americans
2. it killed an Israeli
3. it killed an Indian-born American (remember Kashmir!)
4. some of the debris fell over Palestine, Texas.

Hmm...might have to expand ... (Below threshold)

Hmm...might have to expand that website listing to anyone who quotes from the Old Testament.

Which, of course, probably requires the destruction of all Christian bloggers as well as all Jewish ones (and, of course, guys named Israel).

Quite a (stupid and insane) project...

Once again such serious iss... (Below threshold)

Once again such serious issues are being turned into jokes here. Solving problems can not be done through making jokes ofm atters important to billions of people.

Hey, Mr. Unity, I wasn't jo... (Below threshold)

Hey, Mr. Unity, I wasn't joking. A LOT of your co-religionists celebrated the Shuttle accident. And at least one attacks a website just because the fellow is named "Israel."

MU: To expand on John's com... (Below threshold)

MU: To expand on John's comment, we aren't the ones making a joke of your faith. Your co-religionists are. We're just laughing along.

Why don't you tell us which is the appropriate response to such insanely stupid expressions of Islamic devotion, MU: laugh at them, or treat them as serious threats? Or is there a third choice?


Maybe the problems will be ... (Below threshold)

Maybe the problems will be solved if certain people learn to take a joke, eh?

Do Muslims smell as bad in ... (Below threshold)

Do Muslims smell as bad in the mideast as they do on the PATH?

My co-religionists have sa... (Below threshold)

My co-religionists have said several other things also- how come only certain things are mentioned while the others aren't?
What happens when millions of people like me condem Osama? When we speak against Saddam? Does any of you or the media want to hear that?
Have you ever paid attention when I have spoken against people like Osama and Saddam? No because you'll have created a mental image of me- and don't want to see the truth.

We are not enemies- we are humans and we need to understand each other. Millions of people in the West are Muslims - integration is needed to have peace.

Israel is an issue which has caused a lot of damage and loss of life. Cluster bombs in Lebanon.......conference in Sweden.......UN forces....war crimes...also loss of lives on both sides. This is not what we should want.

I do not blame any of you'll, but at least now try to take a step forward towards understanding Muslims.

The majority does not want to bomb London and New York and did not celebrate when the sad Columbia event happened.
I belive people are not the same as their politicians. I know most Americans are not like Bush and most Iraqis are not like Saddam.

Poiticians don't care about humans.

OK, MU, it is put up or shu... (Below threshold)

OK, MU, it is put up or shut up time.
Provide for us 3 links each, of examples for the following:
You condeming Saddam Husein, with specifics ("he is a bad man" type can only count once)
You condeming OBL.
Evidence of millions of Muslims condeming OBL. Publicly. Without qualification.

I'll even give you a head s... (Below threshold)

I'll even give you a head start, MU, from your own blog:

Kill Them Now!
Today is Valentine’s Day. And on this day here are the people I would love to see killed/wiped out/ beaten to death/ crushed alive/ burnt alive/ chopped into tiny pieces/ fed to live hungry lions/:

1. George Bush

This guy is definitely a “Modern Day Hitler” and a War Monger. He has united the entire World against America. He will soon be visiting India and Pakistan in March. I assure you there will be millions people protesting against him. I just wish one of them gets rid of him. We could all celebrate.

2. Osama Bin Laden.

This guy is one of Bush’s best friends. He came on TV just a few days before American elections so that innocent American’s vote for Bush. He pretends to be bad and Bush pretends to be the guy who protects America from him. In reality, both of them are evil terrorists. They both kill innocent people.

3. Saddam Hussein

This guy is one more of Bush’s buddies. Why is it that Saddam is still alive but innocent Iraqi’s keep dying? Get rid of Saddam. Everybody hates him, including Iraqis. We don’t need any trial just chop his head of in public.

4. Each and every racist / terrorist who supports the guys mentioned above.

5. Anybody who kills and abuses innocent people.

Remember destroying evil is not bad. It will put fear into the minds of others who think about doing evil. We need to get rid of evil.

Their killings should be broadcast on each and every TV channel so that the entire World can celebrate.

MU, you are so full of shit... (Below threshold)

MU, you are so full of shit. To hell with understanding them. Understanding should have gone out the window on 9/11. All we need to know is that Muslim terrorists attacked and killed thousands of Americans. The why is not important. What is important is how we fight them, which is sad to say, not nearly enough. Look at WW2 when Pearl Harbor was bombed. Did we try to understand why the Japanese did it? Did we we try to come to an understanding of a group of fanatics? No, we did not. We fought them tooth and nail. We bombed their cities, we annihilated their fighters whenever we found them. We hurt them so bad and did so much damage that there was no way that they could stand up again without help. That is critical. The Muslim world does not know true warfare. The West for the past 60 years has seemed to treat warfare as a game, and we have paid the price. We need to do to them what we did to Germany and Japan in WW2. Then, when they cannot stand again without aid, when they can no longer find the strength or will to fight, we help them to their feet. That is critical. We need to totally destroy these people's ability to make war. After that is done, we help them. We rebuild their cities. We send in food to the people. We drive them to their knees and then help them up. It worked in the past. We did it to Germany, and despite political differences, they are an ally and have not been a threat. Same with Japan. We need to do that with the whole Middle Eastern region. With Iran, with Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Syria, and all the others. Now to see how long it is before I am called a racist, murdering scumbag who advocates genocide.

Bob,You seemed cra... (Below threshold)


You seemed crazy in the beginning of your post, but by the end I realized I kind of agree with you. Now you seem to have a grasp of what needs to be done--defeat them and then help them. But in order to defeat the extremist Muslim, you must learn to understand the moderate Muslim.

Also, understanding is a must if you want to ever build a productive relationship with someone in the future, which is what you said we will need to do with the Muslims, and I agree. Example: Just because I can't understand Pat Robertson and think he's creepy/scary/insane, it doesn't mean that I don't like Christians. There's bad apples in every bunch, but there's always more good than bad if you look hard enough.






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