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Porkbusters Success

The secret "holders" have been exposed and Senator Frist has promised, "In September, I will bring S. 2590 to the floor of the Senate for the vote it deserves."


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Major props to the Porkbust... (Below threshold)

Major props to the Porkbusters (who got the ball rolling) and to TPM Muckrakers (who finished the job) for exposing Bridge Boy and the Kleagle.

Bipartisanship ain't dead if both parties are working toward the same goal.

Some of the people on here ... (Below threshold)

Some of the people on here are good. They had both of the wing bags pegged as 'full of digested pork'.

What part of We the Peop... (Below threshold)

What part of We the People are these guys having trouble understanding?

Left LEANING Daily Kos? TH... (Below threshold)

Left LEANING Daily Kos? THat is only a lean? huh?

Bipartisanship ain... (Below threshold)
Bipartisanship ain't dead if both parties are working toward the same goal.

Heh, bipartisanship put the hold there in the first place too.






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