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A couple expensive cups of coffee

This isn't so much a "dumb criminal" story as a "smart victim" story, but the crook was still stupid for not changing his routine for at least a few weeks.

This guy lost his wallet on Monday, and discovered it when his credit card company notified him that he had just bought a big-screen TV and other appliances at Target. He went to the store, reviewed the security tapes, and thought the thief looked familiar -- but couldn't place him.

Then on his drive in to work yesterday, he stopped at his regular Dunkin' Donuts. And lo and behold, there was the thief -- another regular at the same shop. He got the guy's plate, and the cops nabbed him.

The first guy's coffee nearly cost him about 2 grand. The second guy's coffee cost him his freedom and, most likely, his job.

This is exactly why I keep my wallet in my front pocket, and periodically tap it to make sure it's still present. Not that I ever have much in it, but just the same...

(Update: "Nearly" added to next to last paragraph. Sorry for the poor phrasing, and thanks to goddessoftheclassroom for pointing out my error...)

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I certainly hope that the v... (Below threshold)

I certainly hope that the victim's credit card company doesn't hold him responsible. Many have fraud protection.

Front pocket? Why don't you... (Below threshold)

Front pocket? Why don't you just get a purse, er, I mean Man-bag. LOL

Heh. I thought I was the o... (Below threshold)

Heh. I thought I was the only one who did the front pocket wallet tap thing.

King of Fools:Are... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

King of Fools:

Are you sure that's your wallet your tapping?

Front pocket wallet tapper ... (Below threshold)
jack oneil:

Front pocket wallet tapper here too. Always good to check the fly too...

Another member of the Front... (Below threshold)

Another member of the Front Pocketed Wallet Leauge. How can the rest of you stand to sit on the dang things?

Not always the front pocket... (Below threshold)

Not always the front pocket, but never the back pocket. Mine is just as often in a shirt or jacket pocket. Don't like sitting on it, and I've seen enough theft (never mine, luckily) working in security to know what not to do. That, and when riding the cycle, I need it handy without having to dismount. ;)






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