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Is it Miller Time? Don't Think So

It will not be Miller time in my household any time soon. If I'm in the mood for a beer, I'll take a Bass Ale or Sam Adams, thank you very much. So, why no Miller? American beer company Miller Brewing Company is sponsoring, yes sponsoring, the illegal immigrant marches in Chicago. From The Chicago Tribune:

Marchers had to duck into fast-food restaurants for water when they first took to Chicago's streets in support of illegal immigrants five months ago. At the next two marches, family-owned grocery stores offered free bottled water from trucks emblazoned with their names.

This time, as demonstrators march from Chinatown to House Speaker Dennis Hastert's (R-Ill.) Batavia office this weekend, they will have Miller Brewing Co., as a sponsor. The brewer has paid more than $30,000 for a planning convention, materials and newspaper ads publicizing the event.

The support of a major corporation for a controversial political cause shows how fierce the competition has become to woo the growing market of Latino consumers.

For Miller, the march offered a special chance to catch up. This spring the brewer drew the ire of pro-immigrant forces over contributions to U.S. Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.), who sponsored legislation that would crack down on illegal immigrants. That prompted a short-lived boycott by some Latino groups.

Now, march advertisements feature not just the organizing committee's trademark blue globe but Miller's logo and a Spanish translation of its "Live Responsibly" slogan, a company effort to build goodwill among Latinos.

Michelle Malkin has the best recommendation:

Live responsibly: Don't drink Miller this Labor Day weekend. Or any weekend.

She also has Miller Brewing Co.'s contact information if you would like to give Miller your two cents.


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Comments (29)

No MillerNo Pepsi</p... (Below threshold)

No Miller
No Pepsi

Got it.

I never drink Miller anyway... (Below threshold)

I never drink Miller anyway. It's crappe.

While I like MGD, it won't ... (Below threshold)

While I like MGD, it won't be passing over my palate anytime soon. What a bunch of schmucks!

IIRC, it came out that Mill... (Below threshold)

IIRC, it came out that Miller Brewing is owned by some South African company when Bud and Miller were running those "Beer for President" commercials 1 or 2 years ago.

This reminds me of an old M... (Below threshold)

This reminds me of an old Monty Python joke: Why is American beer like making love in a canoe? Because it's fucking close to water.

Miller is an abomination before God in the first place. You do know that they add formaldehyde to hasten the brewing process? True. Absolutely terrible beer, a bottle of vomit.

Carbonated horse piss to be... (Below threshold)

Carbonated horse piss to be specific. And Bud is worse.

CUS has it right. Don't thi... (Below threshold)

CUS has it right. Don't think so, pour a Miller's in a glass, let it set a few minutes and take a sniff. I could never stand to drink Millers (and i've drank my share of booze) unless it was streight from the bottle to avoid the smell. Horse piss wouldn't smell that bad unless you left it in the sun for days.

Well I won't have an impact... (Below threshold)

Well I won't have an impact because I never drank Miller anyway (nor Budweiser or Coors). Although, I do prefer my beer be made in America. Well Texas to be specific.

Well, this won't be hard. I... (Below threshold)

Well, this won't be hard. I never much cared for that swill they try to pass off as beer anyway. And I always did think that 'Champagne of Beers' sounded kinda, well, french.

I concur. The only decent ... (Below threshold)

I concur. The only decent beers produced in American are those from very small and/or microbreweries.

When Budweiser won the beer concession for the World Cup, the Germans were upset. It wasn't so much that it was an American company, it was that Bud doesn't even meet the legal definition of "beer" in Germany, because they include rice and other non-approved ingredients in their 'brewing' process.

I love a good beer, but if the only choices are mass-produced domestic swill, I'd prefer just some ice water, thanks.

I'll stick with my <a href=... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

I'll stick with my Arrogant Bastard Ale, thank you.

The other day I said that w... (Below threshold)

The other day I said that we should save our outrage for something worth getting mad about.

This is it.

It's one thing to turn a blind eye to illegal immigration, it's another frigging thing entirely to SPONSOR it. That's what Miller is doing here: sponsoring the breaking of U.S. law.

They're openly advocating, inciting, condoning and supporting criminal activity.

That's what Miller is do... (Below threshold)

That's what Miller is doing here: sponsoring the breaking of U.S. law.

Yeah, and what they're doing with beer is criminal, too. If ever there was a capital offense...

Oh yeah. And the illegal immigration thingy, too.

That's what Miller is do... (Below threshold)

That's what Miller is doing here: sponsoring the breaking of U.S. law.

Public assembly is against the law? Since when?

ugh... Miller owns Pilsner ... (Below threshold)

ugh... Miller owns Pilsner Urquell.

This popped up over at RedS... (Below threshold)

This popped up over at RedState too and there's a comment there indicating this may be a hoax/legend and there is no Miller sponsorhip.

Now that doesn't change the fact that Miller is only good for getting drunk on the relative cheap, but at least it may be that the company hasn't completely jumped the shark.

To throw in my two cents wo... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

To throw in my two cents worth: who needs Miller when there is Shiner Bock? Their Heifweitzen isn't too bad, either.

Public assembly is... (Below threshold)
Public assembly is against the law? Since when?

Well that is some kind of stupidity there, chief. What's this rally for? What is the subject matter? What's the point of it all?

If you can be honest when you answer those questions, you'll see just how asinine your comment was.

Well that is some kind o... (Below threshold)

Well that is some kind of stupidity there, chief. What's this rally for? What is the subject matter? What's the point of it all?

As far as I know it is a rally promoting an amnesty of undocumented/illegal immigrant workers. What Miller seems to be sponsoring is the rally, which is not in any way illegal behavior. Neither would be legislation granting those illegals citizenship.

Of course I understand that you mean that Miller is endorsing illegal immigration. It's called sarcasm.

You just told us that you k... (Below threshold)

You just told us that you knew I was right, but you decided to be sarcastic anyway.

Kind of a weird choice.

It will never be Miller Tim... (Below threshold)
cate s.:

It will never be Miller Time for me or anyone else I know again. Passing this bit of info on to everyone I know.
Never been a big fan of the "Champagne of Beers" either.

Hasta la vista, Meeler! Nu... (Below threshold)

Hasta la vista, Meeler! Nunca mas!

Help keep jobs in Mexico. D... (Below threshold)
Papa Yolk:

Help keep jobs in Mexico. Drink Tacate.

Tell Mr. Miller that he ste... (Below threshold)

Tell Mr. Miller that he stepped on the wrong toes this time.
No more Miller Brewing Company products for this American Citizen!
I'll encourage everyone to buy only American beer and to boycott Miller.
Believe it!

Here's the Miller Brewing C... (Below threshold)

Here's the Miller Brewing Co. comment form link:

I own four restaurants that... (Below threshold)

I own four restaurants that all sell Millier beer. Apparently. it doesn't taste very good, because it's the least selling beer we sell.

Time to get over yourselves, people.

I own four restaurants that... (Below threshold)

I own four restaurants that all sell Millier beer. Apparently. it doesn't taste very good, because it's the least selling beer we sell.
Time to get over yourselves, people.

Over 100 Organizations to B... (Below threshold)

Over 100 Organizations to Boycott Miller Brewing Company for their support of illegal immigration.

EMBARGO: Till Tuesday, September 5

CONTACT: Jason Mrochek & William Gheen
[email protected]
(866) 329-3999

A coalition of over 100 groups that support the enforcement of America's existing immigration laws, including charges against employers that hire, aid, and abet illegal aliens, has launched a national boycott of Miller Brewing Company and their parent company SABMiller plc.

The boycott message is simple. Miller Brewing Company supports illegal immigration by giving money to groups that support amnesty, marches, and benefits for illegal aliens. Citizens are encouraged to "Dump the beer! Dump the stock!"

A website containing boycott instructions, a petition, and documentation has been launched at www.millerboycott.com/

Citizens supporting the boycott are encourage to avoid Miller Brewing Company products such as Miller Lite, ICE House, Miller Genuine Draft, and Milwaukee's Best. Citizens are also encouraged to divest in the company's stock and any mutual funds containing their stock. Fliers, stickers, and e-mail forwards are also provided.

"It is time for these large corporations that are using their financial influence to open America's borders to be punished!" said William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC). "It is time for the immigration enforcement movement to show these unscrupulous corporations what we can do when we all work together."

The boycott is being arranged under the banner of the National Illegal Immigration Boycott Coalition which plans to organize over 100 groups behind the effort. Jason Mrochek of WeHireAliens.com and FIRE Coalition, and William Gheen of ALIPAC are heading up the effort.

"Miller Brewing Company is giving money to groups that support amnesty and citizenship for illegal aliens that have broken many of our laws." said Jason Mrochek of FIRE Coalition. "The last thing we need is more illegal aliens driving drunk and killing American citizens."

Congressman Steve King's office reports that thirteen Americans are being killed by uninsured drunk driving illegal aliens every day as a consequence of America's unenforced immigration laws. Miller Brewing Company plans to increase profits by marketing their beer to the Hispanic markets that are growing rapidly due to illegal immigration.

All members of the media and public that are concerned about corporate influences using their power to usurp the existing laws of America and the representation of the American public are encouraged to support the boycott and visit www.MillerBoycott.com

www.WeHireAliens.com is the nation's largest online database of employers allegedly hiring illegal aliens where citizens can report employers that hire illegal aliens to Immigration and Customs Enforcement through the site. ALIPAC is a national political action committee dedicated to securing America's borders and enforcement of existing immigration laws found online at www.alipac.us


Paid for by
Post Office Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622-0966
Tel: (919) 787-6009 Toll Free: (866) 329-3999
FEC ID: C00405878

Miller Brewing Company has ... (Below threshold)
Miller Brewing:

Miller Brewing Company has never supported illegal immigration and we have always supported the full enforcement of current U.S. laws.
Miller did not sponsor the Labor Day immigration march held in Chicago.
Going forward, Miller will closely review all requests for support from community and charitable organizations to ensure that we are not indirectly funding or associating our name with advocacy efforts on the immigration issue.
We plan to stick to the business of brewing, marketing and selling great beer.






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