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Kyra Phillips has a Sense of Humor

I have to say I have new found respect for Kyra Phillips. I love people who can laugh at themselves, and Kyra did just that. She went on David Letterman's show to do the Top Ten List. My favorite reason why she got caught going to bathroom on national television: she was set up by those bastards at Fox News!

Good save by CNN.

And thanks to Hot Air for the tip.


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No kidding -- GREAT save. <... (Below threshold)

No kidding -- GREAT save.

And did you notice the Fleetwood Mac song they played as she left? I was trying to think of a pop song that would have a potty-humor application, but I could NOT think of "You Can Go Your Own Way" -- PERFECT!

I hate to say it, but kudos to CNN and Kyra Phillips for pulling this off.


She was hilarious! Jay, th... (Below threshold)

She was hilarious! Jay, thanks for pointing out the song, I didn't pay attention to it until you mentioned it...perfect send-off.

No surprise that a conserva... (Below threshold)

No surprise that a conservative babe would be intelligent and witty. Wikipedia has scrubbed their "conservative bias" claims about Kyra Phillips since the story broke, but the details and the cached copy can be found here:


Jay,I didn't even ... (Below threshold)


I didn't even notice the song as she was leaving the stage. How funny!

Pretty neat.Too ba... (Below threshold)

Pretty neat.

Too bad President Bush couldn't have joined them on the show to share in the hilarities.






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