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What If The Left Killed Bush?

Here we go, folks. A film-maker in the UK has put together a piece which features the assassination of President George W. Bush. Sort of Michael Moore's favorite dream, or maybe what Oliver Stone and Howard Dean talk about when they meet for brie and communism.

Specific malicious threats against President Bush have been made by many on the Left for a long time, of course. Like this, or this, or this. Everything from politicians who think vicious fantasies are fine, as long as you hate the right sort of people, to "peace" activists who would justify murder as long as the victim is an enemy. It's hardly unlikely that someone would have a go at Dubya. The Democrats and Liberals of all flavors gave their permission, even their encouragement, long ago. For all I know, there may already have been a number of attempts which never got publicized. The Secret Service is none too keen on having would-be assassins learn about other attempts so they can compare notes. The public record is interesting on that score. Attempts against former President Clinton included a 1994 attack where Francisco Duran opened fire on the White House, firing 29 shots before he was tackled to the ground, and of course Frank Corder, who crashed a stolen airplane into the White House. I have to believe that Corder's attempt scared the daylights out of the Secret Service.

There is, actually, a public record of known attempts on the life of President Bush.


There was a documented Marxist plot in Colombia in 2004, which was foiled before it progressed to an actual attempt, as well as that odd incident in November 2004 where one of Bush's Secret Service agents was pushed away from him in Santiago, Chile. And we should definitely remember that 2005 attempt with a grenade in Russia. There was even a possible attempt, aborted, on him on the morning of September 11, 2001. According to a community newspaper, the Longboat Observer, a van occupied by men of Middle-Eastern appearance drove up to the hotel where the President was staying and attempted to see him, posing as reporters and claiming to have an appointment. The Secret Service turned them away, but otherwise refuses to discuss details of the incident.

Small wonder, that. But from looking at the record, it seems to me that the guy suggesting the President would be shot by a hidden sniper, or that the nation would jump to conclusions about the culprit, not only ignores the professional ability of the Secret Service, but is willing to lie to himself about how such a crime would most likely be perpetrated. Accordingly, I have thought about this situation myself, and suggest three scenarios which could happen, though I warn the reader from the beginning that the Secret Service has already considered all kinds of situations, and has taken steps to prevent just such possibilities. After all, we don't see open-car Presidential motorcades anymore, for the obvious reason. But looking at the most likely scenarios and our likely response to them, should help give a sense of perspective to the task of protecting the most important leader in the world, as well as the fallacy of such people as Peter Dale.

Scenario One - President George W. Bush is assassinated in a foreign country.

Why it could happen - Bush has made a lot of trips while President, and not just to nice safe places. He's been to Iraq, to Russia, and a large number of places where extremists and violent factions reside. Since he depends to some degree on the quality and dedication of protection agencies of the host countries, he is clearly at his greatest risk when outside the United States.

What if it happens - The risk of such an event is obvious. You might have noticed that Bush and Cheney are never together when outside the United States, and after the Russian attempt Bush no longer made publicized appearances outside controlled locations. While the specific method of attack is difficult to predict, the tight security would preclude the more common tactics of sniper shooting or suicide bomb. It is generally accepted that the death of a U.S. President would provoke war. Understandably, the U.S. Government refuses to speculate on its response to a possible assassination in a foreign country, but the most likely scenario would be a terrorist group attempting to destabilize the host government, as was motive the 2005 attempt in Russia. If Bush were assassinated in a foreign country, the most likely consequences would include an ultimatum to Iran and subsequent military action. See the concluding section on Mindset Change.

Why it won't happen - There are only two kinds of countries which get visits from President Bush; allies and countries which want something from the United States. It is very much in those countries' interests to keep the President safe; there is no conceivable scenario where Bush was assassinated in another country, where that country would not suffer for that event. Knowing this, every country which receives a Presidential visit makes his safety the top priority.

Scenario Two - President Bush is assassinated in the United States by an avowed terrorist.

Why it could happen - It has long been accepted, that a person or group which has no concern for their own lives, could find a way to reach any given individual and kill them. Some of the best-protected men in History were assassinated anyway.

What if it happens - The terrorists celebrate the 9/11 attacks, not realizing that while those attacks achieved their immediate objective, they also woke up many Americans to the threat. The Left and the terrorists have been selling Americans for a number of years on the idea that America is really the aggressor, not the victim. Killing the President would prove that lie for its evil in short order, and would radically harden American opinion of the need for permanent and effective action against terrorist groups and their sponsors.

Why it won't happen - They'll never admit it, but the Secret Service has been beefed up quite a bit, with some military guys and some tech tricks that would put 'Q' of James Bond fame to shame. While the airlines and public relations types are careful to avoid profiling, you may be assured that profiling is regularly - and more importantly, intelligently - used in protecting the nation's highest officials. The public, after all, has largely forgotten about the Anthrax scare in 2001 and the various security issues with buildings and evacuation procedures, but the guys who sweat out the security have been working on this non-stop, and know their job inside and out.

Scenario Three - President Bush is assassinated by a home-grown nutjob.

Why it could happen - Most assassins in American history are loners. They get their chance specifically because no one knows what they plan to do until they put it into motion. It's scary to think about it, but if a loonie with a gun happened to see Bush at some moment when he had the opportunity, he could kill him just like the attacks on Reagan, or Ford, or Truman, or Garfield. The possibility simply cannot be eliminated, and there is a perverse sort of fate which seems to smile on madmen.

What if it happens - One thing which must be admitted from the start; no one really believes that if Bush were assassinated, it would a coincidence. Even the staunchest Bush hater would be inclined to see a pattern or organized effort behind the killing, which could not avoid sending more serious consequences into motion. Certainly the military would be put on alert, and various units deployed to the places designated as most likely to need them. And the national mood would change radically.

Why it won't happen - The Secret Service has worked for a long time for every eventuality, and they know the history better than anyone else. While there have been lapses in the past, they always came during times when a sense of peace and stability pervaded, or else when their subject was uncooperative with the steps which protected him. Neither situation exists with this President.

Conclusion (Mindset Change): Killing President Bush is a sick perverted wish of some on the Left. It should be understood that this is not a political condition so much as a personal psychological climate; during the 1990s, there were people on the Right who wanted Clinton dead, and had no qualms in saying so. For a President to be unpopular is not surprising, especially when he acts decisively in his authority, as Bush has done. But those enemies who think it would be swell to see Bush dead have certainly not considered the consequences of it. Obviously, the assassination of President Bush would mean President Dick Cheney, a man far less obliging and tolerant of the Left or of terrorist-supporting nations than Bush has been. But there is also a social component to consider. Franklin Roosevelt was criticized by many people while in office, sometimes harshly, but after his death he became untouchable. When Kennedy was assassinated, he instantly was transformed from a bungling, indecisive leader who seemed to change his mind on major policy every month or so, to a great leader cut down in his prime. Even so long after leaving office, when Reagan dies his enemies found they were compelled to praise him and testify to his accomplishments. Whatever the public opinion of George W. Bush right now, if he were to be assassinated he would undergo a similar transformation. The nation would find itself obliged to follow his ideals more closely, at least on the surface, but even that would cut the Democrats off at the knees for years to come. Anytime a Democrat started to attack a Conservative position, all a Republican would need to do would be to point to a Bush position like his own, and the polls would swing. Cynical? Sure. But look at Lincoln, McKinley, and every politician killed in office. Even Huey Long got to look like a hero by dying so visibly for a cause. If Bush were assassinated, in the end it would hurt the Liberal cause more than anyone else.

So, if Liberals want to be smart, they ought to denounce that film for the schlock it is, and support Bush the man, even though they cannot support his cause. They need him more than they know.


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Comments (31)

Having seen the Secret Serv... (Below threshold)

Having seen the Secret Service in action up close, the odds of a sniper being able to get a shot at any President is slim to none. They pretty much put their own snipers on any buidling high enough to get a decent shot off and have spotters working with the snipers constantly looking for any suspicious types. It would have to be similar type of attack like occured on Reagan.

Then the economy would be b... (Below threshold)

Then the economy would be booming and there would be no more Al quaeda types.

The heading should read - W... (Below threshold)
Mark Blahut:

The heading should read - When will the wingnuts
take out the president! Remember we lefties
are not as violent as you neocon bastards .

Yeah Mark' abortion is a no... (Below threshold)

Yeah Mark' abortion is a non violent pastime!

"...or maybe what Oliver... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

"...or maybe what Oliver Stone and Howard Dean talk about when they meet for brie and communism."

OK, that line made me LOL. Great article.

ha ha... (Below threshold)

ha ha

A correspondent from Great ... (Below threshold)

A correspondent from Great Britain was on Fox & Friends this morning and he stated that this disgusting piece of filth was being aired on Channel 4 - a station hardly anyone in the UK watches - so there's your real motivation for making it. He also said that there was a LOT of outrage amongst ordinary folk in Britain about this particular piece of leftist incendiary garbage.

All that being said, we can only hope and pray that this doesn't put any ideas into some nutbar's head. And should the writer or producer of this filthy outrage ever dare to set foot in the U.S., he should be arrested. There IS a law about threatening the life of the President of the United States and it's high time we started enforcing it!

And the words I've seen as supposedly coming from Barbara Bush at the funeral - that fine woman would NEVER say something that crass and despicable. I've MET Barbara Bush and she is class personified - unlike our next first lady HRC. I have always been grateful that Laura Bush is much more in the mold of her mother-in-law than in the self-promoting shoes of HRC.

DJ,What the **** w... (Below threshold)
Martin A. Knight:


What the **** wrong with you? Why are you trying to chill free speech?

To quote the creators of this film, this is not a sensationalist, simplistic or unsophisticated piece of work. Rather, it's a very thought-provoking and powerful production that deserves to be seen by everybody.

It would surely earn applause and awards galore at the Toronto Film Festival and we need to allow all our friends on the Left the freedom to enjoy what is sure to be a pivotal moment in the genre of the docudrama.

After all, we wouldn't want to prevent Dick Durbin, Howard Dean, Ned Lamont, Nancy Pelosi, etc. and all the other leading lights of our beloved Democrat Party from attending the premiere like they did for Fahrenheit 9/11, now, would we?

Mark,All one has t... (Below threshold)


All one has to do is take a look at what happens to counter protesters at your "peace protests" to see just "non violent" the LLL's are.

All one has to do is look at the signs your "peace activist" buddies carry at their protests. Go over to www.zombietime.com or http://michellemalkin.com/archives/005841.htm for some fine examples. Oh yeah, it is all about peacelovedove.

All one has to do is see how they treat people who wear a uniform. Stories such as the following illustrate just now "non-violent" you and your ilk are. Oh, wait a minute....that is right....In your mind and in the minds of your LLL "peace activist" buddies acts of this nature are considered OK.


All one has to do is remember that it is "peace activists" that are the ones being caught the most by the FBI for making bombs and attempting to blow up stuff. In fact 2 of your wonderful LLL buddies blew themselves up not 50 miles from where I live trying to make backpack bombs. There was so much bomb making material in their apartment that the building had to be evacuated and destroyed because it was too unstable to move.

Pym Fortuyn was killed by and "animal rights and peace activist".

Lee Harvey Oswald would fit right in with the LLL's of today and be right at home in the "peace movement". Of course JFK would not be a member of the Democratic party of today, either. The Democrats would have given him the Joe Lieberman treatment.

I could go on and on....

No matter how much you tell yourself that you and your LLL buddies are all about peacelovedove your ilks words and actions speak quite to the contrary. You are just too blinded by your hatreds to see it.

You know my cousin was a big "peace activist" during the 1960's and 70's. He started a fight at our grandfathers funeral with 3 of his cousins (one of them was my brother, another was HIS brother) because they were in the armed forces and "baby killers" in his mind. He did not talk to his father for decades because he worked at GM on the Triton missle project so his father was a "baby killer", too. He was arrested for being a suspect in blowing up the math lab at UWM.

He thought much the same as you and your ilk do today. He now realises the truth of the matter and now regrets that he was so blinded by his hatreds that he could not see that he was a hypocrite and a fool. He has a very, very difficult time living with that realization for he has lost decades of his life to his hatreds. He has lost his family and many of his old friends all of whom he misses dearly. He is trying to make amends but it is difficult considering his actions and the words he said so long ago.

Gayle Miller<blockquo... (Below threshold)

Gayle Miller

All that being said, we can only hope and pray that this doesn't put any ideas into some nutbar's head. And should the writer or producer of this filthy outrage ever dare to set foot in the U.S., he should be arrested. There IS a law about threatening the life of the President of the United States and it's high time we started enforcing it!

We don't need a movie to put ideas in someone's head to assassinate a president, as history will tell you. This movie puts Bush in no more danger then before it was aired.

I think you go too far by saying we should arrest the makers of this film if ever they were to come to the U.S.,..just what would we be arresting them for...making a movie? Remember Theo Van Gogh?

Should we really tread that path?

I agree, this film is in poor taste, but its quite a stretch to classify it as a threat or a danger to the president.

If the moonbats got their w... (Below threshold)

If the moonbats got their way and Bush was impeached and removed from office, or worse still killed in office, they would find themselves with nine years of Cheney.

Drat, ya beat me to it Cuba... (Below threshold)

Drat, ya beat me to it Cubanbob.

Hatred will only carry you so far and then reality takes over and bites you in the a**.

And why, pray tell, would t... (Below threshold)

And why, pray tell, would the left destroy the only thing they've got going for them?

So, astigafa, are you going... (Below threshold)
Martin A. Knight:

So, astigafa, are you going to watch this thought-provoking film? Is MoveOn.org organizing viewing parties?

Need I point out the obviou... (Below threshold)

Need I point out the obvious? It's wrong for ANYBODY to kill or threaten to kill ANYONE, whatever the politics of the killer or the victim.

I certainly don't consider those threats cited to be the position of the mainstream left. Nor do I believe the mainstream right seriously promotes murder. And I assume Ann Coulter doesn't really want a Supreme Court Justice poisoned, either. Sometimes the rhetoric gets heated, which is unfortunate, but this is all about politics...and in America, we don't generally settle our differences with violence. I hope.

Annoying nitpick but I thou... (Below threshold)

Annoying nitpick but I thought the grenade attack was supposed to take place in Tblisi Georgia

astigafa: This is no longer... (Below threshold)

astigafa: This is no longer the actions of the left. It is the action of the leadership of the entire democratic party. There is no left in the democratic party, the entire party has went over the edge. Take a look at who's running the funny farm, Peloshi, Dean, Hanoi John, Hellary 'the weasel', just name a democrat and you have identified an insane person. There is no way this is all a result of BDS, somewhere along the line someone pissed in the democratic gene pool, or the fact that they have murdered millions of babies and were responsible for the death of millions in Southeast Asia in the 60-70's (and are continuing to get people killed in Iraq to satisfy their blood lust) has finally caught up with them.

I haven't read where any of the party leaders have proposed the 'killing' of the Wilson's yet, but since Joe and Val made fools of the democrat leadership I suggest they find a good hiding place, fast.

The Left would have to be s... (Below threshold)

The Left would have to be stupid to kill Bush.

It would make Cheney not just the de facto President, but it would also take away any chance of seeing little Georgie rot in a jail cell for war crimes.

I agree that a movie that i... (Below threshold)

I agree that a movie that involves the assasination of an actual head of state is in poor taste. It's hard to imagine that this isn't a case of people wishing they could do the documentary for *real*.

BUT without seeing the movie we don't know, other than the tastelessness of the premis, what the conclusion will be. Until we see the movie (or someone else does and lets us know) we don't know if the movie isn't about how the assasination of Bush would be a very bad thing.

This may be a movie that those with Bush assasination fantasies will utterly hate.



It's much better to incarcerate him for crimes against humanity! Check out this website: www.imprisonbush.com.

The advantages of imprisonment over assassination:

1) You don't have to go out and buy a gun (such an awful, icky thing to own),


2) There is no bloody mess to clean up.

I think the film actually h... (Below threshold)
The Anchoress:

I think the film actually has a right-winger as the assassin, in the end, from what I've read. Not a surprise. Folks on the left would never advocate killing, as they are all about peace and love and tolerance! ;-)

Well I tried. ;-)... (Below threshold)

Well I tried. ;-)

An attack by the left on th... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

An attack by the left on the life of the current President of the United States will result in mass post natal abortion of the left. All of us gun owning conservatives will declare war on you idiots. You carry signs we'll carry guns. Guess who wins. Won't be Michael Moore.

Zelsdorf,Nonsense,... (Below threshold)


Nonsense, that kind of talk is no better than those saying they want Bush dead. The extreme right scares me as much as the extreme left.

If Gore won in 2000, would ... (Below threshold)

If Gore won in 2000, would we instead be talking about a movie in which the President was taken out by a harpoon?

I'm with Robert. Cheney is... (Below threshold)

I'm with Robert. Cheney is insurance against the Left. Do they really want to give him the office outright?

Not to mention it would allow him to appoint Condi Rice as VP and effectively guarantee a strong run by that VP in 2008.

Seems self-defeating. Of course, the lefties are good at self-defeating.

Ron is right. The extreme r... (Below threshold)

Ron is right. The extreme right scares me as much (if not MORE) as the extreme left.

You can not realistically say Democrats had anything to do with this movie. It's thinking like this that shows me we have lost our way.

This November for the first time in my life I am voting for the Democrats.

Seeing as how nobody said t... (Below threshold)

Seeing as how nobody said the Dems were behind it, do you often feel the need to battle straw men?

" Ron is right. The extr... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

" Ron is right. The extreme right scares me as much (if not MORE) as the extreme left.

You can not realistically say Democrats had anything to do with this movie. It's thinking like this that shows me we have lost our way.

This November for the first time in my life I am voting for the Democrats.
Posted by: clearwaterconservative at September 2, 2006 06:47 AM"

This is a Joke Right? If not it's the worst and most pathetic Democrat fraud that is so transparrent it's almost funny.

The Dummycrats were not beh... (Below threshold)

The Dummycrats were not behind this?

Yeah, yeah right!

Big fat difference between ... (Below threshold)

Big fat difference between free speech and incitement to assassination.






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