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Like We Didn't See This One Coming

As predicted, the UN has given Iran two more weeks to stop enriching uranium. Surprise, surprise, surprise:

LAPPEENRANTA, Finland (Reuters) - The European Union agreed on Saturday to try to clarify Iran's nuclear stance within two weeks and Iran told visiting U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan it wanted fresh negotiations on the issue.

Annan's visit to Iran takes place two days after the U.N. nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), reported Tehran had failed to meet the U.N. Security Council's August 31 deadline to suspend sensitive uranium enrichment work.

Put a fork in the UN. It's done.


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Comments (20)

HALT! Or we'll yell "Halt!"... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

HALT! Or we'll yell "Halt!" again!

Dear Prime Minister Ahmadin... (Below threshold)

Dear Prime Minister Ahmadinejad,
Please clarify your response to our deadline, we find the phrase 'F**k you, and the horse you rode in on!' to be unclear and fraught with ambiguity. Take a couple of weeks to think it over, thanks.

Your Friend,

Really, 2 weeks?...what a w... (Below threshold)

Really, 2 weeks?...what a waste. We're gonna waste all that time trying to talk when we could be bombing things already. History has shown over and over and over that bombing always solves ALL the problems while talking is just a waste of time and just makes people angry and causes feelings to be hurt.

We need to teach them a lesson that it's not safe for them to have bombs because that might use them to bomb other countries. Until they show they are a civilized nation like us capable of using are bombs responsibly they don't get NO bombs.

The U.S. has been forced to... (Below threshold)

The U.S. has been forced to take a back seat -- in effect -- the equivalent of "shut up and sit down". The EU will take the lead.

Everyone knows Iran will do just the opposite of whatever the U.S. wants just to rub George's nose in it.

Everyone knows Iran will... (Below threshold)

Everyone knows Iran will do just the opposite of whatever the U.S. wants just to rub George's nose in it.

The more you write, the more I realize what an idiot you are. Everyone knows? My god, you're dumb.

Wow, I'm shocked, shocked t... (Below threshold)
cate s.:

Wow, I'm shocked, shocked that the EU is giving them another two weeks. EU, here is your bribe money.

Yeah I am sick of these sta... (Below threshold)

Yeah I am sick of these stall tactics too. Hey guys, what exactly would you do?

The EU will never learn tha... (Below threshold)

The EU will never learn that appeasement doesn't work with brain dead murderers. They tried it in the 30's and we had to go to Europe and scrape what was left of them's a** off the walls. Now we have the defeatest /appeasement (aka democratic cowards) party in the U.S. helping the do nothing idiots in the U.N. and the E.U.. Nuc Iran back to the stone ages, which is only about 10 years back, and forget them. The rest of the religion of murder will sit down and shut up.

One of the first rules you ... (Below threshold)

One of the first rules you learn in the military is never issue an order you can't or won't enforce or you lose your respect and authority. It shouldn't cease to amaze me how useless the U.N. is but it does. I can only hope this administration now has the courage to bypass the U.N. and form it's own coalition of India, Germany, G.B. and anyone else we can coerce to impose strong economic sanctions. If this doesn't work I'm sure we've developed a pretty good air campaign for the known nuc facilities.

To all the eternally appeas... (Below threshold)

To all the eternally appeasing Leftist Morons (please excuse the redundancy), but here's what we do:

"nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure"

Nuff said.

The Iranians are playing po... (Below threshold)

The Iranians are playing political football with the issue, and we've got a waterboy in the White House.

Never in the history of this country has the United States been so marginalized on the international stage. It's a disgrace with the republican'ts have done with their chance at the wheel.

The only bright spot is that It will be a long time before the nation puts another conservative in the White House.

We in the UN will give you ... (Below threshold)

We in the UN will give you Iranians just two more weeks, and if that doesn't work, we'll give you another two weeks! So take that!

I have always liked Glenn B... (Below threshold)

I have always liked Glenn Beck's "U.N. school of parenting"
If you haven't heard it, it is a promo of as a parent how you can give your child hundreds of "This is the last time I am going to tell you"

Here's to hoping that the U... (Below threshold)

Here's to hoping that the U.N. continues to delay and delay and delay to appease Iran.

If the U.N. agrees to sanctions and controls the sanctions we'll just have another oil for food scandal. And all the while the mullahs in Iran will be making billions of dollars through Kofi and his family and any other crook out there while simultaneously showing starving children in the streets of Iran.

On the other hand, if the United States decides to go about sanctions of its own accord, perhaps with the help of countries like Australia and Britian, we can actually enforce sanctions that might be effective.

"I'd throw it down the inci... (Below threshold)

"I'd throw it down the incinerator, but it won't burn twice." -Felix Ungar "The Odd Couple" 1968

The UN has been more than done for quite some time now, just no one has been willing to chuck it into the garbage where it belongs.

Again, I ask, what would yo... (Below threshold)

Again, I ask, what would you geniuses on the white wing do? And please, don't tell me about nuking the entire country like the caveman above so eloquently stated. That's great, kill hundreds and thousands of innocent women and children because of the ignorance of their government. Yeah, you repubs are just wonderful folks. I can't wait to see who we go to war with next?

Hey, they still haven't found Natalie Holloway, I think those Arubans need to be thought a lesson.

Here is the deal; until the U.N. gets the Russian and Chinese on board, these sanctions will not work. Because Iran does most of its trading with those two countries. So shouldn't frat boy's diplomatic corp be pressing the Chinese and Russians to truhtfully back the U.N. sanctions? Whoops, can't do it. I think there is still some credibility issues with this entire IRAQ mess. See how one foreign policy blunder can have a bad trickle down effect?

Their government is not ign... (Below threshold)

Their government is not ignorant! They are diabolical!

fn: Yeah, I know, seeing as... (Below threshold)

fn: Yeah, I know, seeing as how Russia profited quite a bit from the Oil-For-Food debacle it would be kind of hard to get them to enforce any kind of meaningful sanctions. Your absolutely right that that Iraq mess did cause some serious credibility issues for Russia, which is probably why the US is not depending on Russia for anything after their blocking on the security council during the lead up to the 2003 Iraq war.

Russia and China will not back the UN sanctions as long as they have reason to believe they can benefit from Iran without consequence. There is nothing, nothing the US could do to change their minds. There is definitely no meaningful consequence the UN could threaten with, as has been proven routinely.

It is blindly partisan to sit there and go, "See, see! The Iraq war caused this!" Without looking at, you know, just about every other relavent factor.

Given Russia's behavior on the run up to the Iraq war, along with the subsequent revelations over Oil-for-Food, it is just childish to claim that Russia would magically be our dance partner regarding the issue of Iran and its nuclear aims if it was not for that darn issue of deposing the murderous dictator named Sadaam Hussein.

Let's see if we can follow ... (Below threshold)

Let's see if we can follow the logic:

Lee whines when the US goes into Iraq "unilaterally".

He then whines when we work with the UN to do anything.

Yup, that is some good consistency.

What logic??... (Below threshold)

What logic??






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