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The Plame-Wilson story: that was the week that was

Wow, what a week it's been in the Valerie Plame mess.

First, there was the sight of Richard Armitage -- Colin Powell's #2 man when Powell was Secretary of State -- being frog-marched out of his home by FBI agents and charged with exposing Valerie Plame's identity. Some cynics say that in the end, Armitage -- who had opposed the war in Iraq -- will not spend any time in jail, but instead get a slap on the wrist and become the butt of jokes -- much like former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger, who stole and destroyed classified materials from the National Archives.

Then Powell himself issued a statement through his attorney -- not even appearing in person -- saying that the former Secretary of State would have no comments on the matter while it was still pending before the courts.

Then Plame's husband, former ambassador Joseph Wilson, got hit with a legal one-two. First, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney hit him with defamation lawsuits, then the New York Times went after him for fraud. Legal experts say the Rove and Cheney suits will most likely be dismissed, but the Times one is on firmer ground -- they published Wilson's account of his trip to Africa on behalf of the CIA, and in it he flatly contradicted his official report -- and that was under oath. Sources within the Times say the real motivation for the suit isn't the embarassment for publishing it, but revenge for starting the whole mess that sent the Times' Judith Miller to jail for almost three months. Miller herself is looking into suing Patrick Fitzgerald over the whole thing, as he apparently knew the real source was Armitage long before she was called in to testify -- and was locked up for refusing to cooperate.

"Scooter" Libby's lawyers are also eagerly poring over the new developments, in hopes of gaining him some break. It still strikes me as supremely ironic that the only administration official in legal trouble over the whole mess is a guy who lied about telling the truth about a liar.

I have to admit, I never saw one of the things that happened coming. But in my defense, neither did anyone else. But when John Kerry and Howard Dean made a joint public apology to President Bush and Karl Rove for wrongly accusing them of "outing" Plame as part of a plot to attack her husband, I thought large portions of the Left would commit mass suicide or lynch both men -- or both. Leaks indicate that it was a deal cut between the DNC and the White House; if those two made a public apology, the Republicans wouldn't use the whole thing to beat the Democrats to a bloody pulp in November's election.

I think one thing that nobody -- NOBODY -- predicted was Valerie Plame herself signing on to the next James Bond movie. It's unclear whether she will be a Bond Babe, the bad guy, or even the first female 007, but that just might be the first James Bond movie I'll actually want to see.

There are some stories that end not with a bang, but with a whimper. The whole Plame mess was one that I had dearly hoped would end with just such a whimper, as Plame and Wilson would sink into their muchly-deserved obscurity and the whole silly thing would fade away. But if it's going to go for the bang, at least it was a richly-entertaining one.

(Texas Rainmaker has his own piece, in a similar vein, up here.)


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Comments (13)

I hope Armitage gets a lot ... (Below threshold)
Charles Bannerman:

I hope Armitage gets a lot oftime in the graybar hotel. His cowardness caused a huge distraction to the the administration in a time of war, ruined the career of Libby, wasted taxpayers money on the Fitzgerald investigation and cast a shadow of distrust over the White House.

Even more, I hope Wilson gets it in the neck for starting the whole mess.

If Colin Powell was involved I hope he gets the same punishment as Armitage. Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing might be a goofd thing to remember about Powell. Pentegon generals are ruthless politicians and Powell clawed his way to the top of the military.

The only publicity Valerie ... (Below threshold)

The only publicity Valerie Pflame is going to get now will be a cover on Penthouse. I've got my $5 ready to go.

You writing science fiction... (Below threshold)
Fred Z:

You writing science fiction now?

Armitage, Powell, and even ... (Below threshold)

Armitage, Powell, and even the Wilsons, all got what's coming to a bunch of back-stabbing bureaucratic insiders. They are all of the same stripe. Their reputations will be forever tarnished, and that is something that will haunt them to their last days. Punishment enough.

Plame will be cast in the new 007 movie as the CIA analyst who missed the transfers of WMD to Syria and Lebanon, causing Bond to have to go into jihadi-land and save the day.

That may be our only hope with Iran.

jay, you really need to com... (Below threshold)

jay, you really need to come up with some kind of indicator when you're playing. do you have one that i just don't know about? i mean sure, the val does bond is a bit out there, but i searched for the ny times fraud suit, you rat bastard! no more blog reading before coffee...

papa, if you look at the en... (Below threshold)

papa, if you look at the end, you'll see a little tag marked "satire..."

If I made it TOO obvious, it wouldn't be as much fun.


You are now qualified to be... (Below threshold)

You are now qualified to be the editor/publisher of the LAT/NYT and as a sideline you can head ABC/CBS/NBC and CNN news. Write what you want to happen, not what happened is 100% in line with the entire liberal press. Satire is their game but they don't identify it as such.
Man you are good today, get too much 'Miller time' last night?

i saw that after i made my ... (Below threshold)

i saw that after i made my rant, jay. can you pass the mustard, it takes the edge off the toenails, thanks.

<a href="http://www.democra... (Below threshold)

Joe Wilson responds to the faithful: "Keep lying!"

Unfortunately, this part is NOT a joke!

WARNING: The link above leads to "Democratic Underground," or just "DUh" for short. If you are squeamish about bad language, anti-American sentiments, wild conspiracies theories, and death wishes going out for prominent conservatives in and out of public office, do not click it. If you choose to click it anyway after reading this warning, PLEASE remember to wipe your feet well and wash your brain out with soap before returning here - it's a brand new carpet, really.

Truth is stranger than fict... (Below threshold)

Truth is stranger than fiction

Republican: "Joe Wilson has... (Below threshold)

Republican: "Joe Wilson has been caught, time after time, in lie after lie."

DemonicRat: "Yeah...But, it's all true."

All the while, DemonicRats have been speaking Stupid to Power, at the same time, Republicans have been wasting their time, speaking Truth to Stupid.

Armitage and Wilson should ... (Below threshold)

Armitage and Wilson should just quit brownholing each other and just come clean for once..

My hypothesis is that Wilso... (Below threshold)
T.G. Scott:

My hypothesis is that Wilson and Plame saw this as a way to capitalize on their own stupidity by netting a book deal and possibly a made for TV movie about the whole thing on down the road. However, their attempt to turn the tables on this administration blew up in their faces. They didn't believe the true facts would be found out. They knew they could count on the MSM to keep the story in their favor--or so they thought. I'll bet they're home this weekend brainstorming about what they're gonna do next to pay the bills at the Wilson/Plame compound.






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