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Hey Kim, fire one of those missiles again, PLEEEEEZ.

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DJ... Hold on man. As a for... (Below threshold)
Big Al:

DJ... Hold on man. As a former Army member and having worked in aerospace and programming, I can assure you that nothing is certain in anti-ballistic missle "shields". Look at the Patriot in 1991, hardly a single hit, though the fireworks looked good. Please be careful what you wish for, since you might get it. This was a test tube launch and nothing more. I would like to see it under operational conditions-God Forbid.

Nothing is certain, to be s... (Below threshold)

Nothing is certain, to be sure. But each test brings us closer to the level of UNcertainty we can induce in those who might wish to launch a missile in our direction.

Even unsuccessful tests help, although you wouldn't know it from media coverage, by adding to the sum of knowledge. Recall that our space program had over 50 rockets which failed before we succeeded in our first space launch. Even the rocket John Glenn rode into orbit had only ONE successful prior test, and several unsuccessful ones.

Still, I'd like to see all those who have claimed for decades that it "can't be done" called to account for the delays their obstinance caused the program.

I know we should regard Kim... (Below threshold)
T.G. Scott:

I know we should regard Kim Jong Il as a very dangerous, little, sawed-off sucker. However, I can't help but snicker when I see pictures of him. Is there anyone else out there besides me that thinks he's angry because he looks like an elderly Chinese woman. I've got to get that Team America DVD. "I'm ronery, sooo ronery...." LOL






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