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It's Been Two Years, A Different Anniversary, The Same Evil

We are at war against monsters.




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DJ-The photo of Besl... (Below threshold)

The photo of Beslan is not displaying-anyone else having trouble? The what if blog has a link to a photo that works. It be a Firefox only problem.

Well at least the good guys have caught this individual-

No.2 Al-Qaida leader captured in Iraq

{How does that "liberal reasoning" that we are not fighting Al-Qaida in Iraq work again?}

How is it that our LLL neve... (Below threshold)

How is it that our LLL never believe the terrorist when they tell us what they will and want to do,but assign to Bush things he never said? just asking,maybe some one can explain.

Jainphx -It's proj... (Below threshold)

Jainphx -

It's projection, I think - they fantasize about all the things THEY would do if they had the same power, and figure BUSH is simply salivating at the prospect of launching a theocracy based on his personal beliefs, ready to imprison anyone who questions his programs, and is eager to take over the world by force and impose HIS ideas on the globe.

Because that's what THEY would do if they had the chance. Or so I think.


The far left hates Christia... (Below threshold)

The far left hates Christianity, Western civilization in general, and America in particular, putting them pretty much on the same side as the Islamofascists.

Right up until the terrorists have no further need of the appeasement and collaboration the left provides them, of course.

...link is still funky at 1... (Below threshold)

...link is still funky at 10:30 PDT.

DJ's post illustrates -the ... (Below threshold)

DJ's post illustrates -the changed nature of Russia.

Despite Beslan, is it in their interests for there to be unrest in the Middle East? Politically is their stability more dependent on their economy getting a "boost" from the uptick in valuation of one of their natural resources oil, and they can "afford" their own terrorist threats? Is that the equation of equilibrium or the price they are willing to pay, the trade offs they are willing to make?

Rory,The Russians ... (Below threshold)


The Russians have been hunting down the planners & financers of the Beslan attack, much like the Israelis did with the folks who planned & paid for Munich. Only instead of a couple of magazines full of .22 Shorts at close range, they're killing them by tying plastic explosives to thier chests with barbed wire.

JLawson I suppose the bigge... (Below threshold)

JLawson I suppose the biggest part of what you said is on the mark,but the people we are fighting would kill them just as fast. Oh well its up to us to see that their sorry butts are protected as well as ours. It gets tiring carrying the whole load with them on our backs.

Eek! They're in my closet a... (Below threshold)

Eek! They're in my closet and under my bed!

Quick, Mr. President, tap my phone! It's the only way!






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