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The Case For A 9/11 Remembrance Day

Democracy Project posts the case made by Phil Napoli for a 9/11 Remembrance Day. Bruce Kesler says it would be a "Democracy Day." I like the sound of that.

9/11 was not simply an isolated terrorist act. It was a purposely-targeted, conspiratorial attack, one of many, aimed at the political, military and commercial cores of the United States, by those opposed to everything America and the West represent - as similar scale terror attacks in Madrid and London demonstrate.

America and the West represent a civic culture of democracy: the tolerated and protected rights of individuals and their differences, earned achievement and advancement, and respect for private property over government expropriation. None of these are perfect, but stand quite above what prevails elsewhere in the world. The fruits of democracy challenge petty and greater despots to incite hatred of us out of self-protection of their thugocracies and to distract their captive populations from their oppressive rule. Add in that much of Western progress is deeply rooted in developed Judeo-Christian morality, an ethic at odds with those rooted in medieval versions of Islam, and tinder is added to the fiery mix. Those in the West who favor or kowtow to such reduced hopes for mankind are complicit arsonists.

A 9/11 Remembrance Day is, ultimately, a Democracy Day. If any can't agree on that, they expose their utter foolishness.

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I believe it is already a d... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

I believe it is already a day of remembrance though not a federal holiday: Patriot Day

Is your post a call for Patriot Day to become our 11th federal holiday, or for it to be a day of remembrance sanctioned by Congress. If it is the latter, I believe that has already been done.

Has anyone found a source t... (Below threshold)

Has anyone found a source to buy DVD's of the new docu. movie showing the lead up to 9-11? Guess we'll have to wait until is shows on ABC. I hate that, never watch the idiot channel.

There is already a 9/11 Day... (Below threshold)

There is already a 9/11 Day, it's called Patriot Day and was instituted after 9/11/2001. I'm not sure if it started in 2002 or 2003 though.

"If any can’t agree on that... (Below threshold)

"If any can’t agree on that, they expose their utter foolishness."

Well, that kind of inarguable logic convinces me every time. </sarcasm>

a 9/11 holiday is both sill... (Below threshold)

a 9/11 holiday is both silly and a compleete waste of time. It would trivialize, not memorialize that sad day.

Anyway, Christopher Hitchens, a man far more articulate than I posts his opinion on the subject here:


I'd rather remember 9-11 as... (Below threshold)

I'd rather remember 9-11 as a day of reflectiona and observance, and not as a holiday. Fly the flags at half staff, suggest reading lists in the public schools, etc. But no day off. Nothing to make people look forward to it. Nothing that might tempt someone to throw a party of host a BBQ.

I second SCSIwuzzy's idea.<... (Below threshold)

I second SCSIwuzzy's idea.

I think we should have a da... (Below threshold)
Meghan D.:

I think we should have a day off, like we have Veterans day off, and all other war days off. Thats not fair to the people who lost someone or the whle family was lost! I agree with one f those post where it says to not let people look forward to it, but how would they look forward to it...it would be a day of sadness, and to remember all of those(more than 5,000 people) that died on 9/11. I dnt think it should be so much a HOLIDAY but atleast a day to remember all those who died and all those who were lost! At school, we are prolly just gonna have a longer moment of silence and our pricipal is gonna come on the intercom, and talk about it! Thats not really a day of remembering....well to me it isnt!

Please consider this info, and i hope you think abut what your doing before you do it!

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