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Help! Help! We're being oppressed!

As the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks draws nearer and nearer, we must remind ourselves of the consequences of that terrible day. And we must never, never forget who the greatest victims of the events of that solemn Tuesday.

No, not the nearly 3,000 Americans and guests of our nation. The biggest victims are Muslims living in the United States.

Since that day, when 19 young Muslim men killed nearly 3,000 Americans and guests, destroyed four airliners, two skyscrapers, severely damaged the Pentagon, and caused nearly catastrophic havoc and damage to our nation's very fabric, Muslims have suffered discrimination and prejudice and hatred.

Such as having a frozen pig's head thrown into a Maine mosque.

Or a bullet-riddled Koran left on another mosque's doorstep.



Hey, help me out, folks. I'm out of examples.

Actually, CAIR is demonstrating how well they've assimilated into modern American culture. They've figured out that it's not about right or wrong, winning or losing, but who can make the loudest (not even the best) claim to being the victim. And they're playing that game like pros.

When Muslims in America are anywhere near as endangered as, say, a Jew in Saudi Arabia or A Dane anywhere in the Muslim world (remember, all Danes were guilty because one newspaper published cartoons depicting Mohammed, and that was later extended to all Westerners who didn't join in condemning the newspaper -- and quite a few who did), then I'll take CAIR's whining semi-seriously. Or, at least, pretend to. Until that day, all I have to say to them is to ask how many of their past leaders have been arrested and/or deported on charges of supporting terrorists. I've lost count.


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Comments (25)

Since we haven't gotten aro... (Below threshold)

Since we haven't gotten around to tort reform yet, perhaps a class action law suit against CAIR for libeling me and the rest of America.

The problem I have with CAIR is they seem to want to freely associate with terrorist organizations, but they consider it oppression if you point out those association.

I couldn't cair less about ... (Below threshold)
La Mano:

I couldn't cair less about the 'discrimination' of the poor muzzies. Just maybe, it they would quit mass MURDERING people, they might get more respect.

Having been born in 1951 I ... (Below threshold)
Mike Boelter:

Having been born in 1951 I am second generation American on my Mothers side, and third generation on my Fathers side. Being that both sides of the family immigrated to the US from Germany I dare say that parts of the family may have experienced a wee bit of bother over being from there during WWI and WWII.

Get over it CAIR.

Our problem is not that we ... (Below threshold)

Our problem is not that we are not intolerant enough.

When we finally get real about this problem, CAIR will be squeeling like a little girl at her 5th birthday party.

That's what we need to prove we're on the right track.

Mitchell, despite proscript... (Below threshold)

Mitchell, despite proscriptions against pork, I think it will be "squeals like a pig."

As someone over at Tim Blai... (Below threshold)

As someone over at Tim Blair's site once put it, "Muslim Leaders Caution Against Backlash After Tomorrow's Terrorist Attack"...

Hey there Jay - I love it! ... (Below threshold)

Hey there Jay - I love it! But, while I admit that a muslim in America is much safer than a Jew in S.A. - what about being a Jew in ISRAEL! I would have to say that it is even more dangerous to be a Jew in THEIR COUNTRY than be a muslim here, because muslims actually think they have the "right" to kill people, but they will not declare war, and will not fight fair. They launch rockets from hospital rooftops, FORCE civilians to crowd around them (to inflate the body count), and stage deaths to enrage the world at the site. Israel hasn't done that have they? Where is c.a.i.r. on that? Where is cair when muslims do something that damages their cause? Where is cair when muslims are murdering Jews by the THOUSANDS? I'll tell you, at home in their plush AMERICAN home, cheering about it! Can we kick them out with the UN as subversives?

hmmmm...couple days ago we ... (Below threshold)

hmmmm...couple days ago we had the head IslamoFascists exhorting us all to CONVERT TO ISLAM!!

Ponder this then...if we DO convert to Islam does that mean we can fight as brutally as they do?

Sauce for the goose...eh?

Epador, yes, I was trying t... (Below threshold)

Epador, yes, I was trying to stay away from the pig analogy, due to "Muslim sensibilities," if there be such things.

Perhaps this holiday has made me a bit too soft.

Mitchell, you should take M... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

Mitchell, you should take Muslim Unity out for a nice pork chop dinner to make up for your insensitivity.

Justrand-The call ... (Below threshold)
Brian The Adequate:


The call to convert is required by the Koran before a Muslim attacks their enemies. Duck and cover kiddies, the islamofascists think they will pull off another big strike soon.

Jay Tea, I did a similar po... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea, I did a similar post last week in which I noted:

According to the 2004 FBI hate-crimes report, the latest published, there were 156 incidents of anti-Muslim hate crimes; in comparison, there were 95 anti-Christian, and 954 anti-Jewish attacks in the United States. Rather than fear American freedom, most Muslims embrace it. At more than $42,000, average income for Muslim families is higher than the American average.

Context adds a lot, doesn't it?

I also noted the same point you've made ... CAIR has the "victim" part of this all figured out, don't they?


Agreed BTA. The G... (Below threshold)

Agreed BTA.

The Game is Afoot.

Its open season on Infidels.

In today's perverted sense ... (Below threshold)

In today's perverted sense of values, there is no status higher than 'victim'. A 'victim' is untouchable. They have the power to say whatever they want and woe be unto him that questions anything said by a 'victim'. Is it really any wonder that the 'victim' card is played so often given the benefits it bestows ?

- MikeB

I'm really upset over all t... (Below threshold)

I'm really upset over all this intolerance of Muslims, after all they are such tolerant, gentle, compassionate people. I want to convert and go to Somalia and help build a new Islamic paradise.

I will loudly declare solid... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

I will loudly declare solidarity with the poor, oppressed Muslims of the world and I will do so from both the biggest church and the biggest synagogue in Saudi Arabia.

(A clue to the clueless terrorist apologists: There are NO churches or synagogues in Saudi Arabia.)

I am not sure why Jay finds... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

I am not sure why Jay finds so much fault always with the Council on American Islamic Relations, CAIR, which makes me suspect he has some other possibly deeper reasons for his sharp indignation. I beg to be informed, but having just surveyed it's web site and latest news CAIR seems on the face of it, just the sort of lobby or public interest group we should welcome if this is to be 'the ideogical stuggle of the 21st century'. Tearing down the moderate rhetoric of CAIR's so contemptously, will only serve the interest of the fanatics on both sides, who want to keep the situation on a dangerous boil. I know Jay feels that CAIR should be strongly publicly criticizing the 9/11 Bin Laden led attacks ,and so they they have in no uncertain terms

Oh, Steve. Please wake up.<... (Below threshold)
Proud kaffir:

Oh, Steve. Please wake up.

Many of CAIR's former leaders and founders have been indicted or convicted of terrorist-related activities. To put it simply, they are a terrorist front group disguising themselves as moderates. Instead of railing against Islamic terrorism and extremism, they sue anybody who is critical of the head-chopping holy warriors.

Al Qaeda intimidates via mass murder while CAIR intimidates via lawsuits. Certainly the latter is preferable but not if it is done in support of the former.

Proud kaffir.. I suspected ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Proud kaffir.. I suspected that is why I asked and why I stressed their rhetoric. I will explore the allegations of terrorist ties another time. Of course,(as a partial defense) many administrations did curry favor with governments sheltering terrorist groups before 9/11 too. On a personal note, I have never been to Somalia, but I have spent some time in West Africa, mixing with many Muslim people there, who seemed to a great disrepect for thieves, which was always comforting when I travelled and felt quite safe...We must be careful we don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. I am still convinced without Islam (Allah as a kind of Muslim Grand Inquistor) we as visitors and they as nationals, excepting of course the position of women, would be in much worse moral shape, if they were godless or of another less demanding religion...And many of these Muslim terrorists, are more political than Muslim fundamentalist, as the biographer of the 9/11 hijackers,Terry McDermott pointed out: "few (of the 19) were deeply religious."

It is nearly a matter of se... (Below threshold)

It is nearly a matter of semantics to claim a difference between those who commit terror in the name of spreading the Muslim religion and those who do so to spread the Muslim culture based upon the religion.

And Terry McDermott also said:

I also think portraying them as motivated by this one thing or the other is understandable, but misleading. The forces that drove the men in the 9/11 plot are many and complicated; they include broad historical trends, specific political objections, devout if wholly misguided religious belief, psychological alienation and self-aggrandizement.

Keep in mind that in the fundamentalist version of Islam that al-queda loves, if you die a martyr, all sins and transgressions are forgiven. Drinking, whoring, stealing and lying are all OK so long as it doesn't hurt other Muslims AND it leads to your martydom.

Steve,People in We... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:


People in West Africa- Somalia and Sudan- are being slaughtered by the thousands and brutalized by those professing the Religion of the Pedophile. Do you live in an alternate universe?

As to McDermott, he had this to say regarding the motivation behind the 9/11 attacks:

There is at the heart of contemporary Islam a cult. And it is a large cult, with maybe a million members, who choose to find within their religion’s historical texts a rationale to attack, and kill, anyone who opposes them.

You seem to be quoting out of context.

Have you noticed the public... (Below threshold)

Have you noticed the public outrage and protest moderate Muslims have made over terrorists acting in their name?


Nor have I.

Try Googling 'assassin' and 'islam' to see how long this tradition has been going on.

Proud Kaffir..My experience... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Proud Kaffir..My experience was in Mali and Senegal; the latter is one of the more promising countries in West Africa..I certainly wouldn't vouch for muslim Somalia, led by warlords and Taleban-like miltants, with the same dismal prospects unfortunately, as Afghanistan.

I am not sure why Jay fi... (Below threshold)

I am not sure why Jay finds so much fault always with the Council on American Islamic Relations, CAIR, which makes me suspect he has some other possibly deeper reasons for his sharp indignation.

Well, their ties to terrorist groups gives more sane people pause.

I beg to be informed, but having just surveyed it's web site and latest news CAIR seems on the face of it, just the sort of lobby or public interest group we should welcome if this is to be 'the ideogical stuggle of the 21st century'.

Ask CAIR to, without using the word "but", condemn terrorism and they cannot and will not do so.

Tearing down the moderate rhetoric of CAIR's so contemptously, will only serve the interest of the fanatics on both sides, who want to keep the situation on a dangerous boil. I know Jay feels that CAIR should be strongly publicly criticizing the 9/11 Bin Laden led attacks ,and so they they have in no uncertain terms

We can pull up VIDEO of their LEADERSHIP applauding everything they claim to condemn.

There are entire sites dedicated to debunking them, if you're interested.

Quoting from the various id... (Below threshold)

Quoting from the various idiot posts above:

"Religion of the Pedophile" Would that be Catholics you were referring to?

The Victim Card has been played best by the Jews. Every time they kill children, bomb a nation, or are found to commit fraud in government positions they play the "Oh poor us, Chrishtians and Whites fucked us over during the Holocaust" - It's an industry and why shouldn't Muslims follow their example? After all it works.

As for CAIR not condemning terrorists:
- Why don't all Catholics, pedophiles or not, (each and every one of them) condemn Catholic priesthood without using BUT
- Why don't all White people apologize for the crimes committed in their names against the Jews, Native Americans, etc. without saying BUT?
- Why don't all Chrishtians apologize and condemn Timothy McVeigh's actions?

Why should Muslims condemn other Muslims actions? They might think suicide bombers are wrong in the way they carry out their attacks but as long as the terrorist nations (the U.S., its lapdogs, and Israel) commit crimes at a national level against Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Palestine and everywhere else, Muslims have a reason to become terrorists.

If the U.S. didn't have such a screwed up foreign policy then the Middle East, South America and Africa wouldn't hate us so much (not counting the Europeans who do).

I'm just surprised more South American haven't messed with the U.S., they have a lot of grievances as well.






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