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Bargain hunting in New Hampshire

I've always been one to find good stuff cheap (the slogan of Building 19, one of my favorite haunts). I've staked out most of the Manchester-area thrift shops, discount stores, and pawn shops, and frequent them as needed.

But up in Concord, there's another shop I really have to visit some time soon.

Anybody had anything confiscated at a New England airport recently? You just might be able to get it back, dirt cheap...

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wonder if they are selling ... (Below threshold)

wonder if they are selling any confiscated used lubricants.

Has Harry Reid visited up t... (Below threshold)

Has Harry Reid visited up there lately? From his statement today they have his brain in custody. ,” said Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic leader. “If Republicans want to spend the whole month on nothing that is relevant to the American people, we are happy to do that.”

Bet you can buy it unused for a buck or two.

Hey now, don't be coming up... (Below threshold)

Hey now, don't be coming up to NH and stealing all our bargain merchandise!

We'll have to issue a fatwa if you keep it up!

(new to board and trying to fit in ^_^)






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