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Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin was Killed


And no, he wasn't killed by a croc. Unfortunately, his wife may not know yet:

THE Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, is dead.

He was killed in a freak accident in Cairns, police sources said.

It is understood he was killed by a stingray barb that went through his chest.

He was swimming off the Low Isles at Port Douglas filming an underwater documentary when the tragedy occurred.

Ambulance officers confirmed they attended a reef fatality this morning at Batt Reef off Port Douglas.

Irwin's body is being flown to Cairns.

It is believed Mr Irwin's American-born wife Terri is trekking on Cradle Mountain in Tasmania and is yet to be told of her husband's death.

Mr Irwin - known worldwide as the Crocodile Hunter - is famous for his enthusiasm for wildlife and his catchcry "Crikey!".

The father of two's Crocodile Hunter program was first broadcast in 1992 and has been shown around the world on cable network Discovery.

He has also starred in movies and has developed the Australia Zoo wildlife park, north of Brisbane, which was started by his parents Bob and Lyn Irwin.

That's a shame. Steve was an interesting fellow, but considering his proclivity for extreme animal adventures, I guess I'm not completely surprised. Hat tip Drudge.

Update: Reuters has more:

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Steve Irwin, the quirky Australian naturalist who won worldwide acclaim, has died in a marine accident off Australia's northeast coast, local media reported on Monday.

Queensland state government sources quoted by Australian Associated Press (AAP) said Irwin, 44, whose television show "The Crocodile Hunter" won international acclaim and popularized the phrase "Crikey", was believed to have been killed by a stingray barb that pierced his chest.

He was filming an underwater documentary off Port Douglas when the accident occurred, the report said.

Sky Television also reported that Irwin had been stung by a sting ray.

Australian emergency officials could not immediately confirm the reports.

Irwin won a global following for his daredevil antics but also triggered outrage in 2004 by holding his then one-month-old baby while feeding a snapping crocodile at his Australian zoo.

Update II: Australia's Courier Mail:

He dealt daily with all manner of dangerous creatures ... giant crocodiles, poisonous snakes, komodo dragons ... but it was a less obvious hazard that claimed the life of Steve Irwin.

Irwin had taken calculated risks with all sorts of wildlife for decades, relying on his knowledge of animal behaviour and personal experience to beat the odds.

For someone who spent so much time around killer animals, Irwin seemed to leave a charmed life.

So his demise was all the more shocking because it apparently involved a stingray, an animal regarded as dangerous but not as a killer.

It is understood that Irwin was swimming off the Low Isles off Port Douglas filming a documentary, a task Irwin has carried out on countless occasions.

Yet this time, Irwin, ever so careful around danger, was taken unawares when, apparently, a sting ray he was filming struck out with its tail, the venomous barbs fatally embedding in his chest.

The death brought to an end a career that began with his father's Sunshine Coast theme park and developed into an international empire in which Irwin was a globally recognised brand.

Working with his American-born wife Terri, and later, children his Bindi and Bob, the Irwin phenomenon continued to grow.

He was as recognised in the USA as he was here, and was one of the best-known Australians on the planet.

Update III: Australia's News.com:

THE fatal stingray attack on Steve Irwin may have occurred because the animal was startled or frightened, an expert said today.

Victoria Brims, a marine life expert from Oceanworld in Sydney, said the stingray that killed Irwin was most likely provoked.

"I am aware he was filming a documentary and his documentaries are usually very hands on. I can only assume that he had some kind of hands on or close contact with the animal who like us when we get afraid defended itself," Ms Brims said.

Brims also said that for a sting to result in death the person involved had to be stung close to the heart and also have a reaction to the sting.

"For the most part people get stung on the foot when they accidentally tread on a ray and this can be no worse than a bacterial infection," Ms Brims said.

"Their barbs are very strong and release poison if touched. It must have got him right near the heart but the barb would not have gone through his chest."

Update IV: News.com is also saying that a stingray barb is as deadly as a bayonet.

Update V: According to marine experts quoted in ABC News Online, a stingray barb in the chest is almost impossible to survive because of the stingray's protein-based venom that damages the heart. Seventeen people worldwide have been killed by stingrays and they were all hit in the trunk.


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Comments (126)

This, honestly, is one of t... (Below threshold)

This, honestly, is one of the most shocking things I've read in a while.

aw man. this guy was the be... (Below threshold)

aw man. this guy was the best. why did he have to die. this is soo sick, i loved watching his shows when there was nothing to do. he is was a hero to me. aw man.


this is super sad. when i f... (Below threshold)

this is super sad. when i first read this i didnt even believe it but then i read it on some other sites.

=[ RIP Steve Irwin

That’s terrible news; great... (Below threshold)
Adrian Sender:

That’s terrible news; great guy –

You cannot release this stuff to the press without his wife knowing also.

i know he was cool, watta a... (Below threshold)

i know he was cool, watta aussie icon, damn it but i feel so guilty, i cant help but see the irony of the crocodile hunter being killed by a stingray, now hell yeah stingrays are evil little bastards but i find it kind of tantamount to a lion tamer being killed by a monkey, damn irony! and he has 2 kids! omg how sad =(. poor guy n his family, gah i hate it that hes dead it soo sucks!! `stralia zoo wont never be the same.

This is very sad news. Stev... (Below threshold)
David & Anita:

This is very sad news. Steve was a wonderful man passionate about everything he undertook.
Our condolences to his wife, family and team at their sad loss. We will miss him very much

steve irwin was a great aus... (Below threshold)
fi and jess:

steve irwin was a great australian hero. we are in georgraphy and should be working but this is such a shock he will be remembered for his famous quote "crikey" and sadly missed....

Aw, damn. No...RI... (Below threshold)

Aw, damn. No...

RIP, sir. You made a lot of friends you never met...

Funny he should die like th... (Below threshold)
andrew blake:

Funny he should die like that, was expecting him to die of snake poisoning or being eaten by a shark or something.. the crazy guy was messing with all those little animals for no reason... what was he thinging? well everything must come to an end in this world and I guess it was time up for him..

i am really actually sad, i... (Below threshold)

i am really actually sad, i watch (watched) this guy and i never could imagine him dead

i'm sure it will hit me tommorow that he's actually dead

R.I.P. Steve "Crocodile Hunter" Irwin

I cant beleive that steve i... (Below threshold)

I cant beleive that steve irwin could be dead, at first i was hoping some mongrel had lied and told the media a BS story that steve had died. But then i searched and everyone is saying he's dead.
I feel so sorry for his children and wife, I mean this was one man that was so passionate about his family! I have no idea how poor little Bindi and Bob are going to cope growing up without there father. This is one death of a celebrity that truly brings a tear to my eye. And I think I can safely say that everyone that has a heart and cares about this man will also be deeply saddened by this tragic accident.

Rest In Peace Mate!

Kind of ironic that he WASN... (Below threshold)
No Name:

Kind of ironic that he WASN'T killed by a croc. I didn't even know you could die from a sting ray. I've swam around then tons of times before.

Poor steve irwin...you will... (Below threshold)
Adam S:

Poor steve irwin...you will be missed everywhere buddy...stingrays must die...

I love animals and nature, ... (Below threshold)
David Harvey:

I love animals and nature, he was my hero. I wanted to do something of this nature myself: he was funny, exciting, adventurous, a real maverick. I lived my dreams through his documentaries vacariously. I salute you and your memory. May God give your family peace in his passing and promotion to glory.

To Terry, we are not forgotten as long as one of us on earth recalls his name and face. When no one recalls, we shall be together forever in eternity in love with God.

May God have mercy on your soul as you did all those injured animals to be rescued and may he forgive you any sins you may have done.

David Harvey
Odessa, Ukraine

"I knew that croc would get... (Below threshold)

"I knew that croc would get 'im!" Only, it wasn't a croc. I thought he was invincible. So sad. Conservation needs reckless fools to protect the wild. I can't imagine another one willing to get those close shots or show us the bellyside view of animals that most people fear. Steve Irwin embodied all that I thought of Australia---fearless in laughter and love, unafraid of the earth he lived on. I still remember him choking up with empathy at the horrific events of September 11, speaking in such a heartfelt manner to the American viewers about something he truly did not understand---the hatred and violence of men. He was a childlike man whose love and enthusiasm served as a lesson on how to be of the world you are born into, regardless of the bewildering politics it sometimes thrusts upon us.

Much sympathy for Terri, Bindi, Bob, and Steve's family, his dad and sisters. We loved him, y'all.

oh my god.. i think imma cr... (Below threshold)

oh my god.. i think imma cry =[ thats so sad!!! i liked him

stunned and shocked. what a... (Below threshold)

stunned and shocked. what a shame.

Well, hell.... (Below threshold)

Well, hell.

This is quite a shock to me... (Below threshold)

This is quite a shock to me actually. All of us know that we always picked on that guy, saying that he'd die at any moment doing those crazy things. But the reality hits you when you realize he actually did die from a crazy stunt. It makes me feel somewhat guilty actually. RIP, Crocodile Hunter... You will be missed.

my god. we will miss you st... (Below threshold)

my god. we will miss you steve irwin

My family loved to watch al... (Below threshold)
Friends in the USA:

My family loved to watch all Steve's adventures. He was a true family man that seemed to be a very happy person. The world will truly miss this man. My deepest sympathy goes out to his wife, children, family and co-workers. I am from Tennessee in the U.S.A. God Bless you all,

We will pray for your family!
Friends in the USA

Steve Irwin is a great exam... (Below threshold)

Steve Irwin is a great example of someone who was driven by "pure passion".

This guy made me appreciate... (Below threshold)

This guy made me appreciate animals in a way I never had. His compassion and enthusiasm for animals was very infectious.

He will be missed by many people, present and future, and this is one man that the world will miss.

He made my children so happ... (Below threshold)

He made my children so happy... It is so very sad.

The way Steve was am sure h... (Below threshold)

The way Steve was am sure he was not just watching the stingray swim by. They are not aggressive so something went wrong . I remember my dive instructor said "There are OLD divers and there are BOLD divers but there are no OLD BOLD divers". I will miss Steve and his wonderful enthusiasm and that facinating accent. He was too young to die. I can't believe it. Patty

This comment was deleted. A... (Below threshold)
Patty Hater:

This comment was deleted. Any more nasty comments made about anyone else will be junked and banned.

why do they call him a croc... (Below threshold)

why do they call him a croc hunter when he does documentaries? well anywayz hes the best! fo shizzle ma [email protected]

Iam realy devestated to her... (Below threshold)
Justin Freeman:

Iam realy devestated to here about this tragedy steve was a real idol to me and my family and i know he touched many other families alike i belive and hope that every one will join me tonite under the stars at 8 pm in memory to steve and yell out as he would put it "Crikey" I would also like to send out my heart felt sorry to Terri and the children god bless you all in your hour of need, Australia feels for you all and is there to see you through, loving thaughts Justin Freeman and family . RIP Steve .

Sometimes the news really s... (Below threshold)

Sometimes the news really sucks. This story tops the list. Crikey! Why couldn't it have been a plane crash, liver disease, or bird flu instead of a fish attack? One cannot call this an accident. Stingrays defend themselves when they feel threatened. Our mate, Steve, was doing his thing...and sting happens. I'm very bummed about this loss. Crikey, you bloody maniac. You are already missed by the animal kingdom. Who will save the world now?

I think people need to lear... (Below threshold)

I think people need to learn some respect. I am so sorry about this, I was soppused to be working with him next year, in my 'University workinf
g year' and I can't believe he's gone. I'm so sad, I was convinced something freaky would kill him, but I'm shocked it's happened to him at such a young age of 44, rather than when he was older and say something was quicker than him. This is terrible. I know he'd not want us to be angry with the creature, as that's what he's all about, but you can't help it. I'm mad at the deer for harming Cristano da Matta racing driver also. So freaky animals can cause so much trouble.

To Steve "Crocodile Hunter"... (Below threshold)

To Steve "Crocodile Hunter" Irwin - R.I.P. May God bless you and keep you.

To the Irwin family - May God comfort you in your time of enormous sorrow and grief.

At first I thought it had t... (Below threshold)

At first I thought it had to be a bad joke and now I'm sorry that it wasn't. :-(

How terrible.

I wouldn't wish the fellow ... (Below threshold)

I wouldn't wish the fellow any harm, but what honestly made him so "great"?

Playing with snakes and alligators makes you great these days?

REALLY SUX! I feel for his... (Below threshold)
Elton Trym:

REALLY SUX! I feel for his family. I hope children know how proud everyone was of their father.

A damn stingray ! Almost like superman dead from a mosquito bite.....well anyway he lived his life. I wonder how many of these bloggers are really living theirs?????

Oh no, not Steve Irwin... H... (Below threshold)
Matt the Rat:

Oh no, not Steve Irwin... He was one of the good guys. Why couldn't it be a gangsta rapper or corrupt politician? Why the Croc Hunter? He has made more positive contributions to the world than any of those other guys.
My prayers to his family.

Matt.Rat, Oregon, USA

I can't beleive it either.... (Below threshold)
Jon Sanjewi:

I can't beleive it either. He was the best! We love you Steve! Hopefully your kiddies take your place!


This fellow is great man!ev... (Below threshold)

This fellow is great man!eventhough he doesn't know me.I love him for his work and i believe there's a place reserved already for him up there. rest in peace bro.

I'm an American father of a... (Below threshold)
Frank Carroll:

I'm an American father of a 7 year old and a 5 year old. I have enjyed watching Steve and Terri Irwin in tv even before my kids were born. This is a very sad occasion for the world as they spread a very positive message to us all. We'll pray for the Irwin famiy and I sincerely hope that Terri will continue spreading the important message that her and Steve have been spreading for over a decade.

How shocking and sad!... (Below threshold)

How shocking and sad!

Steve Irwin had LIVED his life and had a sense of joy that he was able to pass on to the rest of us.

My heart goes out to his wife...

He has left the world a better place.

We are very sad to see such... (Below threshold)
T & N:

We are very sad to see such a wonderful person gone. Steve Irwin brought to us that he could show the world how wonderful animals were/are to us. We have learnt much more about the wildlife due to his passion for teach.
We are really shocked about the news and will certainly remember this day for many years to come, due the impact the "Crocodile Hunter" had on all of our lives.

God bless Steve Irwin, may you rest in peace.

Tanya and Nick

This is such sad and shocki... (Below threshold)

This is such sad and shocking news. I didn't believe it when I heard it either, I looked it up on a few different websites. I am very sad for his wife, who doesn't even know yet.

RIP. You will be missed by many.

What a tragedy... (Below threshold)

What a tragedy

I've dove in that spot; nev... (Below threshold)
Rick from Nevada:

I've dove in that spot; never saw any stingrays, but it is always a thrill to see them. I, too, am shocked. I never thought of a stingray as something that could or would inflict a fatal wound ... guess we divers better give them more respect.

I wonder if we'll get to see Steve's documentary.

What a cryin' shame. He was a good guy.

Bloody shocker... wonder if... (Below threshold)

Bloody shocker... wonder if he knew Jesus.

His shows were great, he will be greatly missed by many. Thank you for providing information that entertained and assisted many in knowledge needed to be good stewards of God's creation.

What a terrible, tragic los... (Below threshold)

What a terrible, tragic loss of a delightful and amazing man. I am deeply saddened. My heart goes out to his family. I hope he didn't suffer long....

Great Guy! Its unforunate t... (Below threshold)
John Laborati:

Great Guy! Its unforunate that such a great influence on wildlife and conservation had to be cut short. I really enjoyed watching his show and I love his zest for life. I wish more people could learn from steves love of life!

This is a sad sad day... So... (Below threshold)

This is a sad sad day... Sometimes whean i watch his shows you can't help but ask yourself how he gets so excited. He's someone who truly loved what he was doing. May he find more wacky animal stories wherever his journey now takes him. RIP Steve.

This From Fox News Channel.... (Below threshold)
Rob Baker:

This From Fox News Channel. On the day this man dies and all they can think of is negative publicity? Good Lord!


(Story continues below)
"Irwin had received some negative publicity in recent years. In January 2004, he stunned onlookers at his Australia Zoo reptile park by carrying his 1-year-old son into a crocodile pen during a wildlife show. He tucked the infant under one arm while tossing the 13-foot reptile a piece of meat with the other.

Authorities declined to charge Irwin for violating safety regulations.

Later that year, he was accused of getting too close to penguins, a seal and humpback whales in Antarctica while making a documentary. Irwin denied any wrongdoing, and an Australian Environment Department investigation recommended no action be taken against him."

The only people who cared about such rubbish was the news media. We all know Steve would not have let anything happen to his own daughter. But to bring this up again on such a day is unreal.

My kids and I woke up to th... (Below threshold)

My kids and I woke up to the sad news, it was his time, he lived his life to the full. It's a shame about his wife and kids. They hopefully will carry on his great work. R.I.P:

Our heartfelt condolences t... (Below threshold)

Our heartfelt condolences to the family of the late Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter.

He was a good person with the biggest heart for all creatures big and small. There are some out there who might not be entertained by his cunningness and bravery but there are ALOT of other people who loved him whenever he went on screen and showed us crazy yet fun antics.

He passed away doing what he loved most; trying to protect those who were misunderstood.

May his soul rest in peace.


My two boys have grown up w... (Below threshold)
Will =):

My two boys have grown up watching the "Croc Hunter." My wife and I have loved seeing Steve's love for animals and his great sense of humor. You will be missed.
Lord, please bless Terri and the kids with strength and peace during this difficult time.

God Bless him, he brought j... (Below threshold)

God Bless him, he brought joy to millions all over the world and will be missed in SO many ways. but he went doing what he loved, and that has to count for something...

What an amazing character. ... (Below threshold)

What an amazing character. Well done, Steve. You brought us closer to the world around us. Well done.

Saddest part of this is, I ... (Below threshold)

Saddest part of this is, I was thinking about heading there next year to visit his Zoo and try to meet him...

I ended up on picking Europe instead.

Anyone else thinking about ... (Below threshold)

Anyone else thinking about the wife and children?

I am upset by his death (as I imagine everyone should be) but Father is gone. Money and fame doesn't replace that.

Rob Baker,Apprecia... (Below threshold)

Rob Baker,

Appreciate your point about the media in general, but that's not a Fox News Channel story.

Check the byline. It's an AP story. The same one I've seen on many other web sites tonight.

Probably the only stories you'll see on US web sites for the next several hours are wire service. One of the problems of having news break in the middle of the night on a holiday weekend.

Sad to see him go in his pr... (Below threshold)

Sad to see him go in his prime. I get shivers thinking about dying with a regulator in my mouth as it is.

At least he died doing what he enjoyed and "with his boots on."

Unfortunately, as shown above, the scavengers have already begun with their bits of negativity.

A tragedy, surely, but not ... (Below threshold)

A tragedy, surely, but not one that was wholly unexpected. I mean, I've watched as Irwin picked up poisonous snakes, poked at sharks, walked up to Komodo Dragons, hand-fed crocodiles ... if everyone has a certain reserve of luck, then Irwin used his up about a decade ago.

And my suspicion is that no one was more aware of the dangers Irwin was facing than Irwin.


man i kind of feel like i ... (Below threshold)
shane eric diekman:

man i kind of feel like i was to blame just a couple of nighta ago i was watching the show with him and the tiger sharks i said he was going to die real soon i wish i would of never uttered them words god bless his family steve you will be missed but not forgotton

That is really messed up th... (Below threshold)

That is really messed up that the man had to die like that.....very ironic that the very thing he loved to do is the very thing that killed him

A definite tragedy...for th... (Below threshold)

A definite tragedy...for the World. America will miss him!

It's very sad. This guy giv... (Below threshold)

It's very sad. This guy give me at least 2 times a week on TV show a strong sensation all the time. I will miss him. It was an outstanding adventure man.

What a shame. My condolance... (Below threshold)

What a shame. My condolances go out to his family, and I hope they managed to get word out to Terri. (She was off camping when this happened)

I can hardly believe that t... (Below threshold)

I can hardly believe that this news, which I heard it first on radio, is true. I liked very much his shows and from now, I will miss him for sure.

Crikey!Steve will ... (Below threshold)


Steve will surely be missed.

RIP Steve.

THE fatal stingray attac... (Below threshold)

THE fatal stingray attack on Steve Irwin may have occurred because the animal was startled or frightened, an expert said today.

What would we do without experts?

omg...i can't beli... (Below threshold)


i can't believe he actually died =(
i never really watched his shows but i know he was a great actor. Even though i didn't watch his shows, i still see him as a very famous person. It makes me so sad to hear that he was dead. I thought the guy on the radio was lying but when i searched it on the internet it was really true. May God bring peace to his family. RIP Steve Irwin. We will never forget u

I honestly don't Believe wh... (Below threshold)

I honestly don't Believe what happened...I thought he was Invincible but i guess no one is, I mean he wrestles with crocodiles and other dagerous creatures for a living, but at least he died doing what he loved. I loved watching his shows

R.I.P. Steve Irwin.<p... (Below threshold)
The Fiene Family:

R.I.P. Steve Irwin.

We've enjoyed you over the years.

Sincere condolences to your family and to all of Australia who have lost such a wonderful champion of some of the beauty of their continent.

More friends from the USA,
The Fiene Family

This is very sad news. Stev... (Below threshold)

This is very sad news. Steve Irwin was a very interesting person and fun to watch. I learned a lot from him thru his programs,and he will be missed!!! So very sad!

I never watched tv enough t... (Below threshold)

I never watched tv enough to ever see his show-I did see that clip of him holding his son and thought he flipped his lid. Very sad when anyone so young dies. But animals --will always be animals just ask zigfreid or was it roy?

RIP and prayers for his wife and young children

So sad, he was a good perso... (Below threshold)

So sad, he was a good person and I loved how he loved animals. He had a great personality and did such a fun show.

Truly tragic. I do offer t... (Below threshold)
La Mano:

Truly tragic. I do offer this one observation mates, he died as he lived. He did what he loved to do and embraced the danger to encounter the deadliest of animals.

Have you ever seen anyone with more enthusiasm for his work? I suspect it is in the blood. I have a feeling we will be watching his son follow in his father's footsteps several years from now.

R.I.P. Steve Irwin.

Because of this accident, I... (Below threshold)

Because of this accident, Im sure many on the left will now insist all kids wear a flak jacket whenever entering the ocean.

I was so afraid something l... (Below threshold)
T.G. Scott:

I was so afraid something like this would happen to him someday. The odds of it not were against him. I'm still bummed by it. Despite his over-the-top risk taking, I liked the man and I feel for Terri and the children.

I couldnt believe it when I... (Below threshold)

I couldnt believe it when I heard it! The Crocodile Hunter dead!! I always loved him. He was like a role model to me. I had watched that show and loved him ever since I was 4. I'm sure he will be dearly missed and I hope Terri and his kids will find out soon.
We will all be praying for them
R.I.P Crocodile Hunter! R.I.P

I dident really care when h... (Below threshold)

I dident really care when he was alive but now that his dead im like dammmnnn i realy enjoyed his performance on t.v


Wow! I'm so shocked right n... (Below threshold)
Bill Miller:

Wow! I'm so shocked right now no one will believe! I watched steves show when i was 6 and now im 13. I could do an empersonation of this guy u wouldent bleieve was real. I know steve will be missed by many encluding myself.

R.I.P Steve


Damn im gunna miss his tv p... (Below threshold)

Damn im gunna miss his tv programs!

What a huge loss! We loved ... (Below threshold)

What a huge loss! We loved you, Steve. May God bless and keep you and be with your family during this incredibly hard time. =(

What a shame.... R.I.P. </p... (Below threshold)

What a shame.... R.I.P.

Well, swim with sharks and ... (Below threshold)
Bob Frequent:

Well, swim with sharks and sleep with the fishes. Reports said he "came on top of the sting ray and was stung in the heart". My advice: that's the sort of thing best reserved for socks and kleenex. Not venemous animals. Still, Steve seemed like a nice guy when he wasn't taunting dangerous creatures or almost feeding his son to an aligator.

What an inspiring man, died... (Below threshold)

What an inspiring man, died doing what he loved and will no doubt be watching down from heaven still saying how the sting ray was a beut!


OMG!! i cant believe he's g... (Below threshold)

OMG!! i cant believe he's gone!! One of the most shcking things i have ever heard!
I really feel for his family!!

Rest In Peace..

steve was a good man that d... (Below threshold)

steve was a good man that didnt deserve to die, he lived life to the full R.I.P crocodile hunter :(

R.I.P. Steve.At le... (Below threshold)

R.I.P. Steve.

At least you went out they way you would've wanted to, doing what you loved most.

Steve was a wonderful ambas... (Below threshold)

Steve was a wonderful ambassador for animals, terri and his family must be very proud of him.he truly was unique, i hope terri finds the strength to continue their work.May he rest in peace and amy terri and family find some peace in knowing he died doing what he loved, not many of us can say that.
alan Ireland

i give my sympathy to the f... (Below threshold)
aime, manchester:

i give my sympathy to the family most of it to the children R.I.P

I also can't believe this n... (Below threshold)
Joe Gonzalez:

I also can't believe this news. I have been watching Steve since the beginning and my first thought of him was that he was crazy. But since have realized his actual precautions for his own safety. I just don't want to believe it yet. I would like to offer my condolences to Terri his wife and bindy and bob, his children. I could only say to them is that they had a great father. And for terry that she had a very devoted husband. One thing is that Steve will never be forgotten. I have so much respect for Steve and his family. Terry please know that we mourne with you. All my respects to you and your family.
Deeply, saddend big fan.
Joe Gonzalez

As Steve would have said ab... (Below threshold)
dan Bolduc:

As Steve would have said about his life, "It was a BEAUT!".. Gonna Miss Ya Steve, DAMNIT!~!!!!!!

All day since i found out a... (Below threshold)
Whitney Young:

All day since i found out at 9:36 that MY HERO, died i just cant stop cryin but i have to suck it up, because i DO KNOW FOR A FACT..Steve"Crocidile Hunter"Irwin is with GOD..by all means he rest in peace..and his family will NEVER FORGET THE GREATEST FATHER,HUSBAND and, HERO to all ages from new born and through.. NOONE WILL FORGET YOU STEVE. We all already miss you NOTHING WILL BE THE SAME ANYMORE..especially for your Friends and Family who knew and loved you..!

Your Best Friend,
Whitney Young

Gawd After so long and how ... (Below threshold)

Gawd After so long and how much work and interaction with dangerous animals, its unbelievable the crocodile hunter is dead. He truly was a legend. I feel sorry for terri and especially the children, they are really young. He died in action and he will always be remembered.

R.I.P Steve, we will always remember you! xxx

God must have needed someon... (Below threshold)

God must have needed someone to handle the T-Rexes in the Celestial Zoo. HE couldn't have found anyone better.

Go with God, Steve Irwin. You'll be missed.


As Stevo has said, he wante... (Below threshold)
Lisa Zwick:

As Stevo has said, he wanted to be remembered for his enthusiasm, passion, and conservationism. So many have said in their posts one or more of these about him...so he will live on! Thank you for all you have done.

As a lover of animals and o... (Below threshold)

As a lover of animals and one who volunteers over at the local no-kill cat/kitten shelter, I am sadden to hear about the passing of Steve Irwin. His passion for animals and conservation was shown in the tv shows that Animal Planet showed on a regular basis. He is also a lesson in the need to take care of all God's animal creatures. He will be missed. God rest your soul Steve and my condolences to your wife and family.

Steve Irwin was fearless. H... (Below threshold)

Steve Irwin was fearless. He enjoyed his life immensly and had the awesome opportunity to share his passion with the world. He didn't spend his life dreaming - he actually lived his dream!

The effort Steve put forth in his life is a lesson for all. In the end, we all will die, for it is only a matter of time. Should we live each day focusing on the small stuff, or should we spend enjoying everything life has to offer? No matter how long or short our lifetimes will be, better to spend it doing something we love with the people we love.

God Bless the Irwin family in this time of sorrow and God speed to Steve, a man who lived life to the fullest.

Lived his life the way I wa... (Below threshold)
Jim Higgins:

Lived his life the way I want to live my life , with great enthusiasm. You will be greatly missed Steve Irwin.

God bless You Steve Irwin</... (Below threshold)

God bless You Steve Irwin

What a powerful life energy!

The world just became a bit... (Below threshold)

The world just became a bit more of a boring place. His absence is going too be missed by myself.
RIP, he sure went out doing what he loved his way.
I sure figured that he was going to get tagged by a pissed off reptilian though.

i found out yesterday... it... (Below threshold)
connor s:

i found out yesterday... it didn't hit me until today... ive been crying for hours... i started watchin when i wuz 5 now im 13... we gunna miss u saying "CRIKIE..AIN'T THAT A BEUT?!?!?" Rest in peace please. Whoever says he was crazy or stupid has no heart... his two children wont have a dad to grow up with... his wife has only just now found out.. its a darn shame. I hate stingrays...(-( :-(((((((((((((((((

o.m.g r. i. p. I watched t... (Below threshold)

o.m.g r. i. p. I watched the show like the bible... To the time you all met. To Bindy Sue bing borned. and Steven saying its my turn know. To finding out ''Terri Irwin'' wow a son...I have follwed your family through thick and thin.. Your show when it came on our house was quiet and still is.. I feel like I have lost one of our best friends!!!. your show gave me inseration. Steve , Terri, Bindi sue, and Bob. You all have a lot of people that loves you... Steve r.i.p hir. And Terri thank you for the wonderful memoies.. Starr................................................

I WAS COMPLETLY SHOCKED TO ... (Below threshold)


A great man, a hero to all,... (Below threshold)

A great man, a hero to all, Steve Irwin! The legend!

this news was very shocking... (Below threshold)
lavallee grasso:

this news was very shocking to us my wife is really upset with this tragic news it has been 3 days she talks about it we want to wish our sincere condolences to all irwen immidiat familly grasso lavallee also justin jordan familly mtl quebec canada

Three days, and still a sho... (Below threshold)
Soni Lee:

Three days, and still a shock. He never wasted one day of his life. How many can say that? He is a remarkable man who will be missed. Condolences to his family, friends and co-workers who loved him so much. The world will miss him!

Our sympathies to Mrs. Erwi... (Below threshold)
Eugene Richard:

Our sympathies to Mrs. Erwin, the Erwin children
and the immediate family.
He was the greatest,and we loved watching the T.V. show. He will be sorrily missed.
Gene & Rae Richard
Moncton N.B. Canada.

OMG i cant belive it, Its ... (Below threshold)

OMG i cant belive it, Its so sad i loved that guy he was my fav of all. I remember me and my dad watchin him togather there were lots of laughs! We even got an action figures of him and u press the putton and he say ''crikey'' and other things he would always say in his shows. steve really was an insperation to millions includin me! He will be missed!Tanks for the enjoyment!RIP!

My heaart goes out to Terri... (Below threshold)
Donna M. Burton:

My heaart goes out to Terri and the children in their time of need.Your husband was a great man who loved all animals and people alike .This world will truely miss him.I only wish we could do something for you and your family.The hole world would love to ease your pain just a little.May GOD be with you.and may you find some peace soon oxoxo Donna

My heart goes out to Steve'... (Below threshold)

My heart goes out to Steve's family and co workers. I am deeply saddened to hear of his passing. My family loved watching him. He taught us all so much about animals and their behaviors. For a show focused on teaching about animals, he made it fun for us all.
He was so compasioante about preserving animals and teaching the world. How can ignorant peoeple make fun of his death? The man was doing what he loved best, out in the wild with natures creatures as he often called them. Knowing Steve he probably was saying to the stignray: Look at that bloke!! Ain't he a beauty."
I often thought he would meet his demise at the hands of his beloved crocs or snakes.
To think he lost his life to a sting ray is almost unbeleivable. Perhaps his death will educate people that sting rays can be deadly. I honestly did not know that until Steve's death.
I feel so sad for his wife Teri and their beautiful children who Steve was so proud of. What a legacy to leave behind.

I hope that his legacy will live on and his hopes and dreams of preserving wildlife goes on in his honor.
Television will never be the same for me again..I truly loved his shows. I am making a donation in his honor to his wildlife orginization.

Crikey Steve, what a bummer that you are gone.
Rest in Peace and God Bless.

My deepest sympathy to Stev... (Below threshold)
Eileen Stone:

My deepest sympathy to Steves wife and children. We are so sad by the passing of this courageous and giving man who brought the most unusual entertainment to many thousands of people all over the world for many years. His shows were addicting to watch as you stood at the edge of your seat and couldn't wait for another episode.
I especially would like his wife and children to know I can empathize with their tremdous loss of both a wonderful husband and father. I don't know them personally, but I believe there was so much love between the family. Their journey will be difficult, but I'm sure Steve wherever he is will somehow convey strentgh to them. I wish them courage, peace and much love from all those who will be with them...I truly wish I could do more.
My very best, Eileen

The world has lost an amazi... (Below threshold)
Judy Breitkreutz:

The world has lost an amazing wildlife hero. I couldnt believe it , when I first heard the news. What a tragedy, so young , so much left to discover and share with the world. T he enthusiasm and love for the natural world, thank-you steve irwin for all you shared with us, you will be sadly missed.

aaawww, bless his soul and ... (Below threshold)

aaawww, bless his soul and his family hearts, for he was a good person and so sweet i didn't kno him but man thats messed up, i feel for his fam. and anyone else that is or has been hurt, but atleast he died doing something he loved doing, he did it from the soul from is heart he had courage and ambition and a love for the wildlife and its animals he didn't let nothing stop him from doing what he wanted and he did it freely, yeah alot of people thought he was crazy and yeah to do some of the stuff he did he may have been but that was him and which is what set him apart from everyone else and he became his own unique individual.... R.I.P STEVE....much love
Toi M

I love you Steve, and will ... (Below threshold)

I love you Steve, and will miss you more than anything, Oh God why did it have to be you..my thoughts and prayers are with you and you're family, mate..R.I.P

Your a good guy steve bindi... (Below threshold)

Your a good guy steve bindi good luck with the crocks and bob criky

R.i.p steve and all u fuck ... (Below threshold)

R.i.p steve and all u fuck heads that are disrerspect him fuk u

i hate that happened. i cou... (Below threshold)

i hate that happened. i couldn't believe it at first. my heart goes out to his wife and kids. it still saddens me to know it happend so tragically

I read the news that Steve ... (Below threshold)

I read the news that Steve didn't provoke the stingray, but the stingray just came and stabbed him! Poor Steve.. I love his TV shows very much. RIP Steve.. Steve Irwin Memorial is dedicated just for you.

well sorry .... Terry i don... (Below threshold)

well sorry .... Terry i dont know what to say in my home we all loved your husband he was .................................outstanding ...........we are all so shocked ......hope you are ok ...we hope you have all the help you need but if you dont...... we dont have a lot but its yours if you need it .we are so sorry for your lose .

Terry and Emma

Steve was a great man. He h... (Below threshold)
Brent Elias:

Steve was a great man. He has the best family ever.
I hope everyone that wants to save animals will make him proud.

Brent, 10 years old

dear Terri, bindi, and bobb... (Below threshold)

dear Terri, bindi, and bobby i am extremely sorry for your lost i would like to let you know that your partner and father was my hero, if i had money and everything i would put a million bouquets of flowers on the shrine. Terri you will get through this I’m sure you will and you mustn’t let bobby forget his daddy, and bindi stay strong. I’m only 13 i don’t know what you are going through but it must be loads. i have an idea for the zoo if you are interested i thought you could do what Micheal Jackson did put a huge statue in the centre of Australia zoo. i would also like you to know that people on msn(instant messenger) has put turtles on there names in honour of Steve and something like r.i.p Steve i did coz i met him and he was awesome. and another thing they have made a national carky day or week or something in honour of Steve. when i first heard he had died i thought it was a sick joke i thought it was even sadder that half the world knew before Terri did. now i would like to say Steve you are my hero i miss you soooooooo much and the world will be a different place without my man Steve. Please accept my heartfelt condolences.

From stevos number 1 fan Louise Mackay 13 years old. Found in Lower Hutt, Wellington, NZ


The untimely passing of St... (Below threshold)
David james:

The untimely passing of Steve Irwin is a great tragedy. This has effected my family more than I could have imagined; he has been a great influence on myself and my two boys. The world will never be the same. In the past, I have dealt with this type of emotional pain through music. Being a song writer and composer, I have written musical compositions and songs to honour friends, family, and fallen heroes to ease the pain and commemorate the contributions they've made in life. Steve falls under the obvious catagory of "HERO." Please accept and share with the world this musical tribute in honour of the great "CROCODILE HUNTER" Steve Irwin.. WE LOVE YOU STEVE!!!!

David James

P.S. - You can visit me at: www.davidjamesmusic.net
and download the musical tribute "THE MIGHTY STEVE"

Steve was my hero,my first ... (Below threshold)
Shannon Davis:

Steve was my hero,my first "friend" all mylife I've wanted to meet him,work with him, and now it's only a dream !!!!!!!!

"CRIKEY" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SED.

I am shocked and sad. I w... (Below threshold)

I am shocked and sad. I watched Steve Irwin every day and as so many I do not know what to do. It is like the loss of a dear friend. God bless his fsmily and keep them safe.....

poop poo... (Below threshold)

poop poo

i loved his show and it mad... (Below threshold)

i loved his show and it made me happy wen we did very brave things and it made me feel breav to and i coulent sleep for two days i also loved his show i relly sad wen i herd about it.It took me 4 street howers to get ofer it

It is a shame Steve Irwin i... (Below threshold)

It is a shame Steve Irwin is dead.A big disapointment to us all.The only person that ment the most to me.In my mind he was the bravest person ever to live.I looked up to him,now I really do look up to him,in heaven.God has called him to come home.But he called my HERO to soon.No one will ever mean as much as he did to me.I am sorry for Terri and Bindi.Keep this great talent with animals and zoo's going.It is a great loss to me and the worls=d.But not everyone had to love him.Hewill always be with me,in my heart.R.I.P. STEVE IRWIN.He will always be with Terri and Bindi,looking down upon.






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