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Thanks for the mammaries, or reason # 3,723 I'm going straight to hell when I die

Earlier, while shopping, I noticed that Energizer is selling pink batteries to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

This sounds like a fine, noble endeavor, and no one should criticize either organization for this program. But I still had two evil thoughts as I looked at the display:

1) Was it accidental that a company that sells items in sizes rated AAA, AA, C, and D should support the fight against breast cancer?

2) What kind of a statement is being made when the store I'm in only has the pink batteries in size AA?

For the record, I didn't buy any of the pink ones. I needed AAA batteries, and those were the boring black and silver and red and yellow ones.


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Comments (20)

There is yet another level ... (Below threshold)

There is yet another level to this when you consider what device the pink batteries is going into, and why the charge on the old battery has been used up.

Yeah, where are the DD's?</... (Below threshold)

Yeah, where are the DD's?

I was never in favor of the whole breast cancer stamp being sold by the USPS but those breast cancer gals sure know how to pressure companies into accepting their agenda.

Here's another reason we're... (Below threshold)

Here's another reason we're all going to Hell:

Terminator IV, Return to Jesus


Doesn't this sum up the dif... (Below threshold)

Doesn't this sum up the difference between Islam and Christianity? We can watch this and laugh at the incongruities and sheer silliness, while a Muslim would run around looking for someone to kill if this had been about Mohammed.

breast cancer gals... (Below threshold)
breast cancer gals sure know how to pressure companies into accepting their agenda.
And just what "agenda" do you think these gals are after?

Goodf*ckinlord, gozo, pink ribbons, batteries or jewelry wasn't created in a conspiratoral effort to personally make you uncomfortable.

Darleen, no offense intende... (Below threshold)

Darleen, no offense intended, but the Breast Cancer mafia have channeled attention and dollars toward breast cancer at the expense of other common causes and cancer.

The pressure is not just on channelling money, it affects how doctors and patients look to be treated.

Indeed, there are respected cancer researchers and treatment specialists who agree that there has been so much push to treat that treatment benefit/risk ratios that are considered "state of the art" in breast cancer are not acceptable in other common cancers: that is to say a physician who is faced with a situation where treating 100 women to save 3 or four is considered mandatory and state of the art, where treating 100 people to save 3 or four for say, colon cancer, is considered highly questionable.

Sure, breast cancer is a common and horrible disease that mainly affects women. The political gamesmanship that the Breast Cancer mafia has practiced so well, however, has not always been to the benefit of society as a whole. It makes you feel good to pin on a pink ribbon, but think a little bit more about who and what you are supporting and at what cost to society as a whole.

The "Breast Cancer mafia", ... (Below threshold)

The "Breast Cancer mafia", that's conspiratorial paranoia at its finest. It was the "Elvis Mafia" that got him on a stamp too, I guess!

I was never in favor of ... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

I was never in favor of the whole breast cancer stamp being sold by the USPS but those breast cancer gals sure know how to pressure companies into accepting their agenda.

I have no use for the "Breast Cancer Mafia." First, it is a well-known fact that their high profile arm-twisting diverts money from other research to their cause. Bigger than that, though, is a stunt they pulled a year ago.

Our big state univeristy hired a new defensive coordinator in football. The first thing he did was instituted a policy that required anyone he caught loafing at practice to wear a pink jersey as humiliation. Anyone who know anything about guys and sports knows what effect that had. His player were much more motivated and loafed less. The media heard about his and trumpeted the story about his technique and its success around the state. Within what seemed like minutes, the "Breast Cancer Mafia" attacked him and the university claiming that the use of the color pink was disrepcetful to their organization. They screamed in every form of media they could find. They raised such a clamor that the coach was forced to change his policy and use a different colored jersey.

Apparently, they now own the color pink and no one is allowed to use it without their permission.

My sister-in-law's sister j... (Below threshold)

My sister-in-law's sister just died of breast cancer. It isn't some "Save a tropical butterfly" type of esoteric crusade.

Everyone dies of something ... (Below threshold)

Everyone dies of something at some point. Should we have a stamp and a ribbon for every cause of death? Where is the prostate cancer stamp? women already live longer on average than us men so I think we deserve a stamp before them...

Seriously though, There is nothing conspiratorial about the Breast Cancer or the AIDS mafia..its just that they can at times be rather bullying as well as humorless(Darleen) in pushing their cause(I am in favor of their cause by the way...finding a cure). Im still not buying any special stamp or pink batteries.

What about prostate cancer?... (Below threshold)
Kerry N. Kearney:

What about prostate cancer? I'll betcha men( and teen boys)buy loads of batteries. So let's stop this overt discrimination ok?

Jay Tea, had I walked into ... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea, had I walked into a store and seen a display of pink batteries chances are my brain would have wandered down the same path yours did.

Heart disease kills far more women than breast cancer ever did (see American Heart Association). I think of this every time I see some pink item promoting breast cancer research and awarenes. It is a brilliant piece of marketing that we are all so focused on breast cancer when so many women actually die of heart disease. Ladies check your cholesterol, blood pressure, and know the signs of heart disease.

Jay Tea, my personal favori... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea, my personal favorite breast-cancer fundraiser is Save The Ta-Tas.


Kerry you're correct.... (Below threshold)

Kerry you're correct.

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, go get your Prostate Specific Antigen blood test done this month.

Men don't have a ribbon, battery or Pink Pinnicle golf ball.

Please, get your PSA done if you're over 40 years old.


Samantha,That's wh... (Below threshold)


That's what the "red dress" is about on the TV commercials for Lipitor or Crestor.

Women and heart disease.

Red dress huh? I never noti... (Below threshold)

Red dress huh? I never noticed. I guess women and heart disease has a long way to go before it reaches the market saturation that breast cancer has.

The PSA test is not specifi... (Below threshold)

The PSA test is not specific for prostate cancer. Check it out on the internet (things may have changed since I last did that) before you waste time and money on the test and possibly go into shock over the results. Try http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/489474?src=mp first -- I hope the article is still up.

Steve L., are you talking a... (Below threshold)
Malibu Stacy:

Steve L., are you talking about my (distant) cousin, Houston Nutt of the Arkansas Razorbacks?

If so, your story has been debunked at the highest level:

Wednesday, April 6, 2005
Fans aim blame at wrong groups for jersey flap

Associated Press

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- Arkansas football coach Houston Nutt said Wednesday that cancer-fighting charities were not be blame [sic] for his decision to no longer identify practice sluggards with pink jerseys and urged fans who withdrew support for the groups to change their minds.

Nutt said the team had heard from people offended that the Razorbacks were using pink jerseys to give players "a little extra motivation." The color pink is often used to highlight support for anti-breast cancer efforts, such as those run by the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

But Nutt said Wednesday that Arkansas fans had called the foundation and the local Komen Ozark Race for the Cure to say they could no longer support the charities because they had objected to the Razorbacks' use of pink jerseys.

And Nutt said the Komen charities weren't among those who complained.

"The foundation and the Race for the Cure people were not offended by the jerseys and did not call. The people who were offended apparently are not associated in an official capacity with either one of those two great causes and the work they do," Nutt said.

"Several of our players have worked the race as volunteers the last few years. I have a tremendous amount of respect for what the foundation does and for anyone who has to go through that treatment. I want to encourage everyone who was supporting them to continue to do so and to not be discouraged by a few individuals who were acting on their own."

Bunch of assholes.... (Below threshold)

Bunch of assholes.

My Mom is a breat cancer survivor. I believe it was largely because of the technology and treatments made available by research and funding. Also the awareness such campaigns create.

If you have a fucking problem with that, go start your own charity. Fucktards.

Lencho,PSA is a sc... (Below threshold)


PSA is a screening exam...it is not diagnostic of prostate cancer. Don't be an A-hole, it's the only exam men have that might be helpfull for prostate cancer.

I am an expert in this field, I suspect you are not.

If anyone has questions regarding this issue, I am sure Kevin or JT can 'hook us up'







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