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Wake up, Animal Planet!

Right after I finish reading about Steve Irwin's death, I see on Animal Planet a promo for a show tomorrow night. "Tomorrow the Croc Hunter pushes his luck -- Whale Sharks Of The Wild West."

Take a wild ride along a treacherous coast that is rich in wildlife and adventure. Steve, Terri and Bindi swim with dolphins, seals and sharks. Then dive with Steve on the ancient wreck of the Batavia and explore a habitat of Tamar Wallabies and pythons.

This is exactly why networks that are on 24 hours a day should have someone awake and on the board at all times. Someone should have pulled that promo the instant they heard about Irwin's death -- especially since he was killed in the ocean.

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Heck JT, they'll probably g... (Below threshold)

Heck JT, they'll probably get more viewers, and an odd hour to produce a modified promo.

I haven't even told my kids... (Below threshold)

I haven't even told my kids yet - they are still sleeping - but they'll be really sad. We've all enjoyed watching Steve for years. I think we thought he was invincible.

I hope the ad you saw, Jay,... (Below threshold)

I hope the ad you saw, Jay, was an oversight in the rotation and not a shameless attempt to exploit this tragedy.

I'll be surprized if it doe... (Below threshold)

I'll be surprized if it doesn't get changed for at least 72 hours, with the holiday weekend and all.
Promo's are set on auto pilot several days in advance.

How many times have you heard or seen a commercial for a really great deal, concert or sale that ended 2 days ago?

I'm actually more annoyed t... (Below threshold)

I'm actually more annoyed that there isn't one mention of Steve's passing on the Animal Planet website.

Like either one or not, Irwin is to Animal Planet what Emeril is to the Food Network. Both networks might be able to survive with them. But there's no way Animal Planet would be as popular as it is today if not for Irwin.

I'm still stunned by the fr... (Below threshold)
Denny Crane:

I'm still stunned by the freak nature of this accident. People are rarely stung by stingrays, and most stings result from people stepping on the stingers when they're buried in the sand. For a diver to be jabbed is rare enough, but to get it in the heart? This is unreal.

Since I read about it earli... (Below threshold)
T.G. Scott:

Since I read about it earlier this morning, I turned the TV over the Animal Planet. Not a word. This is tacky. I, like a previous poster, also so the preview for the upcoming Crock Hunter show. Somebody needs to interrupt that network brass' day off to at least tell them what happened. They've probably not heard or read the news.

As of now, at least, AP has... (Below threshold)

As of now, at least, AP has updated the site with a press release.

I saw an obit on CBS where ... (Below threshold)

I saw an obit on CBS where they replayed the interview with him after he had his kid up near one of his crocs. That is so demeaning, an obit should be upbeat, not controversial.

SCSIwuzzy - thanks for that... (Below threshold)

SCSIwuzzy - thanks for that link. What a wonderful "obit" by Animal Planet, and I just love that they've established "The Crikey Fund" in his memory.






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