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I Would Like To See House Diagnose A Patient In One Of These


Two hospitals in England have introduced burka style gowns for patients that request them.

Two hospitals in northwestern England will be offering head-to-toe gowns for Muslim women who request them, officials said Tuesday.

The burqa-style blue gown will be available from Nov. 1 for patients served by the Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The trust operates two hospitals, the Royal Preston, and the Chorley and South Ribble.

"I noticed a gap in the market and thought that it would be great if there was a gown that helped to preserve a patient's modesty," said Karen Jacob, linen services manager for the trust, who designed the product.

Jacob said the gown could be adapted to show a user's whole face, or to expose only a strip across the eyeline.

The hospitals are believed to be the first in Britain to offer the full-cover gown.

Tammy Bruce had the following to say:
No problem there. Yeah, I don't see any reason why doctors would need to see the faces of their women patients. Nah. There's never, ever any reason to think that a facial expression might indicate pain or discomfort (another perk for Muslim men, you don't need to see what your women really think of you). There's absolutely no reason to be able to see the mouth and nose of a woman, you know, that might indicate whether or not she's having a breathing problem. And that pesky skin--never, ever does a doctor or nurse need to see what's happening with skin. Let's say if a woman patient is having an allegic reaction to something, those hives that show up. Nah, seeing skin is completely unnecessary.

The most important thing is to make sure we pander to the stone-age mentality of 7th century sexist control freaks.

She wasn't done yet. Read the rest.

(Tammy also has lots of other interesting stuff posted so keep scrolling. If you didn't catch Tammy on CSpan's In Depth this weekend, it will be rebroadcast Saturday September 9th at 9 a.m. ET. I caught the last hour or so and enjoyed it immensely.)

Update: For those who don't understand what the title of this post means, House is a very popular show on Fox about an eccentric (to put it mildly), yet brilliant, doctor who diagnoses all kinds of mysterious cases. Sometimes the cause of the patient's illness is something exotic and rare and other times it is something quite common, but not immediately evident. The season premiere is tonight and I had just seen the promo when I posted this.

Comments (5)

I'm all for hospital gowns ... (Below threshold)

I'm all for hospital gowns that aren't open in the back but the words "hospital" and "modesty" seem rather oxymoronic to me. The best a person can really hope for is for all the most embarassing moments to be forgotten as soon as possible.

Only partly on topic, but o... (Below threshold)

Only partly on topic, but on the way to airport in July I noticed a woman in a full burga - just like that pictured above - driving an SUV down the tollway. I didn't see anyone else in the vehicle, but my husband said that there was an un-burqa'd female in the passenger seat...
I love House too. Looking forward to the season premiere tonight.

What if my/your surgeon wal... (Below threshold)

What if my/your surgeon walked in wearing burkascrubs?

The patient could be dead. ... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

The patient could be dead. . . and no one would know.

Ive reached the point where... (Below threshold)

Ive reached the point where I no longer blame the savage barbarians Western civilization is at war with for being savage barbarians. They are what they are. We know what they are and what they represent but instead of facing this enemy of freedom,liberty and democracy down too many wish to make them more comfortable living in our secular, tolerant, muliticultural, democratic societies by accepting and encouraging and enabling these savages to practice their beliefs despite the fact that so many of their beliefs and practices are completely incompatible or democratic values. And yes if you are a British citizen or a citizen of any western country in the 21st century and you run around wearing a burka you ARE a savage.






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