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Katie Couric -- Sorry, But It Is Barely Worth A Yawn


I guess I am with Musing Minds on this one. I can't manage to get excited about Katie Couric being the first female network anchor. I mean, there are plenty of female anchors on the cable news channels, so what is the big deal? The old media is last again. That hardly strikes me as news. As for the diversity thing, when I see some diversity of opinion on the network news, then I will get excited. Actually, come to think of it, I am excited that she was able to get Rush Limbaugh to appear on the CBS News. Now that is news.

Update: Newsbusters has much, much more on Katie's debut.

Update II: Ha! Tammy Bruce has an entertaining list of observations on the broadcast. The following was my favorite, but the Tom Cruise baby comment is pretty funny too.

Oh, and she wants people to send in suggestions on how she should sign off the show each night. I have an idea, how about "I'm Katie Couric, and while this all sounded like a really good idea, it has become clear after the feedback I've received that no matter how hard I try, I won't be able to hide my leftist bias. So, after just two shows, I'm quitting and will devote the next few years to getting as many Moveon.org candidates elected to office as possible. Oh, I'll work for Hillary, too. Whatever it takes to get people like George Hitler Bush Macaca out of our hair. Good night, and courage. You're gonna need it."

Update III: Ankle Biting Pundits has some suggested sign offs for Katie.


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Comments (13)

I heard Rush explaining thi... (Below threshold)

I heard Rush explaining this today. He said he's gotten tons of emails asking him what in the world he's thinking! What the deal is--she's going to have someone different each day do a 90-second commentary--people from all different points of view. Rush's will be on Thursday. One guy called in and said it would be interesting if there was a big spike in ratings that day, and then a big dip after that.

If the network news is supp... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

If the network news is supposed to be objective and neutral, then what the hell should it matter who is reading the news? All this move tells us is what we already knew: The "news" is as much of a packaged show as any sitcom or sporting event. I don't begrudge anyone's choice to watch ANY particular news program, but can we finally get past the fallacy that there is no agenda when the news is reported. I don't watch any network news, and if I had cable I would just watch Fox, precisely becuase they seem to lean more in my direction.

Well, I certainly hope Rush... (Below threshold)

Well, I certainly hope Rush is intelligent to know he cannot, despite whatever he might think, wear white, seersucker or hold a gin and tonic in his hand for a post-Labor Day Katie interview. The sartorial rules may not apply to Katie but they always apply to conservatives.

she's going to have some... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

she's going to have someone different each day do a 90-second commentary--people from all different points of view.

So...you mean like the old days of network news, when after they, you know, reported news, then they have a minute of time for an "editorial". The only difference is that it's a rotating editorial.

I mean, there are plent... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

I mean, there are plenty of female anchors on the cable news channels

Hell, didn't Connie Chung already do this at CBS news anyway?

Lorie, you mean like those ... (Below threshold)

Lorie, you mean like those brilliant bim...I mean female ahh ahem.. journalist over at FOX?

Yeah I ust love watching that Harris Faulkner. BTW, isn't she the girl that used to dance in that Al B. Sure video back in the day?

If anyone on Wizbang remembers hit me up :)

I have to ask,who the hell ... (Below threshold)

I have to ask,who the hell is Katie Couric?

Well, ole Dan was last in t... (Below threshold)

Well, ole Dan was last in the ratings for a long time. After the new wears off big K who is much more bias than Dan…if that’s possible, I wonder how long CBS will let her flounder down there before they make another change? I watched her debut for a few minutes this evening, man what a waste of millions of dollars. It is definitely not a news program…it is simply the libs way of explaining their way they think the world should turn…if even that. Maybe they should put Kate in a bikini. Naw…another bad idea.

Katie + teleprompter = Yawn... (Below threshold)

Katie + teleprompter = Yawn
Couldn't resist watching to see how they would work in Katie's only asset, her legs. Sure enough, there was the "coffetable" interview with plenty of leg shot and heels. Ah...it won't take long until Couric makes even Rather look good.

Critics of the Katie Couric... (Below threshold)

Critics of the Katie Couric News Show are missing the point. This was a parody!

I just want to know who dre... (Below threshold)

I just want to know who dresses her.

And does she "dress" to the... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

And does she "dress" to the left or right?

(Men who get their trousers tailor-made will get this...)

Perry: Mr. Pear?Arlo... (Below threshold)

Perry: Mr. Pear?
Arlo Pear: Yes.
Perry: How's it hanging?
Arlo Pear: How's what hanging?
Perry: Your dick.
Arlo Pear: It's hanging to the left.






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